5 Lexani Tires Reviewed in 2023

Lexani is a company very well known for the attention to detail, innovative style and quality of their products. In 2015, Lexani decided to open their doors to the possibility of creating the superior tire, one that would not only appeal to the most sophisticated driver, but also the everyday commuter seeking a dependable and reliable product, and they most certainly succeeded in their quest.

Today, the name Lexani is synonymous with the finest of wheels, rims, and tires. To give you an idea of the unparalleled quality of the Lexani tire, we have gathered together 5 of the best selling Lexani models below in our Lexani Tires Review.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Lexani Tires List

RankPhotoBrandOur RatingPrice
1.Lexani LX-Thirty All-Season Radial TireLexani
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2.Lexani LX-Thirty Traction Radial TireLexani
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3.Lexani LX-TWENTY Performance Radial TireLexani
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4.Lexani LX-NINE Performance Radial TireLexani
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5.Lexani LXTR-103 Traction Radial TireLexani
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5 Top Lexani Tires Reviewed

1. Lexani LX-Thirty All-Season Tire

The Lexani LX-Thirty All-Season Radial Tire has been researched and developed using advanced European design technology for superb high-speed handling, reduced road noise and comfort for those of you who drive high-end, luxury sports utility and cross over vehicles. This superior tire has all-season drive capabilities, excellent traction for any road condition while giving you the precise handling response you expect from a high-grade tire.

(Lexani Tires Review)Lexani LX-Thirty All-Season Radial Tire
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When you look at the tire, you’ll notice a solid center rib, wide semi-solid shoulder blocks, dual longitudinal grooves, and wide lateral grooves. It is this ‘W’ shaped directional tread pattern which reduces hydroplaning, gives you a great grip on wet roads, and superior handling around corners and tight curves.

This particular size tire, 305/35ZR24 112V, has a load index of 112/XL and a speed rating of V, weight 19.61 kg, tread depth is 8.7mm, section width 12.3 inches, overall diameter 32.4 inches, maximum load is 2469 pounds, maximum single air pressure is 49 psi, UTQG is 320AA, and a limited tread warranty.

  • Excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces
  • Great cornering ability
  • Steering response
  • Excellent high speed handling
  • Good fit for SUV’s and luxury crossovers
  • Performance on ice could be improved

Summary: If you drive a luxury SUV or crossover and are looking for a stylish top of the line tire, then take a good look at the ultra-performance, Lexani LX-Thirty All-Season Radial Tire. This tire will provide you with superior high-speed handling, cornering ability, traction in wet/dry conditions and good steering response. The W shaped, directional tread pattern ensures little or no hydroplaning, stability and the overall construction ensures a longer life for your tire.

2. Lexani LX-Thirty Traction Radial Tire

The Lexani LX-Thirty Traction Radial Tire is a stylish blend of innovative tread design, luxury, and toughness, offering both driver and passenger a quiet, smooth and comfortable ride. A nice plus-sized entry into the Lenaxi lineup, this ultra-high performance tire is designed to fit high-end, luxury SUV’s and crossovers. This is the ultimate performance tire of choice for owners who need a tire capable of handling all-season driving, especially rain filled climates, and wet roads.


Lexani LX-Thirty Traction Radial Tire
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The directional tread pattern allows for easy evacuation of water as well as providing you with a solid grip on the road, so no hydroplaning occurs. Lenaxi selected one of the more durable all-season tread compounds to ensure that your tread has a longer life.

Features for the Lexani LX-Thirty size 305/30ZR26 include a load index of 109, a speed rating of W, UTQG 320AA, a maximum single load of 2271 pounds, maximum single air pressure 49 psi, tread depth 11, measured rim width 11.0, section width 12.3, overall diameter 33.2 inches.

  • Plus-sized for SUVs and crossover vehicles
  • Quiet, smooth and comfortable ride
  • Superior handling in wet road conditions
  • Takes corners and brakes well
  • Durable, long lasting tread compound for longer life
  • Performance on winter roads could be better

Summary: The Lexani LX-Thirty Traction Radial Tire is a plus-sized tire for high-end SUV’s and crossover vehicles that gives you a quiet, smooth and comfortable ride while reducing braking distance, taking corners, and curves well. If you are searching for a tire that will not only look stylish but handle extremely well in all weather, especially wet road conditions, this one is for you. Constructed with a tough tread compound, these tires come with a ‘double-A’ UTQG 320AA rating and will last you a good long time.

