5 Best Drone For Kids In 2020

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If your kids haven’t watched you fly your drone, they’ve probably seen someone else. Now getting their own is all they talk about. Chances are you are not ready to buy an expensive quadcopter. This doesn’t mean that you have to purchase a cheap, poorly made one. Some of the best drones for kids are relatively inexpensive and durably made. Your child can get their own drone and learn to safely fly the machine, without costing you a lot of money.

A Quick Look at Top Rated Drone For Kids

1.(Best Drone For Kids)Holy Stone F181CHoly Stone
3.Altair 818 HornetAltair Aerial
5.Potensic Upgraded A20Potensic

5 Best Drone For Kids Reviewed

1. Holy Stone F181C

The F181C Quadcopter has features even adults will want to try out. It is easy for beginners learning how to fly and control a drone. It also has a durable construction that can survive accidental crashes.

(Best Drone For Kids)Holy Stone F181C
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Perform Aerial Stunts – Even beginners can easily learn to do aerial stunts with the F181C drone. It has Axis-Gyro technology that is controlled by the directional stick on the right of the controller. You only need to press a button to finish off a 3D flip.

Take Stunning Photographs – Taking amazing photos isn’t a problem either. It comes with a 720HD camera, along with a 4GB Micro SD card. You can also hover in place with the altitude hold function.

Never Lose the Drone – Want to fly the drone at night? The drone has LED lights that can be turned on and off. There is also a button for “one key return” so you don’t have to worry about the drone returning if you lose sight of it.

Fun for Beginners and Experts – When your kids are just starting out, they’ll appreciate the “headless mode”. This function allows the directional controls to stay the same, whether the drone is facing down or up. There are also four speeds that ensure beginners and experienced operators can have fun.

  • Easy for beginners to operate
  • Comes with 4 protection frames
  • Has a range up to 100 meters
  • Can fly up to 9 minutes before charging the batteries
  • 2 batteries are included, along with USB charging cables
  • Does not have a first-person view
  • It cannot be connected to your phone

Summary: This is a great drone for beginners that even experienced operators will love. It is easy to control, while still being able to perform amazing aerial stunts.

2. DROCON Ninja Drone

There is very little not to like about this drone. Not only is it easy to use, flying it is fun. It’s also easy to take with you, wherever you go. The Ninja drone is designed for players at any level. It comes with all the features adults and kids want, while still being affordably priced. Best of all, you can control the drone from your phone. This eliminates the need to haul the controller around.

DROCON Ninja Drone
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Adjustable Camera – The 1280x720p HD camera is one feature that makes this drone stand out. It has a wide-angle lens that can be adjusted 90 degrees. This allows you to take live videos of everything the camera sees as it flies overhead.

If you want a clearer picture, simply use the altitude hold mode. The drone will hover without you needing to use the controller to keep it steady. Since it is compatible with most phones, you can instantly see the images taken by the drone.

Great for Beginners – With the press of one button, you can take off and land the drone. There is also a button that will return the drone to its original take-off spot. You don’t have to worry about losing it, even when you can’t see it. For those that are just learning how to work the controls, there is the “headless mode”. This keeps the directional controls the same regardless of whether the drone is right-side up or upside down

Perform 3D Flips – It’s easy to impress friends and family with the Ninja drone. Just by pressing a button, you can execute flawless 360-degree rolls and flips.

  • Has a folding design for easy carrying
  • Can be controlled through your phone’s Wi-Fi
  • Videos and images can be instantly viewed on your phone
  • There are different speed modes for beginners and experts
  • Can fly for up to eight minutes
  • Does not come with a light for nighttime flying
  • Can be difficult to get replacement parts

Summary: This drone has all the features that kids and adults will love. It is so easy to operate that even beginners will be pulling off aerial stunts.

3. Altair 818 Hornet

Even though this is advertised as a drone for beginners, the Altair 818 won’t disappoint experienced fliers. It is ready to go, right out of the box. You don’t have to wait for the batteries to charge. If you are looking for plenty of features, this drone has them. This includes an impressive camera. Enjoy great looking pictures and videos all from the press of a button. You’ll also appreciate its extended fly time, especially when you are trying to capture that perfect picture.

Altair 818 Hornet
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Designed for Varying Skill Levels – There are three skill levels on this drone. Start off with the beginner’s one and work your way up to advanced. Once your past the slower speeds, go on to the higher ones to see what this drone can really do. Its speed not only increases but maneuverability as well. Perform even more amazing stunts and wow spectators with your skill.

Impressive Onboard Camera – With the wide-angle 720p HD camera your videos and pictures will have professional quality. Want to line up the perfect shot? It is designed for maximum stability, even in the wind. You can connect the drone to your phone or tablet to view the images as they are taken. You can also use these devices to snap pictures. It has FPV, all you need are the compatible headphones.

Extended Flying Time – The amount of time you can fly a drone is an important factor. With the 818 Hornet, you can stay in the air for up to 30 minutes. It comes with 2 batteries with 15 minutes of power each. Imagine what you can do with this much airtime.

  • Extended flying time
  • Its durable construction is ideal for beginners
  • Can take live videos and stills in the first-person point of view
  • One button controls takeoff and landing
  • Has three skill levels
  • FPV headphones are not included
  • Some of the controls are not clearly labeled

Summary: If you want a drone that is designed to take amazing photos and video, this might be what you are looking for. It is also compatible with smartphones so you can see the images from an FPV.


