5 Best all in one printers in 2023 for MAC home & office

Every office and most homes are equipped with computer, printers and scanners. These machines have become necessary to many people and businesses in the technological age we live in. Computers do a lot of work for us and even though most people would rather send an email sometimes printing is still necessary. All in one printers actually do more than just print what we have on our computer screen.

These machines also copy, scan and fax documents, pictures along with other items. Where I work the fax part of our printer is used almost as much as email. The particular all in one printer we use can also email documents. This is very useful so that documents can be sent to other locations even if a fax machine is not available. That is why I have created a list of best all in one printers for mac. so let’s go, which you can buy right now.

How do I select all in one printer?

Choosing the best all in one printers can be a daunting task, especially since the market for these printers is so large in today’s world. One way that has always helped me when I have been trying to determine what to buy is to ask myself some basic questions concerning the product I am looking at.

How much space can I spare? – If you are limited in the amount of space you have in your office, work cubicle or room at home then you should probably consider one of the more compact all in one printers. There are several kinds to choose from.

What kind of workload would this printer be used for? – Different printers are designed for different types of usage. If you are going to be printing, scanning and copying a lot with your printer then you need one that can take the load. There are some all in one printers that are listed as ‘heavy duty’ and are equipped to handle a lot.

How much ink does this printer use? – This is an important question to ask because sometimes it is hard to get to a store to buy the ink and it could be out of stock. Ordering ink is an option but this also takes time and if you need documents printed pretty quickly then waiting can be a hassle. There are all in one printers that are equipped to use very little ink.

How much is your budget ? – How much something cost is a question that everyone asks before making a purchase. Prices on all in one printers vary and really it all depends on what you need. If a more expensive printer has some extra features that you are not going to use then purchasing one that is a little less expensive without those features is a good choice.

5 Best all in one printers for MAC reviewed

1. Canon imageCLASS MF216n

Here is another great all in one printer. The Canon imageCLASS MF216n is equipped with a LCD panel that you can program to suit your needs so everything you use on a regular basis is right where you can get to it easily.

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Now, sometimes LCD panels can be hard to read but this printer has a control panel that you can actually tilt to make sure you can see what it has on there. Speed is also a great feature that this printer has, it can print 24 pages a minute so if you have a whole lot to print it will be done in no time.

An energy saving mode is also installed in this printer. This is great because you will be able to save how much you spend on electricity by using this mode. Another feature that is useful is the quiet mode that you can activate on this printer. Using this is good if you have a lot to print but do not want to disturb anyone else in your workplace or home.

You will like Canon imageCLASS MF216n for the following key features:

  • Quiet mode for noise reduction in the office.
  • Tiltable control panel.
  • Customizable LCD panel.
  • Print speed is 24 pages a minute.
  • Energy saving mode.


  • Quiet.
  • Saves on energy which in turns saves money.
  • Very fast and efficient printing.
  • Can see what the LCD panel says since it can be tilted.
  • Affordable.


  • Larger than some printers, not as good for very limited space.
  • Does not print from a flash drive.
  • Not a wireless printer.

Summary- The Canon imageCLASS MF216n is a great printer, especially for an office setting where there is a good bit of room. Having the tilting panel is great too so that everyone can move it where they can read it.

The quiet mode is what really caught my attention, some printers can be so noisy while they print, I like the thought of having a quiet one that can still do the job right. Pricing is another thing that caught my eye, this is definitely an affordable printer and has features that make it worth looking at.

2. Epson Workforce Pro WF-4630

The Epson WorkForce Pro is top of the line when it comes to heavy duty printers. It is powered by PrecisionCore which means that it produces the laser like quality that you get from print shops.

Epson Workforce Pro WF-4630
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The images come out crisp and clear, no need to worry about smudging your print with this all in one printer. Speed and durability are also a wonderful features included with this printer.

This printer can produce high quality prints in little amount of time while at the same time being able to take a heavy workload. The Epson WorkForce Pro can handle a 30,000 page duty cycle every month, that is a large work load.

Another great feature is the fact that you can use this printer to run off documents and photos that you have stored on your smartphone and tablet. This wireless printing feature is well suited for the business and technological flow of today’s world.

You will like Epson Workforce Pro for the following key features:

  • PrecisionCore Powered.
  • Speedily printed documents and pictures.
  • Wireless Printing & Durable.
  • Does not use ink up fast but also does not sacrifice the quality of the print.
  • 2 sided printing.


  • Fast printing speed.
  • High quality prints.
  • Wireless printing.
  • Durable.
  • Does not need the ink changed as often.


  • Takes a while to install software.
  • Larger so takes up a bit more space.
  • Can sometimes be a couple of degrees off when you want a document centered.

Summary- Even with the few cons that this printer has I think it is great. After all it gives that laser look to prints which really caught my attention. I love printing photos and would want them to look the best they possibly could, so having the laser look without the price would be wonderful! The other features that are included with this printer also make it worth looking in to. The durability, the speed, wireless printing, all of these make the Epson WorkForce Pro a great and high quality printer.

3. Brother MFC-J985DW Printer

This particular printer is designed to use print cartridges that are very affordable and made to print a good many document before having to be changed. The black ink cartridge is supposed to be able to print 2400 pages before being changed and the color catridge is supposed to do 1200.

Brother MFC-J985DW Printer
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This printer is also able to print documents 2 sided, so you also save on paper. A great feature for this printer is the fact that it is equipped for mobile printing, as long as you have a wireless connection mobile printing is not a problem.

The Brother MFC-J985DW Work Smart printer is also designed to handle a large paper capacity so you do not have to spend as much time reloading paper, this coupled with the automatic document feeder makes using this printer easy and convenient.

