5 Best Capture Card for Switch in 2023

For far too long, we have relied on CDs and DVDs to capture, save, and transmit our audio and video content. Whereas these secondary storage devices have been great and have made meaningful contributions to our entertainments, they have not been without their fair share of downsides.

They easily sustain scratches not to mention losing the contents too soon. That is where the capture cards come in. They are secondary storage devices that record, store, and replay contents. Our discussions below take a look at the best capture card for switch. Why not spend your time to know more about the subject?

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Capture Cards for Switch

1.Elgato Game Capture Card HD60 SElgato
2.eyesen USB Capture Cardeyesen
3.AVerMedia Live Gamer ExtremeAVerMedia
5.QGeeM Capture CardQGeeM

5 Best Capture Card for Switch Reviewed

1. Elgato HD60 S Capture Card

Are you a gaming enthusiast? This card is there for you! It is able to operate smoothly across numerous gaming gadgets. You will find it just as useful in the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and many other gaming gadgets. That it streams and records images in the 1080p is definitely a bonus!

Elgato Game Capture Card HD60 S
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USB 3.0 Type C Connection: At the top of its features is the state-of-the-art USB 3.0 type C connectivity. This is the one that you use to bring content and send out content from the card. Being of the latest technology, this one allows for uninterrupted operations all the while of use.

Built-in Live Streaming: Also built into the system is some live streaming capability. It is this streaming capability that allows you to pair and share data smoothly back and forth the YouTube and Twitch to name but a few of the platforms. While at it, the streaming capability also makes for smoother operations and clearer pictures.

Instant Gameview: Its streaming capability is also top-notch in the sense that it incorporates the latest technological advancements. Of particular interest is that it makes do with the low latency technology to do its thing. This one is awesome as it reduces the blurs that commonly affect the images that are beamed on the screen.

Stream Command: Thanks to its stream command, you are also able to add a webcam and the overlays among other things. Of course, this one goes a long way in enhancing its stretching functionality further and wider. That way, it also gets you enjoying your music and video contents smoothly all the while.

Built-in Live Commentary: Unlike many other alternative gadgets, this one does not require you to hire an external commentator. Instead, it comprises a live commentary that is built into the system. It is this one that ‘follows’ the proceedings while at the same time letting you know of the progress.

  • Connects smoothly with other gadgets
  • Allows for inputs from various alternative gadgets
  • Makes for lag-free pass-through
  • Supports numerous kinds of resolutions
  • Comes about in an awesome dimension-mix
  • May not suit the non-gamers
  • A simpler user will find it somewhat complicated
  • Calls for too much attention and handling

Summary: For the matters of your gaming, you have no worthier companion than this one. Pick it and devote it to your gaming applications now that it has every feature that fits that purpose.

2. eyesen USB Capture Card

Could it be that all you want is to live stream your content? Think of this capture card. Its stature and content mix are such that it streams in contents live across many platforms and operating systems. These include but are not limited to the PC, Wii, Xbox 360, X System, and the Linus OS.

eyesen USB Capture Card
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1080P 60fps HD Quality: By far the most striking thing about this card is its high-quality image output. This stands at a whopping 1080P 60fps HD quality imaging. On the strength of this, the quality of the images that it generates is clearer and well legible by the naked eyes.

Zero Latency HDMI Loop-out: A zero-latency HDMI loop-out comes in next. Its role is to allow you to record the audio and the video inputs from many external devices. All these are sent out via the included high definition multimedia interface port. So powerful it is that it suffers zero latency on your part.

Wholesome Packaging: The card comes about as a wholesome packaging in the sense that it comprises all the accessories and equipment that are needed for the job. In the package are the USB cables, HDMI cables, a high definition video capture, and the Type C adapter to name but a few!

Plug-N-Play: Unlike many other cards of its stature, this one does not demand too elaborate installation procedures. That is because it comes about in a plug-and-play format. All you have to do is to slot it in its place and there you go! Thereafter, you will enjoy the contents that come about smoothly.

Strong System and Software Compatibility: All factors considered, the card has a strong system and software compatibility. It is indeed compatible with Windows, Linux, and a host of leading operating systems. These enable it to work smoothly with all the video streaming software and hence yield forth maximum convenience.

  • Captures images at a higher resolution
  • Enables the hardware-accelerated up-scaling/down-scaling
  • Compatible with many HDMI ports
  • Quite convenient to engage and operationalize
  • Saves and converts the HDMI videos at a higher rate
  • Its data consumption is way too high
  • Unlikely to work with the simpler gadgets
  • Likely to require mending and repairs too soon!

Summary: Though this card has its own share of potential downsides, it is still the best for the matters of your live-streaming. Choose to work with it if all you want is to obtain content from the internet.

3. AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme

Desirous of smoother and awesome picture outputs? You have a friend and awesome companion on this card. It suffers limited latency and is hence incapable of interfering with the quality of your image outputs. Then again it also displays the images in real-time, a fact that induces promptness of actions.

AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme
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Multipurpose: This card is able to tackle numerous gaming and video related tasks at a time. It is as a matter of fact able to stream and record to and from the Nintendo Switch, Wii U, PlayStation, Xbox, and the PC Gameplay. All these it manages to exude in the full HD 1080p 60 fps.

Plug and Play: With this card at your fingertips, you won’t have to go through long, elaborate, and laborious installation procedures. That is because it comes about in a plug form. You simply have to slot it in and that is it! Thus, even a person who hardly has any expertise will find it a bit great and relevant for their use.

Superior Picture Quality: The combination of the benefits and awesome traits above yield forth some superior picture quality. These pictures have great appearances, suffer from minimal distortions, are hardly blurry, and also offer proper support for the uncompressed video outputs. It is hence handy for those instances when the inputs are faulty.

Multi-card Support: Yet one more awesome advantage of this card is that it allows for the incorporation and use of many cards at a time. As a matter of fact, it allows for the use of up to four cards at a time. The use of these many cards goes a long way in upping your own PC gaming experience.

RECentral 3: Rounding up the list of its most notable features is the RECentral 3. This one offers support to the live editing, customizable quality settings, and the content overlay feature for the streaming and recording. Moreover, the card is also useful across numerous platforms and operating systems.

  • Enjoys some comfortable warranty
  • Great for the professional YouTubers and Streamers
  • Works across numerous platforms and gaming gadgets
  • Allows you to edit and customize the images
  • Makes for driver-free setup and engagement
  • Comes at a premium cost
  • Demands some fair degree of technical knowhow to operate
  • Calls for the acquisition of may attachments and accessories

Summary: Get hold of this card to enjoy smoother and uninterrupted picture quality output. As you may see from the foregoing explanation, it contains every trapping you need to achieve the smoother picture outputs.

4. ANSTEN HDMI Capture Card

Could it be that you want to produce the image outputs that are extremely high in quality? You have a friend and partner in this card. For one, it does lend support to the full high definition 1080P 60HZ picture quality output. Then again, it is compatible with many streaming platforms.

ANSTEN HDMI Capture Card
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Awesome Compatibility: The number one factor that stands out in this card is its awesome compatibility. It is indeed truly capable of working alongside numerous platforms and other streaming devices of its kind. Closely related to this is the fact that it streams contents at the impressive 1080 pixel resolution.

High-speed USB 3.0 Connection: Next comes the high-speed USB 3.0 connectivity feature. Thanks to this feature, the card is able to capture the equally impressive HDMI video signals. Then again, it is able to detect and adjust the output independently of your own input and controls. All these combine to make your experience awesome.

Driver-free Installation: You do not have to possess and eventually make use of the drivers to set this card up for use. It allows for driver-free installations, a fact that goes a long way in making it your worthwhile gadgets of choice and eventual use. To set it up for use, you simply have to plug it and play thereafter.

Awesome Audio Output: Overall, it does exude some awesome outputs indeed. Its audio output mainly comes about in the included 3.5 mm microphone and the audio input/output port. These two are highly interconnected and efficient insofar as exuding the audio outputs are concerned. They also support multiple devices at a time.

Standard Accessories: A host of standard accessories also exists for your sense of added comfort and vitality. These include a network cable, user manual, audio cable, and excellent back-end support to you. They jointly combine to make your experience awesome and hassle-free. Have we also said that they enjoy some warranty too?

  • Plugs in your PC and many computer-based systems
  • Manages a fairly awesome degree of connectivity
  • Equipped with an indicator light for your maximum attention
  • Its HDMI interface expedites connectivity and content sharing
  • Compatible with many platforms and operating systems
  • Its power consumption is above-average
  • Incompatible with some systems
  • Only for the expert and experienced user

Summary: There you have it! You have no better gadget than this for your high-quality image outputs. Why not take advantage of it to be able to satisfy your needs? You will never regret the move at all!

5. QGeeM Capture Card

Just in case you are engaged primarily in the matters of recording contents the card you pick and deploy for the job needs to be specially designed for that particular task. We welcome you to attempt your fate on this one as it is the one that is designed for the job exclusively.

QGeeM Capture Card
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HD Video Capture: At the top of its features is the HD video capture capability. It is via this feature that the card captures the high-quality images that we have already alluded to. Upon capturing the images, it sends them to the other like-minded devices via the awesome high-speed USB 3.0 technology.

Broadly Compatible: Coming in next is the broad compatibility of the gadget. This gadget is indeed capable of interfacing with numerous third-party applications. Thanks to this awesome combination, it does a great job of streaming the outputs across numerous platforms and gadgets. In doing this, it lets you behold the contents when and where you need to.

Records and Shares: Other than merely recording the images, this card also shares the contents easily to other like-minded gadgets. For one, it does not demand that you attach an extra accessory to be able to gain your way. Also, being lighter in weight, it does not impose unnecessarily heavy hassles to you.

