How To Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

Have you been getting this error ‘DNS Probe Finished No Internet’ while browsing in the internet? This is quite frustrating when you have just started browsing in the internet for exploring. This error can be caused by various things and for such reasons it has several possible solutions. It can be tiring to try fix the error as it might appear many times if not well attended to.

Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet

Research proved that the error can come from many sources. The error could be a problem due to several issues or even one issue at a time. For such reasons, the error becomes very hard to work on. Above all, as you fix the error ensure that the router default settings are not interfered with.

Why We Face This Dns_Probe_Finished_No_Internet Error

Some of the reasons as to why you may receive this error while browsing could be:

  1. Using a browser which is out of date.
  2. Wrong configuration of your DNS server settings.
  3. Using Network Update Driver which is not updated, outdated, broken, corrupted or completely missing the driver.
  4. Not clearing the cache of your browser.
  5. Poor internet connection

7 Ways To Fix This DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

1. Use of Command Prompt

Commonly known as cmd. You can apply an easy command line and have the error gone. To achieve this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open command prompt in your windows through typing ii nth windows search section cmd then click on enter. You can as well opt to use ‘Windows Key and R’ then enter as shortcut keys to open the command prompt.
  2. Once cmd is opened, type or paste the code – netsh winsock reset
  3. Press on Enter then restart the PC.

If that command line does not solve the error, it might be the IP address you are using which is causing the issue of connection. If that’s the issue, you can then release that IP address in possession and renew the IP to solve that issue.

  1. Open cmd again then type in the space ipconfig/release and press on enter.
  2. After the process is over, type again on the cmd ipconfig/renew and press on enter.
  3. Always remember to space forward slash and ipconfig.

Thirdly on using the command prompt, you can flush your computer’s DNS which could also be the problem cause.

  1. Open cmd either by searching or using the shortcut keys.
  2. Type ipconfig/flushdns then press on enter.

After running each of the above commands then restart the computer.

2. Changing to Open DNS from DNS Address

What you generally change with this method is the PC’s setting of obtaining addresses of the DNS server to just Open DNS. To achieve this:

  1. On the network icon on your PC’s right bottom click on it and then choose, ‘Sharing and Network Center.’
  2. Find LAN then click on the option and a new window with various options will be displayed, click properties.
  3. From the properties select IPV4 then click properties again.
  4. A new window will be displayed now click on the button ‘Use the following DNS server addresses.’
  5. On preferred server box enter then on alternate server enter
  6. Check in the box which requests you to validate settings when exiting.
  7. Click OK.

3. Configuring IP4/TCP Settings


  1. Click on the start button then select settings
  2. Type in internet and network so as to navigate Network Connections
  3. A section of Wi-Fi will be displayed. Right click so as to display the Properties
  4. Choose IPV4/ TCP and choose properties
  5. Enter this in the section of preferred DNS server – and on the Alternate DNS server enter

4. Updating the Network Adapter Driver

Mostly in Windows 10. This error could be as a result of problems with the network driver. For you to check if your network driver has gone out of date or is missing or is damaged or is corrupt, you can download a driver update reliable utility tool such as Driver Talent and the tool will detect automatically any network driver which has errors within seconds then download the updated version and install it.

Steps to use this method for resolving the problem:

  • Scanning your computer

Run the tool which you have downloaded. Click on scan so as to begin full PC scan. If you are using Driver Talent, it will make a list of all missing, broke, corrupted and outdated drivers within seconds including your network driver if its faulty.

  • Update or repair the Network Driver

By just clicking on the choice repair, you could also fix any faulty drivers detected. With Driver Talent, it will download automatically then install the network driver which best matches. With the same tool, you can as well click on update for updating the drivers. However, it’s not advisable to update if not broken because of purpose of stability.

  • Rebooting the computer

The reboot helps the network driver update effect.

5. Clearing Google Chrome DNS Cache


  1. Visit the link ‘chrome://net-internal/#dns.’
  2. A button called clear host cache will appear click on it.
  3. The website will continue working well as initially.

6. Disabling DNS Prediction Services


  1. Go to Chrome settings
  2. Scroll down till you get toe Advanced settings then click on it
  3. You will note an option ‘Use Prediction Services to Load the Pages More Quickly’
  4. Uncheck that box with the option then restart the chrome browser

7. More Expert Solutions

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=>> Method 01: Change the  DNS address-

This method worked for me as good as. All I have done is changed my computers robotically obtained DNS server addresses to Open DNS server. First you right click on the network icon from under the windows task bar then you click on the ‘Network and Sharing Center’ button.