You will like Brother MFC-J985DW for the following key features:

  • Affordable ink cartridges.
  • Automatic duplex printing.
  • Mobile printing.
  • 100 sheet paper capacity.
  • Automatic document feeder.


  • Affordable
  • Double sided printing
  • Mobile printing
  • Large paper capacity
  • Compact


  • Not able to automatically copy or scan 2 sided documents
  • Have to load envelopes one at a time
  • Will not work with ipad without wifi

Summary- The Brother MFC-J985DW Work Smart printer is great for someone looking for a compact and affordable printer to use for work or at home. It has many features that I think are great to include with a machine that is used so much for people’s work and home life. The mobile printing is very useful considering most people use tablets and phones more than a desktop computer, not always but the majority of the time.

Having affordable ink cartridges is also a plus when buying a printer. I would definitely reccomend this to anyone looking for an affordable printer that is compact and well made. According to the best multifunction printer 2019 reviews, this Brother MFC-J985DW is one of the best multifunction printers in this year.

4. HP Envy 4520 All in One Photo Printer

The HP Envy 4520 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer is an excellent choice for anyone wanting a printer that does everything. It is compact and does not take up very much room which is what caught my eye right off. Many offices have limited space so this printer would be a great choice.

HP Envy 4520 All in One Photo Printer
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The Instant Ink feature is also something that got my attention. Instant Ink is what the home delivery of your HP high yield ink cartridges are called, when you start getting low on ink your printer will automatically order it for you, with a subscription to do so of course. The touch screen for operating this printer is very easy to use and understand.

Of course the fact that this printer is equipped with mobile printing makes it convenient as well. No matter what device you are using, even if you are in another room, you can print your document. There is no need to worry about the printer being noisy and disturbing anyone either, it is super quiet.

You will like HP Envy 4520 for the following key specifications:

  • Instant Ink.
  • Mobile printing.
  • 2 sided printing & Compact..
  • Simple touch screen for operating machine.


  • Mobile printing using the wireless network.
  • Instant Ink so you do not run out at any time.
  • Easy to fit into smaller work spaces.
  • Easy to use operating screen.
  • Quiet when printing.


  • Not equipped with fax.
  • Does not work with Mac.
  • Does not accept a SDHD card.

Summary- The pros of the HP Envy 4520 Wireless All-in-One Printer easily outweigh the few cons that is contains. Personally I think it is a great product, so many features in a compact printer. I like the fact that it is quiet while running, the Instant Ink, mobile printing, all of that is great but I love the fact that it is also compact. There are so many good features in this printer that I would definitely put at the top of my list for one to check out when shopping for an all-in-one printer.

5. Epson Expression ET-2550

The Epson Expression ET-2550 EcoTank Wireless is definitely a printer that offers convenience. You do not have to continually buy ink cartridges when your ink runs low. This printer actually has refillable ink boxes that take forever to run dry. However, how fast the ink runs out depends on how much you actually print.

Epson Expression ET-2550 Printer
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The estimated time that it would last was based on an average of 150 pages printed per month and the ink is good for 4,000 black/6,500 color pages, again based on how much and what you print. Once your ink does run low you can buy bottles to refill the ink boxes, this is so convenient, you do not have to worry about finding the right size cartridge for your printer.

This printer is also small and will fit in areas where space is limited. The wireless printing feature is also a big plus, printing from tablets and phones is so convenient. Now, another great thing about this printer is the fact that you do not have to have a connection to a computer in order to print from a memory card. Instead you can just insert the memory card and use the color LCD to choose what you want to print. This printer is convenient and packed with great features.

You will like Epson Expression for the following key specifications:

  • 2 year supply of ink comes with it.
  • Cartridge free ink.
  • Refillable ink boxes.
  • Wireless printing.
  • No need to have a computer connection to print.


  • Wireless printing.
  • Refillable ink cartridges.
  • Compact.
  • Will print a large load of documents before running out of ink.
  • Can print directly from memory card without using a computer.


  • Higher in price than other printers.
  • Ink can get clogged up if not used at least once a week.
  • Will not print on CDs.

Summary- Hands down this printer has more pros than cons to it. The Epson Expression ET-2550 EcoTank Wireless is a great quality machine that has so many great features. I know that the fact that it uses the refillable cartridges and will save on replacing ink when it starts running low was what I liked best. The compact design is also something that I find very convenient along with the feature to print directly from a memory card. This is definitely a printer worth looking into when you start your shopping, you will be glad you did.

What are the advantages of a all-in-one printer?

All in one printers are loaded with benefits. They can do the work of several different machines without cluttering up an office or any other room. I know that I would be very crowded if I had to have several different machines in my office to do the jobs that my one all in one printer does. I have listed a few benefits below for my reader’s convenience.

Space: A major benefit is the fact that this type of printer saves space, especially when you do not have a large area to work in. All that my printer takes up is a small area at the corner of my desk, leaving plenty of room for my computer monitor and keyboard.

Wireless printing: These all in one printers are able to print documents and pictures from smartphones or tablets. There is no need to worry about connecting a lot of wires in order to access your files stored on your wireless device.

Uses less ink: The majority of the new all in one printers are designed to use less ink than traditional printers. This saves financially but also in time because there is less need to go to a store to get ink or to wait for it to come in after ordering it.

Multi-purpose: The all in one printers are able to do the work of a number of different machines so there is no need to purchase and maintain multiple machines since there is one that will do it all.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

All in one printers are very common on today’s market and you have a very wide variety of choices. The five I have listed above are some of the top quality ones that will get the job done when it comes to printing. Each printer has different features so within these five I have covered there is a printer that will suit the needs and tastes of different people.

So when you decide to start shopping for an all in one printer be sure to check these five out. They are good quality and feature packed printers that will not regret looking at. Hope, the best all in one printer for mac list helps you to get the appropriate one for you.

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