How To Fix HTTP Error 503 The Service Is Unavailable Error

HTTP errors always display in status codes form. The status codes are defined as standard response codes which aid a user in identifying the problem cause given by the server of the website when either resources or the web page fail to properly load while online. Different codes show different issues.

http error 503 the service is unavailable fixed

For instance, when you receive HTTP error with the code 503 this simply implies service is unavailable. The various codes referred to as browser error codes have groups. HTTP error 503 is in group 5xx server HTTP status codes error group. The error simply means that the server understands the request but due to other reason is unable to fill the request.

Reasons For Facing This HTTP Error

Some of the reasons as to why your browser might display this error include:

  • If an external corrupted program maliciously infects the files related to the browser.
  • Windows registry corruption from a recent software change related to windows. Either uninstall or install.
  • Malware infection or virus which has taken control or rather corrupts the internet browser of your computer.
  • If the application of web application in use is stopped: IIS server has its domains assigned either shared or dedicated to application pools. If the application pool associated for domain happens to be disabled or stopped, the error will show in the website.
  • Misconfiguration of the site settings or application pool settings: For instance, spawning applications in computers running in 32-bit mode could tamper with functioning of the site and result to an error.
  • If application pool runs out of essentials like RAM among other resources.

5 Ways To Fix 503 Service Unavailable Error

1. Preliminary Checks

Be it the cause of the problem is the computer or the server, there are things which you can try check before plotting procedure on how to fix HTTP error 503 the service is unavailable. You can begin by retrying loading the URL from the website’s address bar by refreshing or reloading page.

http error 503 the service is unavailable fixed

In case you see the service unavailable originates from DNS failure’ message you can choose to restart the router and modem. If the error is not fixed, choose new DNS servers and change the servers on your router or computer. Check also directly from the website itself to seek assistance as the website itself may be in a position to offer assistance.

2. Close Your Proxy Server

Maybe you use a proxy server or VPN you are then required to check if the connection is working properly as it should. When the proxy is down there is a possibility of getting the same error.

This mostly happens with free proxy servers but in case you do not use proxy server, you can try disabling it then then open direct the site showing the error message.

3. Start The Destination Application Pool

If the corresponding web application pool is disabled or stopped, there is a possibility of the error. In addition, misconfiguration in the application site or pool settings might also result in causing the error. Process crashes are also as a result of incorrect application logic.

Sometimes the user identity account related to the pool could have an expired password or might be locked. Also inadequate privileges might also temper with the website functioning.

If the computer’s application pool has no RAM or other important resources, it can crush then result in HTTP 503 error and also server migrations cause such errors.

If the error is caused by stopped application pool, resolve the problem as shown below:

  • Click on start
  • In the computer’s search bar, type Windows Features
  • Select turn windows features on/off
  • Go to control panel
  • Choose view by then choose large icons
  • Click on administrative tools
  • Search IIS manager then double click on the option
  • Search for internet information services the check that box. You will install all to need to use IIS
  • Select the node application pools
  • Check the status of the defaultapppool by right clicking on the node. If stopped, start it and if it’s still running, restart the setting then check if the server error 503 is gone.

4. Change Load User Profile

In case the problem is due to Default App Pool, what you need to do is change the ‘load user profile.’ You change it to false by:

  • Go to the computer’s control panel
  • Select view by then choose large icons
  • Click on administrative tools
  • Find IIS manager then you double click on it
  • Choose the node application pools
  • Highlight DefaultAppPool by clicking on it
  • Select Advanced settings on the right pane
  • Look for process model
  • Then go to load user profile
  • Change to false from true

5. Change Identity In Application Pool

To change identity, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your computer’s control panel
  • Choose view by then select large icons
  • Click on administrative tools
  • Search for IIS manager then double click on the choice
  • Choose the node application pools
  • Find the right application pool for your site then click on it
  • Click on advanced settings
  • Under the process model choose identity then change it and enter the new password and user
  • Click on the application pool you use again then select recycle so as to restart the application pool

6. More Expert Solutions

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Everyday millions of people browsing internet and it are very essential in our daily life. Sometimes in our internet browsing time we face some common errors that are very irritating. And this error likes this type of common internet error. This 503 Service Unavailable error occurs any time in any internet browser and all Windows operating system. This error is showing many types of title in your browser like bellow.