Change DNS Address to Open DNS

Afterwards, you look for ‘Local Area Connection’ and click on that button, then from the new window popup you click on the ‘Properties’ button. Then you select the ‘Internet Protocol Version 4′ button and now you  hit the ‘Properties’ button again. Now show the new window and you select the radio button that says ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’ Now you type in the preferred DNS server box you also type in the alternate DNS server box and then you check the box that says ‘Validate settings upon exit’ then you click the OK button.

Change DNS Address to Open DNS 2

After changing the DNS address you must restart your computer. This method will change your automatically obtained computers DNS server addresses to Open DNS which is one of the most trustworthy free DNS server out at hand. On the other hand you can pick and choose any other preferable free public DNS server from other site. Now you try to refresh the webpages that was viewing error and see if it has solved easily. If this solution doesn’t work for you, move to the method number two.

=>> Method 02: Release or Renew new IP and Flush DNS Address-

Your IP or DNS address may cause the connection problem and you can release the IP address and renew new IP addresses which might solve your problem. First you open windows command prompt window by typing cmd in the windows search box and hitting the enter button. Then you type inipconfig /release and now you hit enter button from your keyboard. Once done then you again type in ipconfig /renew and hit the enter button again.

Release or Renew new IP and Flush DNS address

Now you make sure there is a space between ipconfig and forward slash addresses.

Now you will flush the DNS address that could be a way out to your problem. Open up the command prompt window again and you type in ipconfig /flushdns and hit the enter button from your keyboard.

Release or Renew new IP and Flush DNS address 2

This method will flush your DNS cache in your computer automatically. This method is one of the most working method so after implement the method you restart your computer.

=>> Method 03: Reboot Power Cycle and Change Settings Your Router-

You can reboot your router from the router settings. Configure your router settings with the URLs address that given below for different routers. The default username and password of all the routers are: admin.

Router Configuration address –

  • 3Com –
  • Micromax –
  • D-Link –
  • Linksys –
  • TP-link –
  • Belkin –
  • Netgear –

Once you are logged in, find the way to click the System Tools > and Reboot then you hit the reboot button.

Reboot Power Cycle and Change Settings Your Router

To power cycle your router you unplug the power cable from the power source and leave it for at least 3 minutes and then plug the cable in again. Wait some time until the router fully starts then you load the webpage.

=>> Method 04: Clear All History, Cache Or Reinstall Browser-

Some time browser history and cache create this unexpected problem, so first you can implement this method.

  • Clearing Cache and History in Chrome Browser – You can easily clear the cache and history in Google chrome browser by some simple steps, First you click on the Customize and control key from the top right corner of your chrome browser and then click on the Settings. Now Scroll down and click on the Show Advanced Settings button. Now this time you see Under the privacy section and you click on the Clear Browsing Data. When show the new window popup and you check the box that says, Cookies and Other site and Plugin Data and also check Cached Images and Files after that you click on Clear browsing data button for clear all the History and Cache of your browser.

Customize and control -> Settings -> Show Advanced Settings -> privacy -> Clear Browsing Data -> Cookies and Other site and Plugin Data and also check Cached Images and Files -> Clear browsing data.

  • Clearing Cache and History in your Firefox – To clear the cache and history in your Mozilla Firefox browser, First you click on the History button then click the clear recent history button. Afterwards you click on the details. Now Check the Cookies and Cache button from there and click on the Clear now button.

Customize -> History -> Clear recent history -> Details -> Check the Cookies and Cache -> Clear now

You can also try to re-install your web browser and see if it resolution the trouble easily. One more option would be installing a new web browser that you haven’t been using before now like Safari or Opera browser.

=>> Method  05: Check Firewall and Internet Security Settings-

There are also probability that your firewall or internet security software settings maybe blocking exacting websites for the security reasons. Make sure properly check the firewall and internet security software settings and configuration, you also find out if they are causing the problem. Also look out that you may unintentionally don’t visit a malicious website blocked by your firewall software.

Tips On How To Avoid This Internet Error

  • Keep your browser up to date
  • Ensure your drivers are up to date, not corrupt or broken or not missing.
  • Ensuring the right configuration of settings of the DNS
  • Ensure the chrome settings or the browser you are using are in order.
  • Clear the cache of your browser frequently

The Final Words

It is never an exciting thing to receive the error DNS_probe_finished_no_internet error and especially in this current world where the connection is very important. This is a technical problem that must be solved.

The worst thing about these errors is the complexity in fixing as the causes are multiple and hence many solutions. What you have to do is give a try to each and every solution so as to determine which one will work for the issue. If all the solutions fail, you can now consult a professional.