5 Best Battery Operated Weed Eater In 2021

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People have different kinds of backyards. In some, the grass is different, and in others, the grass is mixed up with flowers. In such a case, you will need to be a careful trimmer to ensure you cut the edges perfectly without destroying other forms of nature. Also in some cases, there are trees planted right in the middle of the yard. Lawnmowers would not be the perfect tool to use on this kind of project as they tend to cut too deep and can’t cut anything around a tree properly. 

Therefore to ensure that your yard a good trim according to size and type of plants in there, you will need any of the below best 5 battery operated weed eaters also known as string trimmers. They will not give you a hard time trying to get to a nearby power socket as they are cordless and operate on batteries.

A Quick Look at the Top Battery Operated Weed Eater

1.(Top battery operated weed eater) Husqvarna Shaft String TrimmerHusqvarna
2.(Best battery operated weed eater) BLACK+DECKER LCC222BLACK+DECKER
3.WORX WG931 Hedge TrimmerWORX
4.MILWAUKEE ELEC TOOL 2725-21HDMilwaukee
5.Makita XRU15PT1 String TrimmerMakita

5 Best Battery Operated Weed Eater Reviewed

1. Husqvarna Shaft String Trimmer

Finding a weed eater that works well for you can be challenging. That is why we have provided the Husqvarna battery shaft much-modified string trimmer that has a maximum power speed of 5500 Rpm ensuring that you can cut even the hardest weeds without struggling.

(Best battery operated weed eater) Husqvarna Shaft String Trimmer
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Weight: Weighing at approximately 8.9 pounds, thus weed eater will work for you around your home without causing shoulder pains. It is light and can be carried around quite easily.

Brush less electric motor: This is one of the most modified and durable designs. It helps to deliver high efficiency as well as maximize the run time to expand the life of this weed eater. It provides a high voltage of up to 36.5v while using the battery.

Save mode: As the tool operates on battery power, it also consumes a lot of energy. The save mode helps you to maximize use and minimize battery use at the same time. 

Battery: it uses powerful 4Ah batteries which can keep charge for a long time before charging again. It comes as a full set with batteries and a charger included for a better service.

  • Has a long and durable cutting swath of up to 14 inches
  • They are easy to use
  • Have a long-life battery that doesn’t drain easily
  • They are light and easy to move around
  • Require low maintenance
  • Warranty on the product doesn’t apply in case of damage
  • Easily overheats

Summary: if you are wondering whether this product is worth it, then the answer is yes. It comes with a long-life battery, high-grade engine, and low maintenance. This gives you an added advantage, unlike most products.


Sometimes it’s not just the edges that need trimming. During fall, the yard is full of dry leaves that need to be constantly swept into one area. The Black Decker weed eater comes with a sweeper that operates on low noise.

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Lightweight design: Both the sweeper and the trimmer are lightweight and easy to carry around. They weigh at 3.7 pounds and 4.5 pounds consecutively. This helps you to easily carry them around.

Converts from a trim to edger: this particular piece is well modified to help you not only trim but to design edges. This makes a piece for your home.

It is automatic: unlike other pieces, this one doesn’t require you to keep changing the line. It automatically feeds the trimmer line and doesn’t require any pumping.

Noise: It is made unlike no other piece of equipment. It operates on low noise enabling you to communicate with others and avoiding noise disruption to your neighbors.

  • Operates on a long-life lithium-ion battery that can hold a charge for up to 18 months
  • It is easy to operate
  • Can easily be carried around your home as it’s not heavy
  • Requires low maintenance as it’s an automatic trim line feeder
  • Its noiseless thus doesn’t cause noise disturbances
  • Battery easily weakens with constant use
  • The string is too thin thus doesn’t operate for long

Summary: a lithium-ion battery is known to have a long life for all the machines it is placed on. This one is no different and thus operates for a long time if well maintained. It also contains an automatic trim line feeder, thus doesn’t require constant stopping to change a broken line.

3. WORX WG931 Hedge Trimmer

When you have a large yard that is most likely to take a whole day trimming, you need to consider the Worx WG931 trimmer that has a wide cutting blade which will give you coverage of large spaces at once. The blades are thick and very sharp to ensure a job well done.

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One battery for all: This trimmer operates on a powerful battery that is known to store charge for long. The trimmer, edger, and blower all use the same battery reducing electricity consumption through constant charging.

Comes with other tools: To ensure that your home looks neat and clean, the trimmer is sold as a set of three with an edger, a trimmer, and a blower. This can be used on different fences and yards depending on how your home is organized.

Power and speed: All of this equipment operate at a maximum high speed where the blower operates 75 Mph and air volumes of 345 Cfm. This ensures that you get your work done on time.

