How to fix whea uncorrectable error

Whea Uncorrectable Error is a kind of serious issue for your PC if you have seen this message that means your PC is in serious condition. WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR occurred when any of device drivers are not compatible with the operating system. This 0x00000124 error is also show for Hardware failure. This error generally occurs in windows XP/8/8.1/10. If we want to solve this error 1st we’ve to identify the reason for this error.

Reasons of Whea Uncorrectable Error

Here are all possible reasons which can cause this error:-

  • Damaged hardware component like a hard disc drive, graphics card, processor or RAM.
  • Corrupted or incompatible device drivers.
  • Driver conflict between Hardware devices.
  • Corrupted Windows system files.
  • Corrupted registry files.
  • The system overclocking.

Solutions of Whea_Uncorrectable_Error in Windows

Here are all the solutions to solve this unexpected Windows error. Top PC Tech expert collects all the best solutions from best tech forums, websites, and experts.

How to fix Whea_Uncorrectable_Error

So read the full article carefully and then implement the solutions carefully one by one. I hope, after implementing the solutions, you don’t see this WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR.

=>> Method 1: Repair Damaged or Corrupted Hardware-

There are many ways to repair damaged hardware. First, you have to find out which hardware is corrupted. If the hard disk is corrupted you can easily repair this by using any paid hard disk repairing tool. You can also repair it with the help of any computer expert. If graphic card is damaged then you can buy a new one. It’s best to buy the new one than use the old one. If the processor is damaged it will be best for you to check it by an expert. If anything happens he will surely repair it completely. If RAM is damaged then you should buy new RAM because it won’t be a good idea to repair it.

=>> Method 2: Fix Corrupted or Incompatible Device Drivers-

Whea uncorrectable error can occur by corrupted device drivers. First, you have to identify which drivers are corrupted. To do this click my computer then Hardware then clicks device manager. In here you will find all active devices. You just have to find the device which is yellow marked. That’s the infected device driver. You can update this from here by clicking Update Driver Software option or you can update the driver by using any Driver update tool.

Fix Corrupted or Incompatible Device Drivers

If you use Driver update tool you should use any paid software. If any device driver is incompatible then you can uninstall that driver and download your desired driver from online or use Driver updater tool for updating the old driver.

=>> Method 3: Fix Driver Conflict-

If any conflict occurs between driver and hardware then you may face this error. You just have to find which one is the corrupted driver and then uninstall it. You can download driver by using Driver updater tool.

=>> Method 4: Fix Corrupted Windows System Files-

To find corrupted registry files you just have to scan for it. First, open Command Prompt and type sfc /scannow then press Enter.


You just have to wait for few minutes to finish the scan. This scan will find corrupted system files. You just have to delete or repair all these system files.

=>> Method 5: Fix Corrupted Registry Files

To fix corrupted registry files you have to use a registry cleaner. There are lots of paid and free versions of registry cleaner on the internet. You can download any of them. You just have to click on registry clean button and this software will find and repair corrupted registry for you automatically.

=>> Method 6: Fix system Over Clocking

The system overclocking caused due to increase of heat. To fix it you just have to disable this. To do this, first press on F1 key during the Power on Self Test. This test will take you to BIOS. You will find Performance Option. In there you will see the feature overclocking. You just have to disable this option from here and then click exit and save will change automatically.

=>> Other solutions-

There are also few solutions to avoid this error. You can solve this problem by disabling Power Saving Features. To do this just open BIOS then find overclocking and find this Cool n Quiet/Intel C- State/Intel Speed Step features. You just have to disable this and click exit. You should also clean out system junk files and temporary files. To do this, you can use any pro cleaner software. You should also check your computer’s cooling system. You open it cleans it properly. The best you can do to solve this WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR is to install a new version of windows. If you use this all registry and drivers error will fix automatically.

The Final Words (Conclusion)-

Here are some best solutions for you to fix Whea Uncorrectable Error. You can use any of these solutions and surely will be able to fix this 0x00000124 error. If you are facing any problem to applying these solutions then you can inform us by using the comment box.