5 Best monitor for graphic design in 2023 [photo & video editing]

If you are graphic designer interested in the best quality kind of work you provide to your clients, then you need to equip your project with the best monitor for graphic design to ensure your designing does not go astray. We all need the kind of graphics that offer the best and clearest view of even the finest details. It’s because of this reason that technology has intervened to produce best of the best monitor with the greatest deal of graphic design. This is a great assurance that the work done shall not be regretted.

(Best Monitor For Graphic Design )ViewSonic VP2768
Editor Pick: ViewSonic VP2768-4K PRO

How do I choose a graphic design monitor?

Calibration of the monitor: This is one of the most important feature to consider if and only if you want a machine that can last you long and do what is expected of it. A well calibrated monitor is a characteristic that improves the quality of work in all aspects which can save a professional designer a lot of money. Some monitor come already calibrated while some are designed with a tool that helps achieve the best display.

Connectivity: Connectivity of monitor vary from one brand to another. They vary drastically such that if no care is taken one may end up purchasing a garbage of a monitor. Therefore, one needs to look at the input slots available, the nature of the card to be used (either integrated or dedicated) and whether you want to use the monitor separately.

Size of the monitor: For this case where a monitor is required for designing. A bigger monitor is always the best and most ideal option. A big size gives a larger and clear view of the details. Make everything look beautiful and clear with a larger monitor.

Resolution: This appears to be the most paramount factor that stands above the rest. This is because the pixel resolution magnitude if a monitor makes designing of the highest quality. In cases where you are dealing with highly detailed work you monitors with ultra-high definition resolution which offer the highest resolution at 3840×2160 pixels.

Color accuracy: A good monitor will have to clearly show the same color on the screen as well the in print. This means that the monitor should exhibit the highest degree of color accuracy. For a greater work look for a monitor model that has the high-end technology. With this kind of characteristic you will be assured of a perfect monitor worth spending money on.

5 Best monitor for graphic design reviewed

1. ViewSonic VP2768-4K PRO

Am pretty sure a great multitude of the graphic designers need to have the best quality of monitors with the strongest graphics. Therefore, this sonic monitor is the best option the graphic designing.

(Best Monitor For Graphic Design )ViewSonic VP2768
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Professional monitor: This monitor is specially designed with a 4K UHD (3840x2160p) 60Hz that is a crystal clear IPS monitor. It is also able to deliver real-life colors that perfectly fit graphic designers, photographers, video editors and many others.

Premium color accuracy: This monitor is fitted with a wider screen containing in it, sRGB, Rec. 709, and DICOM SIM color spaces. It also as the Delta E<2 accuracy, a good quality that produces a stunning experience. This wondrous monitor has a 4.39 trillion colors delivery pallet that bring out extremely the best images.

It is designed with a hardware calibration: The machine is incorporated with this special feature to boost the graphic experience. Thus, it promises quick and easy calibration to make sure that the color given out wholly matches the original file.

Connectivity: The VP2768 4K is built in with a super ability to support laptops, Personal Computers, and Mac operating systems composed of HDMI 2.0 accompanied by HDCP 2.2, USB, DisplayPort, and Mini DisplayPort inputs. This scrumptious features affects the machine in such a way that it connects extraordinarily fast.

Warranty: Not all companies grant compensation. Here we come with a great deal of compensation that is valid three years after purchasing the item. This means that you are entitled to a replacement in the event of any internal malfunction. This amazing advantage is accompanied by a regular access to our US based customer care services.


  • It has a combination of high resolution and color reproduction
  • Has high connectivity
  • It has a calibration technology that enables easy fine-tuning of the color accuracy
  • It is fitted with a special quantum dot enhancement film which fosters the production of an eminent color spectrum


  • It is very expensive

Summary: This great type of monitor has got all the premium features that are key to professional designing. This monitor promises 100% production of more than just quality designs.it will work best so that you have the best graphic designing experience.

2. BENQ BL2420PT

The most adorable and LCD monitor with all the premium features and a great deal of graphics is now in here for you. A monitor with extremely amazing graphics is all you need to make your work worth a price. It is packed with more than premium feature yet comes to u at an unimaginably low price. It’s one among the unique commodities you can get because of its stunning incredible features.

BenQ BL2420PT
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Resolution: The above named monitor is made with a premium size of the screen of about 23.8 inch.it is also designed with an extremely great deal of resolution of 2560×1440 2K/QHD pixels. The IPS technology incorporated in thus machine enables the machine to ensure real-life images are displayed.

An amazing color space: This monitor has 100% RGB and Rec. 709 color space that enables it to perform limitless photo-editing and video-editing.

Display mode: This monitor surely has all the best features a professional designer needs to keep his/her work running. The features include the CAD/CAM and Animation Modes designed it the monitor system. This is to ensure adorable 3D drawing, animation works without forgetting the industrial and graphic design.

Height adjustable stand: The relevant feature enables the machine to regulate its viewing position so as to provide a desirable position.

Video editing ability: It has a large working space and amazing QHD precision which makes image quality adorable and easier to work on in separate windows or on multiple programs at the same time.


  • It has good display modes
  • It has height adjustable stand
  • It has a video editing ability
  • The monitor has an excellent resolution that make every detail clear


  • It is expensive yet save you money on the long run

Summary: A monitor without a good resolution is not something to list in the option list. It is not worth a device that money can be spent on. Many a times some cheap monitor tend to work in a very short period of time. That is why this pick is the best.