  • Doesn’t require constant maintaining
  • Comes with additional tools that are very useful around your home
  • They are lightweight and easy to carry
  • The control system is easy to access as well as operate
  • The action blade cuts branches giving your fence a perfect trim
  • The charger is bought separately
  • When the old line is used up, you will need to buy a new one

Summary: Unlike most, this trimmer should be your number one item to go for. This is because it contains a perfect control system that is accessible, easy to read, and helps you to control the speed of the blade and string with ease. You will not cut too deep or too shallow because you couldn’t control the blade movement.


When operating these tools, safety is a key thing to remember. Thus, with the Milwaukee Elec tool trimmer, you will not need safety gear as the distance between the hand and the trimmer is long enough so ensure pieces of branches, as well as weed, don’t come flying back to tour eyes.

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High-end lithium-ion battery: This trimmer operates on the best and most durable batteries which are sure to give you a long service time. Once they are charged, they can operate for a while without draining.

No more pull: Unlike the traditional gas trimmer, this trimmer is modern and electric therefore instead of a pull-string to start, you just power on with a button and start working. This is perfect as it doesn’t consume much of your energy before even starting the job.

Ease of use: As it purely operates on a battery, this trimmer is easy to use. It is also modified into a modern tool to ensure you get the best out of it.

  • It is modern and easy to use for beginners
  • Has a long-life battery
  • It is safe to use even when you don’t have safety gear
  • It’s long life and can be used for a whole of low maintenance
  • Has a strong and thick strong that doesn’t wear out easily
  • The battery easily weakens over time
  • Replacement parts are hard to find

Summary: if you are avoiding purchase because all the trimmers are gas-powered with a pull string to start the engine, then you are looking at the modern and the best trimmer available today. With a start button that gives you the comfort of operation, this trimmer doesn’t wear you out before you even start working.

5.Makita XRU15PT1 String Trimmer

If you are looking for a machine that gives you total control over your trimming, this is just it. Mikata XRU15PT1 has 3 power speed controls that ensure different fences of grass are trimmed according to their type. This gives you different power management controls to even manage the usage of your battery.

Makita XRU15PT1 String Trimmer
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Torque drive: This particular trimmer has one of the best and the most automatic torque drive technology. This shifts between different RPMs to extend the run time as well as battery power

Speed: This trimmer helps you to automatically switch between operating speeds with the lowest being 3 and highest being 6 or 500RPM. This enables you to perform effectively and efficiently.

Batteries: comes with 2 extra batteries which are super strong and very durable. This trimmer uses 4 batteries. The extra 2 acts as a charge back up.

  • Is battery-powered with an extra power back up
  • Comes fitted with a feed trimmer which already has a line
  • Is easy to use and lightweight
  • Different power speeds help you to easily change the operating speed according to the environment
  • Is best to use in all yard work
  • Shoulder strap easily wears and tear
  • It has high maintenance

Summary: by purchasing this digitized and modern trimmer, you will be sure to acquire all the advantages that come with it. It is here to provide you with the best service and give you ample time while you make your yard and fences presentable.

Things to Consider when Buying a Battery Operated Weed Eater

Quality: Before settling on the one trimmer that you want to purchase, remember to check the quality. The quality of the trimmer should be high for both the string and the outer make. You wouldn’t want a trimmer that has a weak body that will be likely to break when the trim fence.

The quality of the string should be checked to ensure it will not cut during the first operation. This will ensure that you get a machine that lasts for a long time with minimal or zero complaints. 

Speed: The speed of operation is equal to the amount of time spent during a trimming session. Therefore, if you get a trimmer that operates at low speed, you will be likely to spend more time cutting or trimming a small area. The speed or power of the machine ensures it qualifies to do more work.

If you don’t consider the speed, you will keep complaining of efficiency and poor performance. Therefore, ensuring that the torque-speed is matched by the string speed is important to give you a good cut as well as little time of operation.

Price: The pricing of any product is always the number one feature we check before we can even settle on whether we are going to buy it. To ensure that the price matches the product you are buying, set a budget for all the products you are buying, and give a minimum and maximum amount for each.

This prevents you from overpaying for some products. It also ensures you get the product you want with the best price. 

Features: The features of the product that you are about to purchase are important. They dictate the good news of the product and they give you a view of how the product is before it even gets to you. The features create a mental picture of the product.

Check to see if the product you are about to purchase comes with other benefits like extra tools or added products at an inclusive price. This will prevent you from having to buy fixing tools and save you the cost of buying products that should accompany the product you are about to buy.

The Final Words (Summary)

Ever wondered if you are buying the right product? This article will clear all your doubts. Each of the products reviewed is checked to ensure that they are the best and will give you full service without doubts and for a long time. These top 5 best battery-operated weed eaters are low maintenance and low cost and this very easy to fix. This enables you to operate them with ease.

Depending on your choice, you will be likely to get a bonus with the product. By bonus, we mean that you can acquire other basics for your yard at a one-off price.