Types of Organic Pillows

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We take the time to make sure the food we eat is healthy and organic- you want to know what you are putting in your body. So what about the materials you are putting your body on? We spend so much time in our beds, it should be important to know what exactly we are laying our heads on. The organic pillows are made with a variety of different natural materials.

Types of Organic Pillows

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the different types of organic pillows out there. We’ve broken them down into two categories: Fully Organic Pillows and Organic Blend Pillows. Once you learn all about the best organic pillows, you’ll probably be ready to go get some for your home and rest easy!

Fully Organic Pillows

In our opinion, the good quality organic pillows are always going to be constructed with a 100% organic filling and encased in a 100% organic cover. Though these types of pillows are often accompanied by a slightly higher price tag, you get a cleaner and safer sleeping environment. Here are some of the most common types of organic pillows out there.

Organic Cotton Filling – Cotton in general produces a lot of waste, but when you buy things that are 100% organic cotton, you can rest easy knowing you are getting cotton that is helping protect our waterways.  Organic cotton is a great filling option because it is so soft, and is on the cheaper end of the scale when it comes to organic pillows.

Organic Wool Filling – Organic wool filled pillows are perfect for the winter time, as they will produce more warmth than the other options. Most wool pillows are covered by an organic cotton cover. The thickness of wool helps to keep out dust mites and allergens. A downside to it is that it will have a slight natural wooly odor- but from what we have read this tends to fade quickly.

Organic Bamboo Filling – Bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular eco-friendly material used in all kinds of products. This is because it can grow year around in almost any climate, and the fibers can be used in a variety of ways. Bamboo is known to be even softer than cotton, and organic bamboo pillows will help you stay cool. They are often covered with cotton or bamboo cases. The biggest dilemma is finding a bamboo pillow that hasn’t been blended with other non-natural materials.

Buckwheat Hull Filling – Most of you have probably only heard of buckwheat as a healthy and much-less-tasty alternative to regular cooking flower, but what if we told you it actually makes a great pillow filling? Organic buckwheat hulls can be used to fill a pillow to provide superb support for sleep. The way that buckwheat hulls shift under your head makes it suitable for back, side, and stomach sleepers. As far as firmness goes, organic buckwheat pillows are almost opposite of down pillows, so that’s important to consider.

Down Filling – Though not typically thought of as organic, down pillows are made from a natural substance. You can find down pillows that have not been treated with any harmful chemicals, and are encased in organic materials. It is important to not confuse the words “organic” and “natural” when you’re shopping for a down pillow. All down is natural, but if it’s been bleached or treated with certain chemicals it won’t be considered organic.

Benefits of Fully Organic Pillows:

  • These pillows will always be free of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and any other harmful chemicals such as bleach.
  • 100% organic pillows create less pollution from start to finish. The materials are grown with less pollution, the manufacturing creates less waste and emissions, and the pillow will break down over time.
  • Organic materials are much softer to the touch because they are not chemically treated, especially organic cotton. That’s why we also suggest looking into pairing organic pillows with certified organic bedding for the most comfortable sleep you’ve ever had.

Organic Blend Pillows

What we’ve dubbed as Organic Blend Pillows, are simply types of pillows that feature an organic element. As a whole, these pillows are not 100% organic. However, sometimes they are marketed with the word “organic” in the title because they contain some parts that are. If you’re looking for a cleaner option but aren’t looking to go completely natural- these are some great options to consider.

Organic Pillows

Memory Foam – There are many memory foam pillows out there that feature latex or bamboo blend fillings that are chemical free and a healthier choice for your bedding. Look for a memory foam pillow that’s made with elements of bamboo, and a cover that’s 100% organic.

Down Alternative – If you like the feel of down pillows but not the price, one more affordable option is down alternative- but it’s not going to be organic. However, many brands feature down alternative covers that are organic cotton.

Features of the Organic Pillows

Here are a few features to look for when you’ve decided which type of organic pillow is best for you.

  • Certified: Look for organic certification from the manufacturer. The Global Organic Textile Standards- or GOTS- is a particularly great one to be on the lookout for.
  • Hypo-Allergenic: Organic is great, but if it’s going to make it difficult for you to breathe easy then it’s not worth it. There are many organic pillows that are still treated and covered in a way to make them hypo-allergenic. They should help keep out dust mites and allergens.
  • Firmness: Pillows of any kind should be offered in a variety of firmness levels to fit your needs.
  • Washable: Washable pillows have extended lives and will help keep you resting fresh. Read instructions as washing will vary depending on material.
  • Cost: Having a great pillow shouldn’t break the bank. Organic pillows are often accompanied by a higher price tag, but make sure you take the time to compare prices between brands.

Final Thoughts (Summary)

The most important takeaway on shopping for organic pillows is that you remember that the most important thing is still your own comfort. Thankfully, there are so many types of organic materials out there, and there are a plethora of pillows to choose from. If you rush your decision, you might end up with a pillow that you’ll never use. Even if it’s organic, that’s a much more wasteful result! Take your time, and hopefully reading more about the options out there that we’ve featured in this guide has helped you to narrow down the best organic pillow for you.