5 Best Fountain Pens Under 50 in 2023

Are you a scholar, calligraphy artist, an ordinary student, or a writer? Have you been on the lookout for a suitable companion to sharpen your performance and skills? Did I hear you answer ‘yes’ to these questions? Welcome on board! You are indeed on the right page. We are here to help you out.

Your answer lies in a good fountain pen. These pens are available in various shapes, sizes, and degrees of sophistication. They also cost varying amounts of money.

However, the ones that cost no more than $50 are the best for you. This is because they are cheaper to afford yet still have the vital features necessary for a good job to be done.

We have compiled the five best fountain pens under $50. We are going to review them and also highlight some of the factors you ought to consider while finding the right one. At the end of the review, we hope you will receive the best ever guidance.

A Quick Look at the Top Fountain Pens List

Our RatingPrice
1.Pilot Lucina Fine Nib Fountain PenPilot[usr 4.5 text="false"]
2.Lamy Safari Fountain PenLamy[usr 4.7 text="false"]
3.Pilot FPRN-350R-TOCMPilot[usr 4.4 text="false"]
4.Zenzoi Bamboo Fountain PenZenZoi[usr 4.6 text="false"]
5.Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain PenPilot[usr 4.6 text="false"]

5 Best Fountain Pens Under 50 Reviewed

1.Pilot Lucina Fine Nib Pen

If you are not so skilled in writing by hand, your solution lies in a pen that embodies great simplicity of design as well as ease of use. This indeed is the pen of this kind. As you are about to see, this pen lacks the very many technical features that are too difficult to master and engage.

Pilot Lucina Fine Nib Fountain Pen
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Pilot Fountain Pen Cavalier- On the whole, the pen features the cavalier design. This is simply a merger of the modern with the professional designs. In all, the pen exudes superb writing capability as a result of this construction. This is great for your successful writing career launch.

Fine Nib- Its nib is extremely fine. It is soft, sharp-pointed, and generates awesome prints indeed. Because of this, you may be certain to receive awesome feedbacks and great writing outcomes indeed! You will also not have to put too much effort to generate the desired outcomes.

Great Aesthetics- Generally speaking, the pen is structured and made in such a way as to be great for you to behold. It has a black sparkling and shiny body. This reflects light when looked upon and is, therefore, an awesome sight. You will reap the benefit of prestige.

  • Simple to master and comprehend
  • Cheaper to acquire and maintain
  • Convenient to care for and maintain
  • Reputable and reliable brand
  • Works with any ink
  • Fewer features
  • Lower returns to value
  • Not so worthy a purchase

Summary: Well, there you have it! You certainly have no other friend if all you are looking for is a pen that is simple to master and comprehend. Launch your handwriting career by settling for this awesome companion right away!

2.Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Are you constantly on the move? If so, you want a pen such as this that is compact in size, very slim, yet highly effective. It is only in this manner that you will be able to move out and about as you want yet obtained awesome outcomes at the same time.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen
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Flexible Shiny Chrome Clip- At its side is the flexible and shiny clip. This is breathtaking indeed to behold. It confers to you a great sense of aesthetics when looked upon. Grab this pen and place it in your front pocket to let others view and notice you.

Steel-polished Nib- Its nib is polished using steel. This brings along two benefits. For one, it makes the nib look shiny and attractive. Secondly, it makes the nib last longer. This is because still is pretty resilient to corrosion and other agents of deterioration.

Sturdy ABS Plastic- The rest of its body is made of the sturdy and reliable ABS plastic material. This material is strong and long-lasting. Your pen will thus less likely sustain damages or wear out before their time. You will also accrue the benefit of great peace of mind.

  • Can be modified to accomplish various related tasks
  • Works well with external cartridges and accessories
  • Has a fine point which generates greater writing
  • Offers by far the best value for money
  • Comprises the highest quality in technology
  • Quite complicated to the average writer
  • Relatively unaffordable also
  • A bit weighty

Summary: Perhaps its most outstanding feature is the steel polished nib. This confers to you a sense of prestige and elegance. Moreover, the pen as a whole is a great and handy writing material indeed. Go for it, and enjoy some prestige and elegance.

