4 Predator Generator Reviews in 2023

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Electrical power is the most depended-on source of energy when it comes to powering a lot of devices at homes and businesses. However, this power source is not 100% reliable considering that it highly gets affected by adverse weather. As such, it is always advisable to remain prepared with an alternative source of power just if electricity fails.

One of the ways that you can ensure a continuous power supply is by getting the best Predator generator. This unit can provide you with enough energy to power your electrical gadgets to ensure that they are running even after an electrical failure. To get the best results after buying one of these generators, you need to be sure that you only get the best unit.

However, getting the best generator can’t be easy since you will have to select among a lot of generators, all with different features. Our Predator Generator Review will help you make a fast choice and buy. So, keep reading for you to get the idea of what the best generator entails.

A Quick at the Top Rated Predator Generator List

1.Predator 8750 Peak Generator (CARB Special)Predator
2.predator 2000 generator reviewPredator
3.Predator HF 4000 Peak Generator (EPA III Special)Predator
4.Predator 13500 Peak Gas GeneratorPredator

4 Best Predator Generator Reviewed

1. Predator 8750 Peak Generator

Deriving its power from a 4200cc/13 HP air-cooled OHV gas engine, this generator can deliver 8750peak/7000 running watts. As such, you can be sure to have gotten a machine that will power those projects that require a lot of power. The generator has a capability of running for up to 12 hours when running at a 50% capacity making it ideal for long projects.

Predator 8750 Peak Generator (CARB Special)
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Apart from that, the generator is safe to use. Thanks to its UL listed circuit breakers that enhance a safe operation. What’s more, is that it features a low oil indicator and low oil shut down feature. This makes it highly convenient since it allows you to automatically know when the oil levels go down without having to open the tank. Moreover, the auto shut-off feature guarantees that it can serve you for an extended period since this makes the engine to stop when the oil level is low to protect it from breaking down.

You can buy this unit when you want a Predator generator that will last long and withstand some force. The reason behind this is the featured heavy-duty steel roll cage. More to that, the unit has an EPA certification that further assures you of its safety and durability. It has a product weight of 192lbs and a 26.875 x 22 x 22.75 inches. What’s more is that it can power a variety of gadgets since it includes a lot of outlets. These include two 120V/20A duplex outlets(3-prong), one 120V/20A twist lock outlet(3-prong), one 240V/30A twist lock outlet(4-prong) and one 12V DC outlet.

  • Well built & Starts easily
  • Runs for a long time
  • Includes a lot of outlets
  • Accessible control panel
  • Delivers excellent power
  • Heavy
  • Some bolts rust easily when left outside

Summary: Looking for a heavy-duty predator generator? This is one of the best units to consider. It features a heavy-duty steel roll cage that makes it withstand some pressure. More to that, it is powerful with the ability to deliver 8750peak/7000 running watts. Hence, you can use it for emergencies, household, lawn and gardening tasks, as well as other duties that require a lot of power. The generator is safe to operate since it features UL listed circuit breakers and a low oil shutdown feature.

2. Predator 2000 Inverter Generator

As the top Predator generator in our review, this unit has a power rating of 2000 peak and 1600 running watts. Moreover, it has a parallel capability that allows you to double its power. Therefore, you can connect it to a second Predator 2000W unit to enable you to get a power of up to 4000W. This allows you to use the generator in a variety of tasks including boating, RV use, camping, among other activities.

predator 2000 generator review
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The generator incorporates a built-in inverter technology so that it produces power that is clean and safe, suitable for use with sensitive electronics. Additionally, it features an efficient design so that it provides you with more energy at low fuel consumption. This makes it a reliable unit since it will serve to accomplish your needs at the same time helping you to save money.

The unit gets it to power from a 79.9cc air-cooled OHV gas engine. This enables it to run for up to 6.6 hours while operating at a 50% capacity. More to that is that it produces a noise of up to 66decibels. This makes it a generator that will not distract other people operating around the place it’s running. It is built to last since its fully enclosed in a high-impact housing. Hence, you can rest assured that it will last for long.

The generator measures 22.6 x 12.61 x 18.52 inches. As such, it is compact and of a bearable size so that it fits into a small space. What’s more, it weighs 54lbs. Hence, you can be sure to have a unit that is lightweight and easy to shift from place to place. It features electronic overload protection which makes it safe to operate so that it lasts for long. With this unit, you can power several devices since it includes two 120VAC grounded outlets and one DC-12V Two Pin Outlet.

  • Easy to clean
  • User friendly & Well built
  • Not loud
  • Lightweight
  • Includes a carry handle
  • Few outlets
  • Affected by cold weather
  • Need you to remove the side control panel to check oil levels.

Summary: As the best generator, the 2000 Peak/1600 Running Watts, 2.8 HP (79.7cc) Portable Inverter Generator CARB & EPA III will provide you with a power of up to 4000watts. Thanks to its parallel connection capability that allows you to add another generator to double its power. It is enclosed in a high-impact housing so that it is not exposed to elements that may affect its working.

What’s more, is that it has electronic overload protection that makes it safe to operate. You can use it for various activities including boating, camping, among other activities. The reason behind this is that it can provide a lot of power, while it is compact and lightweight.

3. Predator HF 4000 Peak Generator

With a wattage rating of 4000peak/3200 running watts, this is one of the top rated predator generators for projects that need a lot of power. It derives its energy from a 212cc, 6.5 HP air-cooled OHV gas engine that allows it to run for up to 10 hours while running at a 50% capacity. This makes it ideal for projects that take a lot of time before completion. More to that is that the generator is portable. This is due to its 99 pounds weight and 24 x 19 x 20 inches product measurement.

