Pioneer SP-FS52 Review For Buyers

Whether you have an elaborate home theater entertainment system, or still use a simple turntable, there can be no denying that it is the quality of your loudspeaker which makes all the difference.

Speakers are composed of components that work to convert electrical energy from a chosen source, such as a USB or Television, into the sound that you hear, so it stands to reason that the better the components, the better the speaker, it’s as simple as that.

When you read our Pioneer SP-FS52 review, you’ll see that the Pioneer Andrew Jones SP-FS52 floor standing speaker has not only a decent build but is also composed of top of the line components.

You may choose this Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor standing Loudspeaker for the following Specification:

  • Three 5-1/4” structured surface woofers.
  • 1” high efficiency soft dome tweeter.
  • 130 Watt power with 8 element crossover.
  • RF molded curved cabinet.
  • Oversized magnets with vented pole piece.
  • Improved sensitivity.

Pioneer SP-FS52 Review with Features

Getting to Know the Pioneer SP-FS52 and Andrew Jones

One of the most brilliant moves made by an electronics manufacturer, was Pioneers concept to build a line that would be affordable for those who are building their home entertainment center from the ground up, and do it with class, style and quality.

Cue the entrance of electronics genius, Andrew Jones. The Pioneer SP-FS52 is named after audio research and designer, Andrew Jones, who works as a lead designer for Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, or TAD and has designed some of the most impressive loudspeakers ever seen on the market, including the SOTA TAD R-1 and CR-1.

Pioneer SP-FS52 Review For Buyers
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The award winning loudspeakers developed by Andrew Jones are well known among audiophiles, which makes this bass-reflex, floor standing speaker an exciting speaker to review.

When approached by Pioneer, Jones was fascinated with the prospect of taking limited funds and creating a high performance loudspeaker for the masses to afford and enjoy.

With the SP-FS52, Jones was able to take his multi-award winning high-end, high-performance speaker design, create an affordable loudspeaker and deliver it to public by way of Pioneer.

Whether you are just starting out building your home entertainment center, or are a seasoned pro, we believe you’ll find the that the solid and time-honored craftsmanship of Pioneer are viable in this model.

The Pioneer SP-FS52 is designed to suit your every listening whim. Film buffs and those into music will find its mid range superb, even better than some of the more expensive speakers, and those who love to game will be impressed by the bass quality of the SP-FS52’s woofers.

Basic Features of Your Pioneer SP-FS52

The Andrew Jones SP-FS52 Loudspeaker is part Pioneer’s SP-PK52FS speaker package. The Pioneer SP-FS52 encases its components in a 8-7/8” x 35-3/16” x 10-5/8 ” RF molded, curved Ash Black veneer cabinet that weighs in at solid 25 pounds 13 ounces, which make them a nice tall, compact size for moving as you experiment with speaker placement.

In a simple and smart move, Pioneer improved sound quality by increasing the height of their SP-FS52 floor standing speaker by 3 inches.

This meant that the floor model was not closer to ear level, which automatically improves sound quality for the listener.

The Pioneer SP-FS52 has a 3 way configuration, gold 5-Way binding posts, a frequency range of 40 Hz-20 kHz and a sensitivity rating of 87 dB. The 87dB along with their nominal impedance of 6 Ohm means that they are highly efficient with regards to energy input.

The maximum input power is 130 watts, and the speakers crossover frequency is 250 Hz and 3 kHz which make it quite easy to pair with a contemporary A/V receiver.

The Superb Audio Quality via an 8 Component Crossover

The audio crossover is a set of electronic circuits which take an audio signal and split it into different frequency ranges, sending it to the speakers drivers.

The Pioneer crossover uses inductors and capacitors and takes that signal from a single source, such as a film or music, and divides it up into low, mid and high frequencies and routes them to the proper driver.

Low frequencies, 100 Hz and lower would go to the woofer, mid frequencies, 250 and 3,000 Hz would go to the driver handling the mid-range, and high frequency, above 3,000 Hz sounds would be sent to the tweeter.

Under Andrew Jones, the Pioneer SP-FS52 was built with a refined 8 component crossover, which makes certain that high quality, true-to-life audio is achieved.

It’s All About the Woofers and Tweeters

When you are watching a movie and hear thunder, loud thuds or drum beats, those sounds transmitted via the woofer. The woofer refers to the largest driver in the speaker and handles the low-pitched bass sounds.

In the Pioneer SP-FS52, the engineers under Andrew Jones, have created a more ridged woofer by adding structure to its surface, which means that the bass frequencies produced will be more accurate and true to life.

Pioneer SP-FS52 Review
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Pioneer installed three 5-1/4 inch woofers with over sized magnets to give the SP-FS52 a jaw dropping, powerful bass that is solid, but not ‘boomy’ or annoying.

The tweeter is the smallest driver in the speaker and works to handle all of the high frequencies, where the woofer takes care of the bass, the tweeter takes care of the treble.

In fact, if you did not have a tweeter, you would not be able to hear sounds such as cricket chirping, flutes or even jets taking off with much clarity, if at all.

The engineers at Pioneer wanted to make sure that the tweeter would have the highest proficiency they could give it, so they decided to create a custom wave guide for their 1-inch High Efficiency Soft Dome tweeter.

This means that the efficiency of the tweeter is increased without needing to increase the power used.

What to Expect From Your Pioneer SP-FS52

The first thing you’ll notice when you first listen to your SP-FS52’s are the refined, extended highs and the deep, powerful and full bass.

As stand alone floor speakers, they are placement sensitive, which means that you may have to experiment a bit with placement before you get the best sound.

The SP0-FS52 speakers excel with the quality of their mid range, which is vital for home theater systems, as dialogue, vocals and the majority of instruments are in the mid range.

Indeed, for this price point, you cannot go wrong with the high performance Andew Jones FS52 speaker.

The Final Words (Summary)

The Andrew Jones and the Pioneer SP-FS52 Loudspeaker is one of the best loudspeakers for its price point on the market today, as our Pioneer SP-FS52 review illustrates.

We like this stand alone floor standing speaker, with its three 5-1/4 inch structured surface woofers, sophisticated 8 element crossover, RF, molded curved cabinet, 1 inch high soft dome tweeter, improved sensitivity at 87 dB and excellent midrange performance.

Whether you are watching a movie, gaming or listening to music, the thorough, penetrating and immersive sound of the SP-FS52 will make it seem as if you are actually there.