Logitech Z623 Review For Buyer’s

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The Logitech Z623 speaker system has explosive dimensional sound, is THX certified, and is thus, guaranteed to blow your mind, right out of the box.

THX is known for its booming, rich, thick, palpable base, and true to life audio, and this speaker system does not disappoint with its 400 watts of peak power, and 200 watts RMS.

Connectivity with the Z623 is a breeze, as you can hook up to three compatible devices to by using the built-in 3.5mm and RCA inputs.

As amazing as this setup sounds, this is but a mere taste of what is in store for those who purchase this powerful, affordable, 2.1 speaker system, so to get a better view, let’s take a look at our complete review of Logitech Z623 review.

You may choose this Logitech Z623 Home Speaker for the following Specification:

  • Bass reflex subwoofer for a deep, rich bass sound
  • Compatible with PC/Laptop, console gaming units, mobile devices, DVD players, TV’s and more
  • THX certification for a superb audio experience
  • 2 satellite speakers with front firing, sealed 2.5 inch drivers for deep sound
  • 3.5mm AUX and RCA inputs, headphone output

Logitech Z623 Review with Features

THX Certified Audio

Designed to deliver the most accurate experience straight out-of-the-box, these THX Certified speakers are tuned to exact specifications to truthfully deliver the artist’s vision right into your home or office.

THX (Tomlinson Holman’s Experiment), certification means that this stereo system had to pass a set of tough tests in order to pass the industry standards for sound reproduction systems.

For you, this means that this 2.1 stereo system reproduces a sound that is exactly what the audio engineer who worked on the game, film, or album, intended for you to hear.

THX Certification is hard to earn, so by purchasing this system, you are guaranteed to hear the absolute best, highest quality digital sound playback, with THX certified sound, to be hearing the optimal audio intended for the source.


No doubt about it, you’ll be getting a lot of power with this speaker system. This is a 2.1 system which is designed to suck you into the soundscape, with audio so clear, clean and crisp, all backed by a heavy, chest thumping base, that you will feel ‘there’.

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With THX certified sound quality and power like this, just imagine what your home movie theater, video games of music will sound like?

If you are looking for audio that you can sense, feel, if you are in the market for tactile sound, then we suggest that you take a look at this speaker system.

Remember 400 watts is peak power, which means if you run it at this for an extended period of time, you can risk burning out your speakers.

As always, when you look at speakers, pay more attention to the RMS. In this case, this system has a nice, powerful, RMS of 200 watts, and that is more than enough.


Each of the satellite speakers are 7.8 by 5.6 by 5.4 inches, so they will take up a bit of space on your desk, with each satellite speaker is designed with an angled shape which reaches upward, wider at the bottom narrower at the top.

The right speaker has three control knobs: Power, volume and bass. It has front firing, 2.5 inch, sealed drivers which drive the bass forward.

The surround is a soft butyl rubber, and the back of the drivers are magnetically shielded, stamped steel basket, large magnet, and a paper cone.

Overall, there are two 3.5mm connections, a headphone jack and an AUX input also are present on the panel of the right speaker.


Logitech Z623 Review For Buyer's
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This sound system has a nice size sub woofer, 7 inches to be exact if you remove the grill to take a peek. With a sub woofer this large, you are definitely guaranteed a full-bodied, deep, round sound.

The sub woofer measures 11.9 x 11.1 x 10.4 inches, and if you pump this baby, you will feel it, even your windows may rattle a bit.

Control the bass via the convenient bass knob, located on the front of the right speaker. Turning the sub woofer around, you’ll notice that on the rear panel, the sub has a stereo RCA input and a 3.5mm input.


Excellence in sound quality is yours with this 2.1 stereo system from Logitech. Because of it’s THX certification and expert engineering, it will not matter whether your favorite musical genre is opera or hard rock.

The bass will shake your walls, the treble will accentuate the crisp and clear highs, all with no distortion. Considering the overall affordability of this stereo system, it’s one that is hard pressed to beat.

Each satellite speaker will push out 35 watts and the sub woofer will push 130 watts, this is most definitely perfect for the loudest party.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Logitech Z623 Home Speaker System

The first thing that you need to know about this THX certified, 2.1 stereo system, is that it is an absolute workhorse, and designed to be able to hook into a variety of devices.

For instance, say you wish to listen to some music, well get your MP3 player, and head for the right satellite speaker.

Take your device and plug it into the Auxiliary input, using the 3.5mm cable and sit back, surf and enjoy your music.

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What’s nice about this approach, using your satellite speakers for players and other devices, is that you can save yourself some computer memory, especially if you are working on memory intensive software programs, or gaming.

This way, no need to use up valuable computer power to play the audio you crave.

For an added tip, when you decide to use headphones, please check to make sure that your volume is turned down low before you hook up your headphones to your ears.

To not do this means that you can risk permanent damage to your hearing apparatus. You can always turn the volume down afterwards.

Pros & Cons of this Logitech Z623 Speaker

    Pros of the Product

  • Affordable •Superb audio performance
  • Powerful at 400 watts peak and 200 watts RMS
  • Easy to adjust the base
  • THX certification

     Cons of the Product

  • No remote control

Final Thoughts (Summary)

As you can tell by our short and sweet Logitech Z623 review, This Z623 stereo system is one that is guaranteed to fill your room with dimensional sound, whether it is for gaming, PC, video streaming, etc.

You get peak 400 watts and sustainable 200 watts of RMS power, 2 satellite speakers and one tough, durable sub woofer. The connection type is analog RCA, and the frequency response is 35 Hz to 20kHz.

This sound system is versatile, and can be used for your home theater, console gaming, PC, Laptop and USB audio, with separate controls for bass, volume and power, as well as a jack for your headphone.

We heartily recommend this stereo system for those who multi-task at their PC, going from gaming to streaming to music and back again, can’t beat the amount of power for the price, that is for sure.