It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to one of the most ideal monitor with superb graphics. A kind of monitor that will make graphic designing easy and accurate. It’s one of the devices that promise a great deal of perfection in anything that it is committed to. Rummage through all paths and find one that leads you to this particular device.

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Size and resolution: The monitor has got a large screen size which is an adorable size for graphic works. The size of the screen runs all the way to 43″(42.51 Viewable) inches with a perfect resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It is also fitted with a response time of 4ms.

Brightness: The device is made with a stunning display sequenceof 1000HDR. It also has a benevolent Contrast Ratio of 50,000,000:1,and also an aspect ratio of 16:9.the other interesting feature about this monitor is the viewing angle that ranges all the way up to 178º (H) .

Color range: This device is specially designed with a super wide color Range of 1.07 Billion.it is also made with a scrumptious Low Input Lag. Above this virtuous feature, stands the Low Blue Mode which makes the graphic experience more enjoyable

Has the ambiglow mode: This unique monitor is packed with unique feature that enable it deliver the expected quality of work. The ambi-glow mode enables it to intensify the entertainment part. Above all it is fitted with 7 watt Speakers w/ DTS for sounding purposes.it also has the ability to produce multiple views emanating From Multiple Devices.


  • Has a perfect and explicit color production.
  • Has great deal of connectivity.
  • Has a pretty good resolution that make every detail super clear.
  • It is designed with a premium color technology.
  • It has a great deal of color consistency


  • None encountered so far

Summary: Are you a professional graphic designer? I guess you are and I am pretty sure you need that kind of monitor that you look at and appreciate the work it has done. This is the kind of machine you need. Find it and among the results of your work will be broad smiles of appreciation.

4. LG 27UK850-W

The people interested in graphic designing have greatly considered in every aspect. A monitor with great and superb feature that comes at a generous price is now in town. EIZO CG277, a 27-inch monitor with LED display with resolution of 2560×1440. This kind of resolution might not be ample enough yet it plays a significant role in works that need fine details.

LG 27UK850-W
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Resolution: The monitor has got a large screen size which is an adorable size for graphic works with basic resolution of 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) 27 Inch IPS Display It is also fitted with a response time of 4ms.

Brightness: This is a HDR10 compatible machine. It has stunning brightness level that typically ranges to 350nit with a minimum range of 280nits. This ensure that all the image areas are clearly seen and that all the details are finely displayed.

Connectivity: This is one of the features that most of the people take into keen consideration and its very paramount in graphic designing.in line with that this type of monitor is scribed with a matchless viewing angle of 178/178 (CR≥10).this features ensure there is a pretty good experience in terms if graphic production.

Amd freesync technology: This monitor is enabled to undergo a rigorous process to ensure the experience is tea free and is less prone to latency. It is therefore advisable to pair your graphics card with an AMD FreeSync monitor in order to enjoy a smooth gameplay to the fullest.


  • It reproduces colors accurately
  • It offers a great deal of display uniformity.
  • Has a high level of brightness which enables clear vision
  • Made with a unique design that enables reproduction of media


  • It has no DCI-P3 color

Summary: The unique design of this monitor makes it exclusively a good choice in graphic designing. Besides its design. Its cost is also a considerate one because it’s so low that a great ratio of people can acquire one. Just like any other monitor, the EIZO CG277works to the best extreme.

5. ASUS PA328Q

This monitor is the best choice there is in graphic design and shall ever be. It has in its incorporation all the necessities that designer need for any sort of project. This item has come in to solve the cost problem because it is cheaper but functions just the same as the others.

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Professional size: The machine is made up of a reasonably large screen size of 32 inches with 4K/UHD display that is unbelievably four times the pixel density of Full HD displays. It is also factory pre-calibrated. This machine actually has got intense characteristics. It has a perfect color accuracy with 100% sRGB and Rec. 709 color space.

Asus eye care technology: The monitor has the TUV certified Flicker that is responsible to keep less Eye fatigue.it is also designed with an Ergonomic stand exhibiting a well-designed Height adjustment plus a perfect alignment for comfortable viewing position.

Extensive connectivity: The ASUS monitor has HDMI, DisplayPort 1.2, and MHL 3.0 which plays a significant role in producing a smooth and uninterrupted 4K/UHD playback. Above all, the monitor come with Built-in USB3.0 x4. Mac Compliance.

Enhanced color support: Take advantage of accurate real-life images produced by this monitor. It is specially designed so that the images produced are accurate on the screen, enabling you know the final depiction of your work.


  • It is designed with a super bright screen
  • It is made with eye protection technology
  • Designed with great display uniformity
  • Displays different media clearly such that it is easy to distinguish between different media


  • It is a bit costly

Summary: Professionals of any sort need to acquaint themselves with all the reforms and advancements that come up now and then so as to keep in touch with relevant product like the CS2730.

The Final Words (Summary)

Do not downgrade yourself so much that you get overtaken by your fellows in acquiring these premium machines. Don’t wait to be disappointed, get a monitor that will serve all your designing desires with the due accordance it deserves. The monitors that you have here will give you the best graphic experiences that you are able to see all images crystal-clear in all kinds of media. This monitors will enable you spot differences in the sky linings, the environment and many more. What is required of you is just to make the right choice from the variety of the best monitors for graphic design we have for you. A good choice is a good experience.

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