3 Ways to Reset Windows Password after Forgetting Password

If you have ever stumbled upon a situation where you could no longer access your computer, then don’t consider yourself to be the only victim of such a situation. Every now and then there are thousands of users across the world that faces the same scenario of locked computers. Now, the scenario generally arises due to forgetting the password to your system which is quite obvious if you change your passwords frequently or have been using your computer after a long time.

Once locked out of your admin account which alone gives you the full fledge authority over your system, you become helpless and unable to use any of the contents stored within your system and that will deteriorate a lot of your daily heavy work.

Now if you don’t wish to go to the service center every time, you must learn to deal with the situation yourself. And this is what we are going to teach you in the very article. Just pay a keen attention while reading the article below and you will be surprisingly resolving your issue in few minutes all on your own.

#1: Recover Password using Active@ Password Changer Software

Active@ Password Changer is basically used in Windows to recover or reset Windows password when forgotten or lost. The interesting part is that you don’t need to re-configure your OS which gives you a relief. It can be implemented for several other applications in Windows but here we would restrict our discussion only up to recovering the password. Carry on with your reading to know how the tool works:

Step 1. Firstly download the software from its official website and install it accurately on your system.

Step 2. You will now get to see the tool icon in your taskbar. Click on “Start” then “Programs” and finally “Active@ Password Changer” from the drop down menu.

Step 3. The dialogue box of Active@ Password Changer will turn up on the screen.

Step 4. Click “Next” and you will be directed to the next page of “Option Window” where you can actually choose your type of search.

Step 5. Now select “Search all volumes for Microsoft Security Accounts Manager Database(SAM)” option and click “Next”.

Reset Windows Password

Step 6. Locate your SAM hive file and click to open it.

Step 7. Scan your entire disk to find out multiple operating systems. Choose a database from the list, click “Next” and the list of usernames will be displayed instantly.

Recover Password using Active@ Password Changer Software

Step 8. Now select your locked user account and keep the options “Password never expires” and “Clear this user’s Password” checked.

Password never expires

Step 9. Click on “Apply” button below and then “Yes” from the pop up.

Clear this user’s Password

Step 9. On the final wizard page, click “Finish” to end the process.

Now restart your computer and there will be no password enquiry anymore.


  • The process is very complicated for beginners.
  • You need to have technical knowledge to utilize this tool.

#2: Format and Re-install Windows OS

This is the quickest and the easiest approach to bring your computer back to normal mode. If your computer is heavily compromised then formatting which basically means the complete wipe out of data will be the best option to heed as you need quicker results. Follow the guideline as described below:

Step 1. Plug in your bootable disk comprising the OS file and reboot computer.

Step 2. Once the windows files are completely loaded into your system, a new pop up will emerge.

Step 3. Choose “Install now” button and continue with the general procedures of installation of OS.

Windows Setup

Step 4.Next format your “Primary disk” that is C:/drive and click on “Next” to install your OS once again.

Step 5. The computer will be restarted several times in the meantime as the installation procedure continues. Make sure to keep the bootable disk connected to your computer to avoid any interruption.


  • It takes away a lot of your valuable time.

Besides removing your password, it will delete a lot of your important files and folders also.

#3: Reset Windows Password with TunesBro WinGeeker

After trying out several third party tools and alternative methods, if you wish to try out something different from a different angle which can assure you of guaranteed result, then TunesBro WinGeeker will be the best option to follow up. It actually removes the login screen password enquiry and gives you clean access to your locked account.

TunesBro WinGeeker Features:

  • It gives you full access to Windows Vista/ XP/ 10/ 8/ 7.
  • It supports the Windows server OS as well.
  • UEFI and legacy BIOS base computer and laptops are also supported.
  • Technical knowledge is not mandatory.
  • Wonderful graphic interface.
  • All time customer service is available.
  • No burning tools are need to burn ISO image files.

Pre requisites:

  • The TunesBro WinGeeker utility file.
  • A proper functional computer.
  • An empty disk to create bootable device.

Usage Guideline:

Step 1. Get WinGeeker downloaded from its official website and install it correctly following the step by step installation instructions.

Step 2. Open up your tool and from the UI screen click “CD/DVD or USB” as media type.

Reset Password with TunesBro WinGeeker

Step 3. Interject your empty disk and click “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD” according to the type of disk you just inserted and the burning of ISO image files will be started instantly. Click “Ok” to finish.

burning of ISO image files

Step 4. Take out the newly created bootable disk and insert it again into the locked windows computer this time. Go to BIOS utility settings to change the booting preference order and boot from the inserted device.

Step 5. Finally click “Reset Password” and “Reboot” to start the password removal process.

Voila! Your system will be restarted after which you will get no password prompting anymore which enables you to access your locked account easily.

Reset Password

The Final Words (Conclusion)

You can try out all the methods mentioned above, but since they all have got some demerits, so you will be disappointed heavily at every end of your attempts. Thus in order to be sure of guaranteed output, better stick to TunesBro WinGeeker alone which is very easier to use even by a novice. It has been tested with various brands of computers and laptops, thus you can be sure of its authenticity.

If you wish to know the software in detail, visit our official website from time to time to gain more knowledge.

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