How to Change Mouse DPI for Gaming?

How to Change Mouse DPI

What is mouse Dpi you may ask, well, I will tell you. The Dpi of your mouse is basically what determines how sensitive your mouse is. The higher the Dpi, the faster the cursor moves, and the lower the Dpi, the less the cursor moves. Dpi stands for “dot per inch”, and what this means is that the higher the dpi the faster the mouse moves over a certain distance on your computer screen.

Finding the Right Dpi

Finding the right Dpi is important to anyone using a mouse, regardless of if they are a gamer or not. Dpi is a very important thing when it comes to mouses. The Dpi can be a very useful thing to know about no matter what you are doing. For people doing very small and precise actions such as an activity like digital art, or maybe even Photoshop, they would want to focus on having a much lower Dpi to remain in control of the small activity. On the other hand, if you’re a gamer, you are going to want a considerably higher Dpi than a digital artist.

Finding the Right Dpi

How to Change the Mouse Dpi Step by Step

Changing the Dpi of your mouse is actually a fairly easy process with easy to follow steps.

  1. If your mouse doesn’t have accessible Dpi buttons, then launch the mouse and keyboard control center.
  2. Select the mouse you wish to use (the mouse you are using)
  3. Go to the basic settings and select mouse sensitivity
  4. Then decide what you want your Dpi to be
  5. Set your Dpi at the preferred sensitivity
  6. Professional gamers use a Dpi between 400 and 800

Really Changing the DPI

Really Changing the DPI

The Two Ways to Change 

When changing your mouses Dpi there are two main ways you can do it: on the computer in “settings”, and with the mouses “on-the-fly button”. The first method we are going to be talking about is using the “on-the-fly button”. This button (on most mouses) is located on the top, bottom, or side of your selected mouse.

1. Select Mouse in Settings

Now, once you’ve located the button on your mouse, press it, and watch as a notification appears on your computer’s monitor. If your mouse does not have an on-the-fly button not to worry, there is another method. This next method is done only with the settings on your very own computer. What you are going to do first is: locate and open the settings, or control panel of your computer. Then make sure you select “view by small items”, and if you don’t have that just simply make sure you select “mouse” in your settings.

2. Make The Dpi Faster/Slower

Once you have selected your mouse in settings, go to where it says “pointer settings”. Again, if you can’t find that just make sure you locate the “motion” tab for your mouse. Once you have found and selected the pointer settings, and the motion tab, you may proceed to change your pointer speed to “slower”, or “faster”. The faster you set your dpi the higher it will be, and the slower, vice versa.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

To conclude, the Dpi of your mouse is a very important matter. The sensitivity plays a very crucial and important role no matter what the purpose is. Knowing how to adjust your mouse’s dpi is also very important. So, you can follow the instructions above, and figure out your desired Dpi. And remember professional gamers use a Dpi between 400 and 800.

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