10 Alternative websites like Backpage in 2023

With the intense competition for the few available clients, it is necessary to adopt all the more ingenious techniques to capture their attention. This is why it is of absolute necessity for you to find the various sites that may make this dream a reality.

Your answer lies in the classified advertisement sites. These are simply websites that are designed to link the sellers with the potential customers. The sites, being classified, contain the bare minimum pieces of information. They lack the detailed descriptions, pictures, and other forms of information that tend to overwhelm a potential client under normal advertisement regimes.

We are here to help you navigate your way in this issue. We have sampled a leading classified advertising site. This is the Backpage classified advertising website. We have also identified 10 other websites like Backpage. We are going to examine and briefly review these sites here below. It is our hope that you will find these pieces of information insightful.

What Is Backpage Classified

For a start, Backpage is a classified advertising site. It was launched in the year 2004. At the moment, it is owned by Atlantische Bedrijven CV though it was formerly owned by Village Voice Media.

It offers listings of classified advertisements of a variety of goods and services. These include but are certainly not limited to automotive, jobs and careers, real estate, auctions, and general merchandise. The site is also available in all the leading languages. It has a simple interface and is thus quite convenient to navigate through.

(Websites Like Backpage) What is Backpage

Up to the time it was seized by US authorities in April 2018, Backpage was the second classified advertisement site, only after the Craigslist. It was temporarily suspended on the grounds that it voluntarily allowed and even encouraged contents that bordered on human trafficking and prostitution.

After numerous court cases, the management of the site was forced to bring down sections of the website that displayed adult contents and services. It is yet to be reinstated though.

10 Other classified websites like Backpage

1. Thelocalfind.ca

This is a brand new entrant into the field of classified online adverts. It grants you access to a database of the various items in the store. It also allows you to scan and browse a variety of products and services throughout the United States of America.


The site also allows you to narrow down all categories as well as the user posts. This stems from the fact that its interface does not rely exclusively on the generalized keywords. In all, it does have a smaller audience which makes it all the more reliable than the larger sites.

2. Geebo.com

Based in McLean, Virginia, this is a website that provides valuable online classifieds. The site came into being in the year 2000. Its founder is Greg Collier. Originally, its role was to promote the listings of jobs and other associated services in the Sacramento, California region. Even though it is independent, it is populated through collaborations with the various specialty advertising sites.


Its free listings, on the other hand, are posted by private individuals. Some of the listing categories it offers are general merchandise, automotive, real estate, and employment opportunities. It does have a simple and easy-to-comprehend interface. This eliminates all forms of ambiguities and anomalies that may often bedevil a user.

3. Classifiedads.com

ClassifiedAds closely resembles the Craigslist in every shape and form, including the feel. It does stand apart though, especially with regards to its simplicity. It also loads much faster than the aforementioned sites. This reduces the downtime suffered in the process, not to mention expedited retrieval of the required data.


In the site, every other category is listed on a single-purpose homepage. It also has plenty of listings and categories for you to browse through. You are not at all charged to post adverts on this site. The same case applies to respond to the adverts as a whole. If you cherish the appearance of a site, this indeed is the one to look up to.

4. Classifiedsfactor.com

ClassifiedsFactor is a site that is intended to greatly simplify your task of finding the required good or service. The developers and entrepreneurs deliberately made the navigation of the site quite simple and convenient. They jointly created user-friendly menus and other navigational apparatus. These tools enable you to find the listings you are looking for in a matter of seconds.


All factors considered, ClassifiedsFactor is the fastest and by far the easiest of all the classified advert sites to use on the internet. This notwithstanding, it also covers a wider geographical locale. This again guarantees you the maximum convenience of use.

5. Olx.com

OLX stands apart from the other classified advert sites on the internet. It is, in fact, a global marketplace that is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and owned by South African-based Naspers. It operates in 45 countries and is the leading classified ads company is a number of those countries.


It closely provides are a reliable alternative for Backpage. This is because it is amazingly similar in both format and customers. Other than these, the site is simpler and more user-friendly. It even beats just about every other classified ad websites. What’s more? It has a huge user base that makes it all the more reliable.

6. Kijiji.ca

Kijiji is a Swahili term for ‘village.’ It is an online classified advertising website. It functions as a centralized network of several online communities. The site is organized in the forms of city and urban categories. It is under these categories that users post local advertisements.


The site is a fully-owned subsidiary of eBay online auction site. It was officially unveiled in March 2005. The site is available in around 300 cities throughout Canada. It does have an Alexa website ranking of around 13 for Canada. In 2010, the site was made available to some selected cities in the United States. It was swiftly changed eBay Classifieds in the year 2010.

7. Wallclassifieds.com

WallClassifieds is strictly modeled along the Backpage site. It, however, has a simple yet modernized set of features compared to Backpage. You will find this site pretty simple to navigate and locate the various issues you might want. If you desire to post jobs, services, cars, pets, and other common items, this is the site to visit.


It has a comprehensive collection of these, and indeed, many more other items. Please note that the site uses cookies to make your overall experience a worthwhile undertaking. Failure to enable cookies may often lead to poorer experiences.

8. Findermaster.com

FinderMaster is modeled around the same concept of Backpage. However, it is international in scope, unlike Backpage that is restricted to the United States alone. As soon as you log onto the site, you will first and foremost select your region or country of origin. You will thereafter narrow down to your categories of choice.


It accommodates the standard features and roles that a classified advertising website has. These include appending map addresses to the listings, posting images, and placing orders. Additionally, it provides several other unique resources. These are hiding your number and adding adverts to your ‘favorite’ list, among others.

9. Freeadstime.com

Built exclusively with the aim of improving on the Backpage experience, FreeAdsTime indeed builds on the Backpage site. It, however, supports a larger city and area base compared to Backpages. It is also on the whole much simpler to utilize even though it is also very local.


By reasons of these, it locates the products of choice faster than is ordinarily the case. It also allows you to post adverts much faster than the other sites do. Moreover, the site is absolutely free-of-charge. This minimizes the strains you might normally be subjected to, in the course of juggling your way in other sites.

10. Craigslist.org

Lastly comes the Craigslits. This site tops all the others in terms of customer base and reach. It is US-based and targets almost exclusively the American market. It has sections that are devoted to for sale, services, housing, jobs and careers, discussion forums, resumes, gigs, local community, and so on.

It was founded in 1995, became web-based in 1995, and incorporated a couple of international languages in 2008. By 2012, the site had reached well over 700 cities across 70 countries worldwide. This site stands from the rest in that it has a wider market base and offers greater options.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

There are indeed there several other websites like Backpage. Owing to the limited time and space at our disposal, we inevitably had to stop there. You may wish to carry on from where we have left. Having said that, you indeed have received the insight you require to leverage the benefits of a good classified advertisement website.

The challenge specifically rests on you. It is up to you now to go ahead and identify at least one of the sites we have reviewed above. This way, you will get to enjoy the accompanying benefits that these sites have to offer. All the best as you take the crucial first step.