How to Clean Shop Vac Filter?

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How to Clean Shop Vac Filter

Shop-vac filters can be delicate and thus need to be handled with care. With a shop-vac filter, it can be either dry or wet, and cleaning it depends on either. Shop-vac filters, therefore, need to be delicately cleaned using your hands and not a machine. Shop-vac filters also come in different types and you need to consider this before cleaning. Understanding the different types of shop-vac filters give you a better understanding of how to clean them. These are some of the few shop-vac filters that we could find.

Dry reusable filters: these are mostly found in most shop vacuums and they are inexpensive as they don’t need much replacement. They can be dusted off or cleaned under low water pressure.

Foam sleeve filters: these are used mostly on wet vacuums and we gather a lot of dirt. Cleaning them is easy but it is a procedure since you have to remove that first and ensure that anything that is stuck is removed before cleaning it under low water pressure.

Cartridge filters: these are the most dedicated type of filters and cleaning them requires a lot of attention. Do not use a brush but carefully clean them using your hands to remove stuck objects with water that is not pressurized.

HEPA filters: these are the most common type of filters used in all kinds of vacuums. These waste filters can be cleaned with water under low pressure or you can easily tap it on the side of your waste bin and remove all the stuck dirt.

Below is a procedure that will help you clean your shop vac filter in the best way possible

When emptying the dust can after a long clean-up ensure that you open up the full can so that all the dirt can come out. You can shake the can or knock against the dustbin so that any kind of clogged dirt will suddenly come out. When you have been cleaning for a while without emptying the can or loosely emptying it, you may notice that that dirt may seem to hold onto the filter giving you unless perfect cleaning time and therefore once in a while, you need to shake it off so that everything that is stuck will eventually come out.

Blow it

Blow it: As these filters are very delicate once in a while you can blow them under a low pressure compressed air to remove anything that is stuck. If you are applying too much pressure the filter me like a tear causing you to buy another one. If it is a dry shop-vac filter ensure that you can clean it under low water pressure so that it will not tear or cause large holes. Once you are done cleaning play set somewhere so that it will try completely and can be returned successively. A wet shop-vac filter may cause molds that clog the filter rendering it unusable.

Vacuum the vacuum: I know somehow he sounds a little bit crazy but if you are operating a shop vacuum then even as it sits it’s it also gathers dust. To spare your vacuum air holes from constant clogging make sure that you vacuum the air flows so that any kind of dirt that may have gathered inside or on the outside May be removed to spare your filters. Cleaning the air flows ensures a long life for your motor thereby giving it a better performance rate. Once in awhile oil the brush rollers so that they can be free-flowing ensuring that they gather dirt in the correct way to make sure that your filters are not clogged.

Vacuum the vacuum

Wet filters: cleaning a wet filter is as easy as cleaning a dry one. All you need to do is empty the dirt, ensure that anything that is stuck on the sides is removed, and carefully clean it under low water pressure to avoid damage. Even though wet filters are already wet, don’t always assume they are clean since you use water on them often. Wear gloves to avoid the dirt coming on to contact with your delicate skin.

Cleaning the hose: the hose is also an important part that connects to the filter. By cleaning the hose and removing any stuck objects ensures that your filter is safe even when you clean it. Attaining a clean hose without any stuck objects ensures a long life for both the filter and the motor.

Cleaning the hose

The Final Words (Conclusion)

Filters are important for any vacuum to operate. Operating a vacuum without effect can be dangerous and can cause a distraction for your motor. Before cleaning any shop vac filter ensure that your vacuum is completely disconnected from the power so that you can be able to remove all the needed parts to get to the filter. By doing this the future with service you for a long time without the need of buying a new one. Cleaning one carefully and ensuring that it is completely dry before returning it gives your motor and your vacuum as a whole a longer life of the operation.

With a better understanding of what shop-vac filters are and their different types, you will be able to clean them as well as maintain them at home, in your shop, and in the offices. This way, you will not keep on incurring the cost of replacing shop vacuums or shop-vac filters.