GTX 1660 vs 1660 Ti – What is the Difference?

GTX 1660 vs 1660 Ti

Gamers and PC users are finding themselves in a dilemma in choosing GTX 1600 and 1660 Ti. We find ourselves having to make tough decisions on whether to go for GTX 1600 which is top-notch or sticking to 1600Ti. These graphic cards have different parameters and this review is bringing them out clearly. You just need to make a good decision while purchasing either of these. We are going to give you a conclusive comparison of what to look out for in each. Make sure you understand what you are going for. Also, be on the lookout for genuine parts.

Differences Between GTX 1660 and 1660 Ti


The 1660 Ti comes with a memory capacity of 6 GB, GDDR6 whereas the GTX 1660 has been equipped with a 6 GB, GDDR5. It’s very evident that the Ti version comes with more power to process graphical data a lot faster than its counterpart. On the same note, the 1660 Ti boosts a memory bandwidth of up to 288 GB per second as opposed to the GTX 1660 that comes embossed with a memory bandwidth of about 192 GB per second.


CUDA cores technology

When it comes to graphic calculations, the 1660 Ti is still at a great advantage. It boosts a whopping 1536 Cuda cores capacity. This cannot be said of its counterpart that is following closely. As opposed to it’s the GTX 1660 that has been embossed with a capacity of only 1408.

Power consumption

Both the cards are rated 120W. They also require an 8-pin PCl connector interfaced with a 450 Watt PSU. Here, they do not have many disparities. They score the same when it comes to power consumption.

The GPU build and architecture

These two graphics are formulated around the Turing GPU construction. They also use the same TU116 core. The difference comes when where GTX 1660Ti has more CUDA cores than 1660. GTX 1600Ti has 1356 CUDA Cores while GTX 1660 has fewer CUDA Cores.

The GPU build and architecture

The Final Words (Conclusion)

Reading through the analysis, you can pinpoint the various differences between these two graphic cards. Most people do not get it right as far as distinguishing the two graphic cards. You need to be careful with these graphic cards as they offer different resolutions. Most probably you will be required to do lots of asking around or online research for information. This piece is aimed at saving you time and resources needed in finding the best graphic card. Use it to the best of your knowledge to avoid getting your hands on accessories that are inefficient or simply don’t work.

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