Predator HF 4000 Peak Generator (EPA III Special)
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Besides it being powerful and portable, the generator is safe to use. Thanks to the featured low oil indicator and low oil shutdown feature. These features work together so that you get an alert when the oil level gets low. This also makes the engine to automatically shut down when you do not add some oil to avoid burning its engine. As such, you can be sure to have a unit that will serve you for an extended period. The generator includes several outlets that include two 120V/20A duplex outlets(3-prong), one 240V/30A twist lock outlet(4-prong) and one 12V DC outlet.

More to that, it features a heavy-duty steel roll cage that allows it to withstand the pressure while protecting its engine from elements that are likely to affect its functioning. Additionally, it includes a top mounted fuel tank that makes it easy to refill with oil. What’s more is its control panel that features the on/off switch, circuit breakers, outlet receptacles, and low oil warning. This makes it user-friendly since all the features are placed in a spot where it is easy for you to access.

  • Powerful & Long run time
  • Well built and sturdy
  • User friendly & Easy to start
  • Many outlets
  • Easy-to-access control panel
  • Noisy
  • Heavy
  • No oil drain plug

Summary: As the second top rated predator generator in our review, 4000 Peak/3200 Running Watts, 6.5 HP (212cc) Generator EPA III Special is worth buying for its durability, power, ease of operation, and portability. It features a heavy-duty roll cage that makes it a unit to rely on as long as durability is concerned.

Additionally, it features the most-used features at an easy to access place making it easy to operate. What’s more, is that it is compact and lightweight to enable you to maneuver. Finally, it has a power rating of 4000peak/3200 running watts, making it reliable for use with projects that need a lot of power.

4. Predator 13500 Peak Gas Generator

Featuring a low oil shutdown feature and electronic overload protection, this is one of the top quality Predator generators as long as safety is concerned. It goes off automatically when the oil level in the tank gets low to avoid its motor from burning. What’s more, is that it detects when there is a power overload so that it shuts down to prevent it from getting damaged.

Predator 13500 Peak Gas Generator
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As such, you get a unit that will last for an extended period after buying one of these.The generator delivers 13500W peak/11000W of continuous power to enable it to power appliances that require a lot of energy to operate. It features a 670cc 22HP air-cooled OHV gas engine that allows it to run for up to 7.5 hours when running at a 50% load capacity. Its engine is enclosed in a high-impact housing to protect it from elements that may cause damage to its parts.

More to that, it comes with an electric start-lifting hook kit that makes it easy to move around. The unit measures 37x 24.5 x 27 inches with a 375lbs weight. It also comes with a variety of power outlets to enable it to fulfill various charging needs.

  • Powerful & Sturdy
  • A wheel kit for portability
  • Heavy

Summary: This is a durable, safe-to-use and powerful generator suitable for use with projects that require a lot of power. It features a 670cc 22HP air-cooled OHV gas engine that allows it to power projects requiring a lot of energy for up to 7.5 hours. Additionally, it features a sturdy high-impact housing that ensures that the engine is safe from elements. More to that is that it has the capacity of delivering 13500W peak/11000W of running power making it a reliable unit.

How to Choose Predator Generator

1. Wattage- Make sure to calculate the wattage you will need. Predator generators have a variety of options that start at 2000 watts and go up to 8000 watts. You will also want to make sure you have a bit of extra power, so consider getting a generator that is rated for 10-20% more than what you need. This will give you some wiggle room and prevent your generator from being overloaded.

2. Power needs – What is the amount of power you need for the generator to deliver? This is the first factor to consider if you want to get a generator that you can rely on. Make sure that you determine the gadgets you will want to power and add up the power that these devices need. After that, get a generator whose strength equals or exceeds the total tallied power.

3. Portability – When getting a Predator generator, you will want one which is movable to enable you to satisfy a lot of power needs. As such, seek to find out the size and weight of the generator. Better opt for a compact and lightweight yet powerful generator. If the generator you want is heavy, seek to find out if you can get a wheel kit to enable you to maneuver it easily.

4. Safety features – Predator generator should be safe to operate. It should protect itself, and at the same time keep the gadgets that it is powering safe. Hence, look for a unit with a sturdy base, auto shut-off feature, a confined case, among other features that guarantee reliable operation.

5. Fuel type – Is the fuel of the generator affordable and readily available? This is another question that you will need to answer before purchasing your unit. Remember, the generator you get will need fuel to operate. So, ensure that you only get a generator that uses fuel that you can afford and one that is available. The types of fuel that you can select from are propane, natural gas, and diesel.

6. Runtime- Another extremely important factor to consider is how long you need your generator to run. Most generators will have a half-load runtime, which is the amount of time the generator can run at half-load. For example, a generator with a half-load runtime of 8 hours can theoretically run for 16 hours if it is only being used at half capacity.

7. Noise level – What is the noise level of the generator you intend to buy? Can you bear the noise the generator produces when operating? These are just but some of the questions to answer when buying a Predator generator. Ensure that you get one with a bearable noise level, that will not distract your neighbors or family.

8. Price – The best Predator generators should be worth their price. It should come at a reasonable price based on the features it incorporates. As such, be sure to get a generator that is affordable. A quick tip is that you only spend on the features you need, and remember that having a high or low price does not dictate the quality.

The Final Words (Summary)

I hope that you now have an idea from the this Predator generator reviews to include on your shopping list. For you to make the best choice, use the buyer’s guide above to help you select among the reviewed products so that you can get a unit with enough power for your projects.