No matter your age or skill level, this drone has something for everyone. It has an impressive range for video transmission. Since it can fly farther than some similar models, it has a function that allows users to “call” it back home. Along with it being difficult to lose, it is also durable. This is a plus for first-time fliers or when you stop paying attention for a minute. You’ll also appreciate the easy to use controls.

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Connect to Your Smartphone – You can control the drone from your Apple or Android device. Upload the Snaptain Era App and you’re ready to go. The app also unlocks a variety of other features. Use voice control to bring the drone back or to snap pictures and take videos. There is a mode for trajectory flight and gravity control. This allows you to easily adjust the position of the drone, all from your smartphone.

A New Way to Take Pictures – Not only does the S5C come with a wide-angle HD lens. You can use gestures to take pictures or start live recordings. Once the drone is connected to your smartphone, simply face the camera. You’ll see a control marked “YEAH”, click on it. Raising your hand up will alert the drone to take a picture. Another gesture will start video recording.

Plenty of Protection – Beginners will appreciate the four barriers around the drone’s corners that help to protect if a collision happens. This also protects the propellers, often the most vulnerable part of the drone. It’s easy to forget about battery life. This isn’t a problem with the S5C. A signal warning, on your phone, will alert you when it is time to bring the drone back home.

  • Has 3D view mode when paired with a smartphone
  • The S5C app opens additional features
  • It has a durable construction with added protection
  • Hand gestures can control the camera
  • A warning signal alerts you when power is running low
  • An additional viewer is needed for 3D viewing
  • Can be hard to bring back if the signal gets too low

Summary: This is a fun drone to fly, especially with the added features. Stunts are easy to pull off, with either a smartphone, tablet or the included controller.

5.Potensic US A20 Green

There is only one word to describe this drone, it’s cute. It is a mini drone and designed specifically for kids. It is radio-controlled for easy operation, making it an ideal gift for young children. It also has a durable, plastic construction. It can take a few crashes and still get back up in the air. It is small enough to play with inside, and can still safely handle being flown outdoors.

Potensic Upgraded A20
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Designed for Kids – Even though adults would have fun flying this mini drone, it was designed for children to play with. The remote control is easy to use. From it, kids can take off and land with just one button. It also has altitude hold for a stable flight indoors and outside. It won’t take children long to learn how to safely fly the A20.

Prolonged Flight Time – The A20 mini drone comes with two rechargeable batteries. Each battery can provide up to 6 minutes of flight time. When one battery runs low, simply detach it and attach the other one. This way you have 12 minutes of fun and it doesn’t take long for the batteries to recharge.

Safety and Protection – There are four propeller guards to prevent damage from the inevitable collisions. It also helps that the mini drone is constructed from durable plastic. Its construction is ideal when little kids are learning to operate it. It also has an emergency stop button. Just press it and the drone will safely land.

  • Designed for younger children that want a drone
  • Has safety features
  • The detachable batteries are easy to remove
  • Comes with everything you need to start flying
  • Is small enough to fly indoors
  • Combined battery life is only twelve minutes
  • Does not have any additional features

Summary: If you have young children at home that want a drone, this one is ideal for them. It is durable, easy to use and has a safety feature.

Things to Consider When Buying a Drone for Your Kid

Ready to buy a drone for a kid, there are a few things you need to consider.

Consider Your Neighbors – Not everyone is thrilled to have a drone flying over their home. It is a good idea to set boundaries before taking the drone outside. Set time limits on when the UAV can be flown outdoors. It might also be a good idea to let your neighbors know that your child is getting a drone. This way you’ll know in advance if a neighbor is opposed to one flying over their property.

Check the Law – The laws regarding drones vary from state to state. You will want to check yours, before flying the drone outdoors. Some neighborhoods do have HOAs. Not all allow drones to be used in their neighborhood. FAA regulations might also apply, depending on where you live.

It Should Not be treated as a Toy – While drones are fun to fly and can often be referred to as toys, they are not toys. Collisions can and do happen. This can cause damage to someone’s property or bodily injury. Before getting a drone, make sure that the child understands that it can also cause harm.

Make Sure the Child Knows to Practice – You already know that a drone is not a toy. This means you’ll have to curb the child’s eagerness to start flying it immediately. Start by slowly showing the child how to operate the controller, before lifting the drone into the air.

Practicing indoors can also be helpful. If this isn’t possible, try to find an empty field or parking lot. You want to make sure your child can control the drone, before flying it around others.

Stress the Importance of Paying Attention – It is inevitable, drones will crash. When they do, parts can break. It can take time to get the replacement parts in. These parts also cost money. Stress that it is important to always pay attention to the drone and the surroundings, whether your child is flying it indoors or outside.

The Final Words (Summary)

In our review of the best drone for kids, you come to know certain things. Drones are fun for kids and adults. Some kids’ drones even have features that fliers of all ages and skill levels will love. Take aerial photos and videos, you can even pull off stunts that will astonish viewers on the ground. Before you decide to get a child a drone, it is important that you cover a few basic safety issues. This will not only help keep the drone from crashing but can also protect the child and others from injury. It is also a good idea to check with local laws and regulations. The last thing you want is to have the drone taken away because you didn’t know the law.