3.Pilot FPRN-350R-TOCM Pen

Drafting and appending signatures on official documents require a nice and reliable pen owing to their overall significance. By the sheer construction and nature of this pen, it fits the bill perfectly well. As you shall see, the pen is indeed the embodiment of all the crucial features necessary for such feat to be accomplished.

Pilot FPRN-350R-TOCM
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Dedicated Converter- Top of its features is the dedicated converter. This is the component that furnishes the pen with the ink. It can enable the pen to work with just about any ink. This way, it is very convenient and hassle-free to utilize.

Casual Attire Body Skeleton- Its overall construction comes in the form of a casual attire and body skeleton. This allows the pen to be used freely and without any hindrances of any kind. It also enables you to write faster by reason of eliminating excess drag that is characteristic of heavier pens.

Transparent Body- Lastly, you will enjoy the benefit of being able to monitor the progress of the flow of ink. This is courtesy of its transparent boy which allows you to see through. This way, you will be able to eliminate problems and maintain great precision at all times.

  • Compact size and easier to handle
  • Extremely light in weight and less cumbersome to engage
  • Quite handy and aesthetic in looks
  • Very convenient and highly versatile to use
  • Reliable to use in the long run
  • Not so affordable
  • Quite delicate and prone to damages
  • Requires some skill to maintain

Summary: For highly precise outcomes, you will enjoy the benefit of being able to track the progress of the flow of ink courtesy of the transparent body. Eliminate mistakes in your calligraphy by settling for this wonderful fountain pen.

4.Zenzoi Bamboo Fountain Pen

For a successful career in the field of calligraphy or executive business, a stylish, highly technical and executive pen is absolutely necessary. These are the needs that this wonderful pen is intended to meet. It indeed has what it takes to deliver exceptionally well under those circumstances well as you are about to see.

Zenzoi Bamboo Fountain Pen
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Modern Ink Refill Converter- Unlike several other pens that restrict your choice of ink, this one gives you the freedom to select the ink of your choice. It does so by means of the modern ink refill converter. This basically lets you conveniently draw ink from the bottle of your liking.

Medium Nib- Its nib is neither too big nor too small. Its medium size is great for persons with all kinds of hands. You do not have to possess the ‘right’ size of a hand to use it. This is not to mention also that you will enjoy the benefit of great convenience of use.

Satin Finish and Gold Trimming- Its outer portion is covered with satin finish and great gold trims. For this reason, the pen gives off some stylish feel and appearance. It, therefore, has the ability to enhance the appearance of the workspace as well as imbue a sense of class and fashion.

  • Accompanied by 100% money back guarantee
  • Eco-friendly by reason of the bamboo construction
  • Works well in virtually any workspace
  • Accommodates 14 different color options
  • Exudes both style and substance
  • Expensive to the average user
  • May be too complicated to an ordinary user
  • Somewhat inconvenient to maintain

Summary: Other than enabling you to accrue a successful writing career, the pen also imbues a sense of class and elegance. This stems mainly from its satin finish and gold trims. To achieve the highest possible returns to value, this indeed is the pen not to overlook.

5.Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen

Are you a professional scholar who publishes tons of books? You desperately want this pen as it is the one that is meant for you. It is exclusively designed for those who desire an exceptional writing outcome. This is by virtue of possessing all the great features, parts, and components.

Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen
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Premium Material Construction- All its various parts and components are made of premium materials. They are strong and pretty resilient to the common elements wear and tear. They exude excellent writing performance, great feel, and utmost reliability.

High Standard Parts- Just like the material construction, the various parts that make up the pen are also high in quality. Its cartridge is particularly great. This stems from its ability to accommodate the highest standards and varieties of color.

Excellent Hues- Apart from accommodating a huge variety of color, each of the colors concerned has intense depth and higher consistency. They are therefore great for calligraphy and awesome writing outcomes. You cannot afford to overlook this pen at all.

