6 Nankang Tires Reviewed

(Nankang Tires Reviews) Nankang SP-7 Radial Tire
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With so many tires available in the market today, a prospective buyer like you may often get confused as to which one specifically suits their unique circumstance or preference. We are cognizant of this fact that is why we have seen to it to generate a candid review of this nature.

In the Nankang Tires Review that follows, we shall identify and briefly review the six best tires as of the year 2019 that are manufactured by Nankang Rubber Tire Company. We shall do so by highlighting the most outstanding features of each tire, some of their major selling points and potential downsides.

A quick look at the top rated Nankang Tires

1.Nankang SP-7 Radial TireNankang
2.Nankang CX668 High Performance TireNankang
3.Nankang SP-5 Radial TireNankang
4.Nankang NS-20 Performance Radial TireNankang
5.Nankang N889 Traction Radial TireNankang
6.Nankang SP-9 Cross-Sport All-Season Radial TireNankang

6 Best Nankang Tires Reviewed

1. Nankang SP-7 Radial Tire

If you are a regular motorist, you, by all means, require a tire that is reliable and long-lasting. This is to spare you from the need to constantly repair and maintain your tires and car. It is also necessary to ensure your comfort at all times. This tire is specifically designed to confer these benefits.

Nankang SP-7 Radial Tire
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Deep Grooves: Top of the range of its key features are the deep grooves. The tire comprises two straight broad grooves and an arc sub-groove. These two are so designed as to drain water conveniently. They also prevent the tire from the risks of hydroplaning. They also ensure that your car’s cleanliness is upheld at all times.

Noise Prevention Bar: It also contains a noise prevention bar as its second most prominent feature. This bar is located in the shoulder groove. It is purposely set there for the sake of reducing the set noise patterns. Because of this, you may drive your car for longer without the unnecessary distractions from engine noise.

Blocks with Sipes: The last of its key features are the blocks. These are further fitted with grooves or channels, otherwise called sipes. They are aimed at improving the tire grip of the tire. They also reduce the pace of the wear and tear of the tire, the tire’s overall strength, and the overall riding comfort of the car’s occupants.

  • Improved riding comfort & long lasting
  • Reduced noise
  • The higher value for money
  • Excellent grip and traction
  • Quite pricey
  • A bit weighty
  • Somewhat bulky

Summary: In all, this tire is comfortable, reliable, long lasting, and convenient to handle. Moreover, it exudes greater return to value, all factors considered. Have you been constantly let down by the ordinary tires by reason of frequent wear and tear? Would you wish to put an end to this trend? If you said yes, then this tire is indeed yours for the taking!

2. Nankang CX668 High Performance Tire

Summers are ordinarily very hot. They, therefore, require tires that have the ability to withstand the extremely high temperatures. Such tires have to be able to expand and contract without breaking at all. This is due to the high fluctuations in external temperatures at such times. This tire is designed for such times of the year.

Nankang CX668 High Performance Tire
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Dual/Double Grooves: Coming at the very top of the tire’s most prominent features is the dual or double grooves. These are depressions that have been incised into the tires. They offer the necessary grip and traction. They also enhance the drainage of the tires by channeling unwanted water away easily.

Thinner Sipes: Apart from the grooves, the tire also contains sipes that are engraved on it. This is its second most outstanding feature. These sipes offer added grip, reduces the possibilities of skidding, and reduces road noise. They by their very existence enhance your overall comfort in the car.

Excellent Pitch Patterns: At the last spot, is the tire’s excellent pitch pattern. This is the sum total and arrangement of tread blocks that exist around the entire circumference of the tire. This tire’s pitch pattern is so designed as to enable unhindered drainage of water. They also bring along some aesthetics by virtue of being visually appealing.

  • Very affordable
  • Offers excellent balance and stability
  • Drains effectively & lighter in weight
  • Compact size and easier to handle
  • Does not last as long as possible
  • Reduced returns to value
  • Unreliable for regular usage

Summary: The tire’s ability to contract and contract severally without cracking r breaking makes it all the more suited for summer times. Its affordability, compact size, and ease of handling, on the other hand, make it all the more irresistible! Do you love touring and vacationing in summer times? If you said yes, then grab this tire right away! It will assure you of the performance you anticipate.

3. Nankang SP-5 Radial Tire

Does your typical motoring route consist of multiple corners and sharp bend? If so, you definitely want a tire that is broad enough to guarantee you the stability you require to negotiate such corners with ease. This is because cars are more likely to lose their balance and skid off while negotiating corners at high speeds.

Nankang SP-5 Radial Tire
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Ultra High Performance: In the first spot of its most outstanding features is the Ultra High Performance. This basically means it does not wear off easily, is very stable, and reliable in the long run. This feature means the tire is well able to serve you conveniently for long without fail. It also means the tire is more likely to return higher value for money to you.

Optimal High-speed Stability: Its second most outstanding feature is the broad base and deeper grooves. These two closely-related features jointly guarantee the stability of the tire even at extremely great speeds. By utilizing this tire, you are less likely to skid off and lose your controls. For this reason, this is the tire to look up to when in wet conditions.

Confident Cornering: In the final spot of its key features is the fact that you may negotiate corners of whichever angles confidently regardless of the speed of travel. This is mainly made possible by the optimal high-speed stability feature elaborated on above.

  • Superior traction & increased comfort
  • Excellent drainage of water
  • Reduced road noise
  • Superior wet handling capabilities
  • Limited applicability
  • Moderately unaffordable
  • A bit weighty

Summary: With the ability to handle wet conditions perfect well, this indeed is the tire of choice for those terrible rainy spring months. Moreover, the tires are also perfect for negotiating sharp bends and corners perfectly well. These being the case, they are your best bet for such conditions. If preparing for spring or winter, this is the tire not to overlook at all!