Zero Latency Streaming: When all factors are taken into account, this card suffers zero latency when handled. It hardly wastes any time when transferring the contents from the card to the gadget of choice and back. That arrangement thus gives you the freedom you need to be able to accrue great picture outcomes.

Wholesome Packaging: Though expensive, this card comes about as a comprehensive packaging in the sense that it comprises every part, component, and accessory that you need to be able to enjoy that come about. With it at your fingertips, you won’t have to spend too much of your time and effort to have your way.

  • Records and shares your contents in real-time
  • Adaptable to many environments and circumstances
  • Works with much third-party software
  • Captures and transfers numerous contents
  • Comes about in a sleek design that allows for smoother handling and transportation
  • Only for the expert user
  • Demands excess effort to master and comprehend
  • Costs a lot to care for and repair

Summary: Look up to this card for all your recording purposes. As you may see from the foregoing explanations, it contains every feature-mix that is necessary for the sound recording of the images.

Capture Cards Buying Guide

What is a capture card?

A capture card is a secondary storage device that gives you the power to record and subsequently stream games, audio and video contents from one gadget to another one. They play the roles that the flash drives, DVDs, and CDs have been playing all along.

How does a capture card work?

A capture card works much like an input data receiver. It actually receives the audio and video signals from external devices via the High Definition Multimedia Interface connectivity feature. Then, it stores the signals and thereafter transmits the same to a third party gadget when deployed for the same use.

Some of these cards are equipped with the built-in encoder that performs the same tasks as that of the Central Processing Unit. It is this encoder that gives the cards the power to live-stream the contents to the other like-minded gadgets. The existence of this feature also adds some speed to the cards overall.

How to use a capture card?

Follow the steps below to be able to use a capture card:

Step I: Identify the vacant port or slot: Start the exercise by identifying the vacant port or slot. Many of these cards put in the signals via the High Definition Multimedia Interface. This is what allows you to put in many signals and other connectivity options for you. Only be sure that the two are compatible.

Step II: Fix the card in that slot: Fix the card in that slot. Squeeze the card slowly and steadily to prevent the same from breaking apart or suffering some damage while in the course of the engagement. You may have to scan or fidget the card steadily to confirm this one.

Step III: Scan and begin streaming: Having slotted the card firmly in its place, go ahead now to scan and begin the streaming exercise. Many cards these days are plug-and-play and as such do not require elaborate installation exercises and procedures as is the norm with many of yesteryears.

How to choose a capture card?

To be able to lay your hands on the best capture card, you have to take care of some factors. In this segment of our review, we look into some of the factors you inevitably have to consider to be able to make the most informed choice:

Types of Input: The input here refers to the various ways and means through which you will be able to bring in the contents into the card. By far the most common input is the High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is acceptable across the board by the virtue of being able to work across numerous devices and standards.

Frame Rate: It refers to the pace at which the cards capture the live data. Whereas there is no standard preferred frame rate, it is imperative that the one you pick for the job is compatible with the output device. You do not want to suffer distortions and the blurriness of the images while employing the gadgets, do you?

Connectivity: Capturing the data is one thing. Sharing this data with the other like-minded gadgets is yet another thing altogether. A great card has to be that which is able to share data smoothly with the other likeminded gadgets. Of importance is the fact that the card has to possess numerous ports for convenient sharing.

Video Quality: Are you mainly concerned about the quality of the video outputs? If you are, you have to be mindful of the quality of the video as well. Be sure to pick a gadget that transmits the images at a pace that is faster and is similarly devoid of any extreme blurriness to guarantee awesome picture quality.

Software Compatibility: These cards depend on a large part of the pieces of software that are fixed to them. You have to see to it that the software in use is compatible with the gadget you have at hand. That is the only way you will see to it that the item operates to its optimal capacity.

Interface: The interface of the manner in which it pairs with the computer or other electronic device with which it is to be used together. Your card of choice has to possess an awesome interface to allow for simpler and unimpeded operations. The USB is by far the most common interface as it is the simplest.

Resolution: Resolution is the measure of the picture quality. A good capture card has to be able to exude great quality pictures that are sharp and largely devoid of any distortions or blurriness. The latest image quality is the 4K as it is the sharpest and most reliable of all.

Console: Be sure also that the card is compatible with the console in which it is to be attached or pared with. For this to happen, be certain to match the specifications of these two gadgets. Only proceed to make a purchase if the specifications somehow rhyme or get hand in hand.

The Final Words (Summary)

Our long and elaborate look into the best capture cards for switch comes to an end there. How about you now moving with haste and making use of the cards? These gadgets are awesome as they improve upon the DVDs and the CDs of yesteryears.

You can never afford to drag your feet at all. On the flip side, you want to take the earliest opportunity to find one of your likings as soon as can be. When do you plan to set out for a find? Kindly let us know in the comment sections below.