  • ‘503 Service Unavailable’
  • ‘HTTP 503’
  • ‘HTTP Error 503’
  • ‘503 Error’
  • ‘Http/1.1 Service Unavailable’
  • ‘503 Service Temporarily Unavailable’

=>> Reason of this error

This ‘HTTP 503’ creates many reasons and this ‘503 error’ means your browser can’t connect to http server. Maximum time this ‘HTTP error 503 the service is unavailable’ error occurs for the server is too busy or the server not maintains properly.

Sometime it occurs for limit exceeded bandwidth of server. But don’t worry; you are the right place that you get all the specific and best solution to get rid of the ‘Http/1.1 Service Unavailable’ forever. So let’s go the solution that you implement carefully.

3 More Solutions

=>> Fix 1: Commanding by Command Prompt-

This is the most effective and well worked method that given by Google forum so you can implement this method. Sometimes proxy connector hides the ephemeral ports and creates this type of ‘HTTP Windows Error 503’ that’s why you unhide the ports by commanding in Command Prompt. So let’s go to apply the method by following the bellow steeps.

  • First click on the Windows Start menu and type Command Prompt in the search box then right click on the Command Prompt and click the Run as administrator.
  • Now you see a black screen new window and then you copy the bellow code then paste in the Command Prompt and hit the Enter button.

  netstat -na >C:netstat.txt

Commanding by Command Prompt-1 by
  • Now you go to the Windows service panel and finally restart the Proxy agent service.

You again command the bellow code by Command Prompt that also show the 8080 ports.

  netstat -na | find “:8080

Commanding by Command Prompt-2 by

I hope this method worked for you if it not worked then implement the next method.

=>> Fix 2: Check Windows Firewall and Antivirus-

This is also a worked well method to fix theHTTP 503’ error. Sometimes Windows firewall and antivirus firewall block the http 8080 port and you face this type of 503 HTTP error. So you can disable your operating systems firewall and also disable or uninstall the antivirus software. If you can’t disable OS firewall then follow the bellow steps.

  • At first go to Start menu search box and type Windows Firewall in the search box.
  • Then click on the Windows Firewall from the top options.
  • Now you click on the Turn Windows Firewall on or off from the left side bar.
  • Then click on the both Turn of Windows Firewall (not recommended) from private and public network location settings like bellow image.
Disable Your Firewall by

If you use any antivirus software then you can disable or uninstall the software and check the error that may be fixed.

=>> Fix 3: Some Experts Solutions-

At first you double check the error page and identify the specific error code, if their showing 503 Error then you implements the above solution. If that not fixed the error then you apply bellow expert solution.

Check Wi-Fi Router: If you use Wi-Fi router then you can try to use this method. Sometime router blocks and disconnects internet connection and creating the error. At first you disconnect your Wi-Fi internet connection cable and also unplugged Wi-Fi router power cable for 5 minutes then connect both the cables. It may be solved the error.

Unplug your internet connection cable

Contact to Website Owner:  At first you check the error that you face the any website browsing time or specific website browsing time. If you face the ‘Http/1.1 Service Unavailable’ error in specific website then you contact to the website owner and tell about the problem because they know the best about the error of their website. You can contact to owner by their contact us page or collect mail address from who is page.

Check the Website Later: Some popular website have many visitors at a time that’s why sometime their bandwidth resource may be ends and you see this ‘503 Service Temporarily Unavailable’ error. So check the error website later. When small size visitor have in that error website that’s time the error may not be showed.

All the above methods are collected from Google forum, Microsoft forum and expert in the troubleshooting so if you implement the methods properly then you get rid of the error forever. Please comment bellow that the method worked to fix the error and if I miss any method then you write that for others sufferer.

Tips For Avoiding The HTTP 503 Error

  • Scan your computer for viruses and malware frequently
  • Avoid downloads from unverified sites
  • Install antivirus in your computer
  • Protect your browser related files from access by unauthorized users

The Final Words

With as many varied web server options available and even very many reasons as to why the error service not available may occur, there is no straightforward thing that you can run to if the 503 error appears.

Definitely, this means there are various places where you will be required to look for the cause of the problem after which you will come up with a solution from the cause. To solve the error, begin by taking the error message literally that something might have crashed.

If it helps you can start by restarting the processes currently running. After that, look for the not obvious places where the problem might be coming from. From the cause, develop a solution plan.