How to Transfer Contacts from LG G4 to iPhone 7

If you are thinking to switch from Android smartphone to iPhone 7 then it could be really amusing and changing operating system and smartphones can totally bring a new look to your life style. Switching and upgrading cell phones can be thrilling but at the same time it does comes with huge baggage because the files and data from your old smartphone cannot be transferred to the new smartphone automatically. Although you can transfer music, videos and other multimedia files easily, the dreadful task is how to transfer contacts.

The reason why it is so difficult to transfer contacts from LG to iPhone 7 is because there are no in-built apps that helps to transfer contacts from one phone to another especially when it comes to transfer data from Android to iPhone. And it is quite obvious that without your contacts list, you won’t be able to connect with your friends, families or colleagues. Well, you may think there is no hope and you may have to manually type each and every contact number on your new iPhone 7 which will be too time consuming but there is a way to transfer all contacts from your LG G4 to iPhone 7 in a single click. Sounds impractical, right? But that is indeed the truth and that’s where Wondershare MobileTrans comes into play.

About Androidphonesoft PhoneTrans

It is an amazing mobile data-transferring tool that gives the ability to transfer any kind of files or data from one smartphone to another. You can absolutely transfer any kind of data types including contacts, messages, music, videos, call logs, etc. with a single click from one device to another. Not only that, it helps to exchange data between different OS smartphones such as Android, Apple, Blackberry and other Symbian phones. The basic idea is to connect both phones together with your computer and laptop and transfer the desirable data with a single click. Let us show the top advantages of using Wondershare MobileTrans to elaborate about this program more clearly.

Top advantages of PhoneTrans

  • Transfer any kind of data from one smartphone to another that includes contacts, messages, videos, picture albums, music collection and other data with a single click.
  • Exchange data between different smartphone companies such as Android, Apple, Blackberry, Symbian phones and so on.
  • Restore backup files directly from iTunes or iCloud to your desirable smartphone.
  • Compatible with the new and latest iOS 11 and Android 7.0.
  • Existing files will not be replaced or overwritten. In short, no data loss will occur.
  • No information leakage at all. All files and data will be safe and secure and nothing will be shared online.
  • Available in both Mac and Windows version.

Transfer contacts from LG G4 to iPhone 7 Using PhoneTrans

Transferring contacts or any files from LG G4 to iPhone 7 using PhoneTrans is like a child’s play. The design of this program is so elegant and sophisticated that it can be used by any beginner computer users without having any technical knowledge at all. Here’s the manual on how to use this program to transfer contacts from LG G4 to iPhone 7.

Step 1. Download, install and run the program

First step is pretty obvious that you need to get the software on your computer, install and launch it see the graphical interface of this program. You will be able to see a lot of options and features that are provided by this program but in order to transfer contacts, simply click on “Phone to Phone Transfer” option once.

Transfer contacts from LG G4 to iPhone 7 Using PhoneTrans

Step 2. Connect LG G4 and iPhone 7 to PC

You will need two USB data cables to connect both smartphones with PC. You should a few moment until both phones are detected by the software. Once identified, you should be able to see both phones names on the software. Make sure the source displays LG G4 and destination shows iPhone 7. If not, then simply click on flip to reset the positions.

Connect LG G4 and iPhone 7 to PC

Step 3. Transfer Contacts from LG G4 to iPhone 7

You have reached to the final stage of this tutorial, now all you need to do is select “Contacts” from the middle column and click on “Start Transfer” and the transferring process will begin automatically.

Transfer Contacts from LG G4 to iPhone 7

Done! You may now check your iPhone 7 and it should display all the contacts from your old smartphone.

Final Thought (Conclusion)

This program has really made life much easier when it comes to transferring files and data from one phone to another. It simply takes a few minutes to completely transfer all the files from your old smartphone to the new one. Now, changing or upgrading a smartphone will be much simpler since you can use PhoneTrans to keep all your old data and copy them to your new phone. Hopefully, you guys found this tutorial and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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