Page Web Inaccessible Error Fix Step by Step Solution

While browsing the various website, sometimes this message displayed in the monitor “page web inaccessible“. That means your browser can’t access this website. Most of the time, this error occurs in Internet Explorer browser. You also face the error in your Mozilla Firefox and Chrome browser. There are many reasons which can prevent you from accessing the website. They are:-

  1. Internet and Browser Settings
  2. Network connectivity problem.
  3. History and configuration.
  4. Add-ons issue
  5. Firewall and Antivirus related problem
  6. Software Problem
Solution of Page Web Inaccessible Error

Solution of “Page Web Inaccessible” Error

It’s annoying to see this kind of message while browsing the internet or doing official work. So, here are some solutions to fix or avoid “page web inaccessible” error. They are:-

=>> Fix 1: Change Internet and Browser Settings-

If you face this error in your Internet Explorer browser, then you should also check browser settings. To check this open your Internet Explorer browser then go to Tools from the above menu bar then checks Work Offline options. If any mark here unmarked it. Then restart your browser.

Internet Explorer Work Offline

If this error occurs in the Mozilla Firefox browser, then you should also check proxy settings in your Mozilla Firefox browser. To check this open, the browser then click tools->options->Advance. Now find Network->Connection->Settings and then select no proxy from the new popup. Then restart the browser.

Change Connection Settings

After implementing the above methods, you obviously restart your computer and then wait for two minutes. After that, you open your PC and check the error page, it may be fixed. If the method doesn’t  work then move to the next solution.

=>> Fix 2: Network Connectivity Problem-

It is also possible that you are able to visit other websites, but that particular website is unreachable for you. This thing happens when a setting on the network that is blocking the computer from connecting this website. Maybe your ISP has blocked this site.You should check internet settings to confirm that you are connected to the internet. First you check that your modem or router is connected or not. If not connected then connect it.

Network connectivity problem

Then go to ‘Start’ menu and type CMD then open cmd from above list. After opening black CMD window, you type ipconfig then press Enter. If you get an IP address like (169.254.X.X) then you should contact your ISP to solve the problem. They will unlock this website.

=>> Fix 3: Remove History & Change Configuration-

Sometimes this problem only occurs in Internet Explorer and displayed “Internet Explorer cannot display the Webpage” message. This error can be fixed by emptying the internet history from the “Internet Options” entry on the Tools menu. You should remove all cookies, saved passwords data, and other cached data at the same time. Just click on the Delete button under Browsing History Section.

Change Internet and Browser Settings

From “Advanced” tab, you can also reset Internet Explorer back to its original configuration using the “Reset” button.

=>> Fix 4: Solve Add-ons Issue-

Add-ons help the browser to enhance its functionalities. But malfunctioned Add-ons are the main reason of page unloading. You can easily fix this issue by removing Add-ons from your Internet Explorer browser. To remove Add-ons go to Tools-> Manage Add-ons-> Toolbars and Extensions. Find your malfunctioned Add-ons and remove them. Then restart the browser.

removing Add-ons from your Internet Explorer

You can browse without Add-ons in Internet Explorer. To do this, click Start menu and go to All programs -> then Accessories-> then System tools and finally select Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).

=>> Fix 5: Solve Firewall & Antivirus Related Problem-

Firewalls and Antivirus Software can block browser from accessing the internet. To solve this problem, it’s better to temporarily disable them and then check for the error. If you are able to browse pages then, contact with firewall manufacturer to set up all the settings correctly. You can also uninstall your current Antivirus and reinstall another which will not block internet access.

=>>  Fix 6: Solve Software Problem-

Sometimes newly installed third-party software can block internet access. To ensure that, check all of your installed security programs are configured to allow your browser to operate. If you are still facing this problem just uninstall that software. If you need to install that again, first disconnect your PC then install it. You should also install updated version to get better browsing speed.

Here is all possible solution to fix page web inaccessible error. We’ve checked all of these. So, any of these solutions will surely help you to solve this error. If still facing the same problem after applying all of these solutions then you should uninstall your web browser and install the updated version again. You should also contact your ISP to check the internet connection.