  • Confers to you the benefits of rich Japanese colors
  • Delivers ink consistently and reliably
  • Renders the highest performance levels possible
  • Allows you to use your favorite ink as well
  • The ultimate writing tool indeed
  • Not so durable
  • Has a delicate nib
  • Costly to maintain in the long run

Summary: You would not wish to miss out on the pen’s hues. Their intense depth of color and consistent outcomes are two irresistible traits. Take your professional writing career to the next level by possessing this awesome writing masterpiece.

How to Choose a Fountain Pen?

The following are the main factors that inform the choice of the most suitable fountain pen: The following are the main factors that inform the choice of the most suitable fountain pen:

Size of your Hand- These pens are held by hand. It is necessary therefore that you match the size of the pen with the size of your hand. Look for one that is neither oversized nor undersized. This is to prevent unnecessary inconveniences which may often arise while engaging the nib and other vital components.

Ink Capacity- How much ink can the pen possibly hold at a time? This is crucial as it will determine the maximum length of time you might possibly be able to use the pen at any given time. Go for one with a higher ink capacity if you plan to write longer at any given time.

Intended Frequency of Use- How often do you intend to use the fountain pen to write? If writing is your lifeline, you need one that is tough and durable. This is to guarantee long-term reliability and save you a great deal of time as well. You also want maximum peace of mind to enjoy the benefits of the pen, don’t you?

Brand- Not all brands are created equal. Some like ZenZoi are famed for prestige, others like Pilot are famed for simplicity yet others like Lamy are known for great precision. Be mindful of the brand while on the lookout for the right fountain pen. Try also to match the brand with the need you desire to meet.

Cost vs. Financial Resource Endowment- Just like a brand, the fountain pens cost varying amounts of money. You should, therefore, factor in the cost of the pens alongside your financial resource endowment. Given that you buy these pens once in a while, prefer the most expensive ones to the cheaper ones for the sake of quality.

How to Clean a Fountain Pen Nib?

From time to time, the ink may dry and settle on the nib of the fountain pens. If and when this happens, the nibs may not write as legibly as should be the case. This calls for their cleaning. The flowing is the steps you ought to follow to actualize this:

Step 1. Disassemble the Pen- Start off by disassembling the pen. Separate the various components of the pen from each other. These include the nib, ink tank, the outer covering, and the top covering, respectively. This is because the nibs are cleaned better and more effectively when separated than when part of the whole pen.

Step 2. Soak the Nib in Water- Soak the nib in warm water. Hot water may damage the nib whereas cold water may not get rid of dirt as effectively as it should. The ideal duration of soaking the nib is around 2 hours. This is to give the water time to percolate in the entire nib and loosen as much dry ink as possible.

Step 3. Rinse the Nib Thoroughly- At the expiration of the 2-hour duration, transfer the nib from the first container to a new one that has warm water also. Rinse it thoroughly to rid it of the hard and stubborn stains. In case your bare hands are not effective, you may wish to utilize a clean piece of cloth to help you out.

Step 4. Dry the Nib- Use another clean piece of cloth to get rid of excess moisture from the nib. Dry the nib gently yet thoroughly. You may alternatively wish to leave the nib out in the open for it to dry naturally. This takes longer though inasmuch as it is the more effective of the two options.

Step 5. Re-assemble the Pen- You may wish to clean other components of the pen as well. Thereafter, re-assemble the various parts and pieces together. Be sober and gentle while doing this because they are very sensitive. You do not want to damage your delicate pen, do you? Test the assembly to ascertain whether it is firm and stable.

The Final Words (Summary)

It is our hope that you have received the best ever guidance you possibly require. Indeed all of the five best fountain pens under $50 we have identified and reviewed above are great and unique in their own right. You will indeed obtain the desired levels of satisfaction you desperately want by purchasing at least any of the above pens.

In light of this, you definitely have to make every effort to acquire at last one of the pens we have reviewed above. The ZenZoi Fountain Pen Writing Set Case may provide the needed starting point especially if you lack any in mind. It is long-lasting, multipurpose, and eco-friendly. It is, therefore, more likely to yield you a high degree of satisfaction.

We strongly urge you not to waste any time in determining whether to purchase the pens above. The benefits of so doing are too numerous to be wished away. Moreover, you might have to pay later by procrastinating. All the best in your writing career!