4. Nankang NS-20 Best Performance Tire

Steering high-performance cars, especially in slippery conditions, is potentially risky. This is due to the likelihood of the loss of control and the possibilities of skidding off course. To combat these twin issues, the tire of choice has to be very stable and reliable. This tire is one such kind. It is designed and manufactured for reliable performance in wet conditions.

Nankang NS-20 Performance Radial Tire
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Solid Circumferential Center Rib: It does have a center rib that runs the entire length of its circumference. This topmost feature is intended to improve the lateral stability of the tire. It is this feature that ensures your overall comfort and stability at all times. It does so primarily by making it impossible for your car to veer off course unnecessarily.

Wide-sectioned and Notched Shoulder Tread Blocks : The entire exterior portion of the tire is embroidered by a series of wide-sectioned and notched shoulder tread blocks. They are designed to offer added stability which is especially crucial when cornering. They also contribute to the overall tightness of the grip of the tires with the road.

Directional Tread Pattern: Also at the exterior portions of the tire are directional tread patterns. These are basically markings and grooves on the tire surface. They provide the depressions which water and other fluids may follow during the wet season. They thus help in draining excess water and in so doing enhance traction.

  • Enables quicker drainage of water
  • Improved handling and controls
  • Increased lateral stability
  • Enhanced cornering stability
  • Reliable for use in wet conditions
  • Unsuitable for use in extremely hot and dry conditions
  • Not recommended for heavy commercial vehicles
  • Limited geographical applicability

Summary: If your travel itinerary entails plying wet and slippery surfaces on a regular basis, you, by all means, have to acquire this tire. It is stable, excellent for draining excess water, and reliable in negotiating corners. Moreover, it is very affordable and hence within your easy reach. Do not hesitate to acquire and incorporate it into a standard part of your automobile collections.

5. Nankang N889 Tractio Mudstar Tire

Cars may be driven just about everywhere. Not all road surfaces are appealing and suitable for driving through. Certain off-road conditions are generally tougher to cope with. These include muddy, slippery, and sticky-clay road surfaces. They require special tires that have deeper grooves for added traction. This is where this tire comes in.

Nankang N889 Traction Radial Tire
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Aggressive Tread Blocks: The key feature of this tire is the aggressive tread block. These are huge projections on the tire surface that alternate with deep grooves. They are the ones that penetrate the mud and soil to confer the needed stability and grip.

Open Tread Void: Open tread void are some channels within the tire surface. They are so designed in such a way as to enable the smooth flow of water and mud. They, therefore, enhance the drainage of the tires and mitigation of mud and other unwanted elements. This feature keeps your car clean at all times.

Outlined White Lettering: Throughout the tire’s entire exterior is some outlined white lettering. These are purposely put in order to enhance the aesthetics of the tires altogether. They do so by exuding some rugged truck looks and appearance. If you are a lover of masculine appearance and style, this indeed should be your tire of choice.

  • Maximum reliability & extremely durable
  • Suitable for off-road conditions
  • Requires fewer repairs and maintenance
  • Quite a worthy purchase
  • Way too expensive
  • Quite bulky
  • Too eighty

Summary: The tire’s deep grooves and aggressive tread blocks are two particularly outstanding traits. They are the ones that suit the tire for use in off-road, extremely wet and muddy conditions. In case you are a farmer, or your travels regularly entail plying some difficult terrains, you, by all means, have to acquire and incorporate this tire.

6. Nankang SP-9 Cross-Sport All-Season

Regular commuting, especially in all kinds of routes, requires an all-around tire. This is basically a tire that can perform under all circumstances and in all kinds of terrains. This tire, by virtue of guaranteeing high performance, maximum comfort, excellent traction, and longer tread life, fits this particular bill pretty well.

Nankang SP-9 Cross-Sport All-Season Radial Tire
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Optimized Siping Pattern: Throughout its exterior surface are a series of optimized siping patterns. This pattern is basically engraved onto the tire surface in order to enhance its ability to handle wet traction properly and enable excellent controls also. Because of this, your car is less likely to fall off, veer off course or skid unnecessarily.

Angled Tread Blocks: Unlike those of the other kinds of tires, this tire’s blocks are angular in orientation. This places them at a significant advantage over and above the competing tires. That’s because this orientation offers extra support to the lateral grips. In so doing, it enables the exceptional handling of the car. It is this feature that enables you to master your car perfectly well.

Lateral Grooves: Just like the tread blocks above, the grooves of this tire are also positioned differently from the others. They are laterally oriented as opposed to the upright orientation. This allows them to dissipate water effectively. It also shields the car and the tires from the potential risks of hydroplaning.

  • Fairly cheap and affordable
  • Breathtaking appearance
  • Quite resistant to the common elements of wear and tear
  • Enhanced water evacuation
  • Improved handling and controls
  • Incompatible with some car models
  • Not usable in off-road conditions
  • More susceptible to the risk of uneven wear

Summary: By reason of embodying the key features of long-term reliability, excellent traction, and effective water drainage, this indeed is the tire for regular commuting. If you so happen to use your car regularly to run errands and commute to and from work, look no further than these tires. They have all that you require for the job to be done perfectly well.

The Final Words (Summary)

It is our hope that you have found the Nankang Tires Reviews above insightful. We now invite you to place an order soonest possible for any of the tires we have reviewed above. We urge you not to hesitate to do so because any further delays may often lead to a surge in the price or deterioration in quality.

Be sure to note that the long-term integrity of the list above may not be guaranteed. This is for the sheer reason that newer and better tires are constantly produced and released into the market. As such, we advise you also to do some research moments before embarking on a purchase to be guaranteed of a fairer deal.