3. Lexani LX-TWENTY Performance Tire

The Lexani LX-TWENTY Performance Radial Tire is an ultra-performance tire built with twin steel construction, a dash of contemporary, innovative design, and the ability to carry you to your destination in all-season comfort and reliability.

Lexani LX-TWENTY Performance Radial Tire
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Promoted by Lenaxi as not only its most recent design but also one that is constructed using the most “Sophisticated technological advancements in tire manufacturing”. Designed to suit owner of fast cars such as high-performance coupes, sedans, and sports cars, you’ll notice the handling these tires exhibit when taking in the curves, corners, and braking in both wet and dry road conditions and at high speeds.

The excellent handling and road traction is due to the advanced asymmetrical tread design incorporated in the tire, as the independent tread block partner with large shoulder blocks to make taking those tight turns a snap. If you look at the tire, you’ll notice it has four rather wide circumferential grooves with small lateral grooves, it is the directional tread pattern that creates the funneling of water through the grooves on wet roads and more responsive braking.

Specs of this tire in size 245/35R20 include a load index of 95XL, speed rating of W, UTQG 320AA, maximum single load 1521 pounds, maximum single air pressure 49 psi, tread depth 9.8, measured rim width 8.5, section width 9.8, and overall diameter 26.8 inches.

  • Crisp, responsive steering
  • Nice traction on wet and dry surfaces
  • Strong twin steel belt interior
  • Longer tread life
  • Takes corners, curves well and braking distance is reduced
  • It is not as quiet as it could be

Summary: The Lexani LX-TWENTY Performance Radial Tire – 245/35R20 is a member of Lenaxi’s ultra performance family of tires designed for drivers of fast cars such as sports cars, coupes, and racy sedans. If you are quick and fast at the wheel, know that these premium tires can handle sharp corners and curves at high speeds, even sailing through wet road conditions with treads that grip like a tigers paw on the road. Dependable, tough and roadworthy they carry a UTQG ‘double-A’ rating of 320AA.

4. Lexani LX-NINE Performance

The Lexani LX-NINE Performance Radial Summer Tire is another in Lexani’s high-performance tire family, conceived and built for those who own fast cars and need the control delivered by top of the line tires.

Lexani LX-NINE Performance Radial Tire
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The excellent traction and road performance in both wet and dry conditions is due to Lexani’s unidirectional tire tread design, where wide circumferential grooves work to scoop water away, allowing the tread to grip the road and wide shoulder blocks allow for greater control in taking in curves and corners. To increase longevity, the tread has been formulated with a high-performance tread compound, which also works to improve traction and stability.

The LX-NINE also ensures that the driver and passengers can sit back and relax, enjoying their cars sound stereo system, instead of thudding tires beating the road by having engineered a specialized chevron shaped, noise reducing tread block pattern.

Specifications for this tire in size 255/30R22 include a load index of 95, speed rating of W, UTQG 420AA, maximum single load 1521 pounds, maximum single air pressure 49 psi, tread depth 10.0, measured rim width 9.0, section width 10.24, and overall tire diameter of 28.07.

  • Solid traction on both wet and dry roads
  • Nice cornering ability
  • Smooth comfortable ride
  • Affordable price & built for fast cars and high-speed handling
  • Not made for winter driving

Summary: The Lexani LX-NINE Performance Radial Tire is a ‘summer’ tire designed and built for owners of fast cars who enjoy high-speed handling, excellent traction and solid road performance on both wet and dry roads. The unidirectional tread is formulated with a high-performance tread compound to extend the life of your tires, and the UTQG rating of 420AA means it is a durable, top of the line tire. Drivers who enjoy a responsive tire that can take the curves and corners, this is the one to look at.

5. Lexani LXTR-103 Traction Radial Tire

The Lexani LXTR-103 Traction Radial Tire is an all-season high performance tire engineered with affordability and economy in mind. The LTXTR-103 still has the trademark excellence in style, innovation, and tread design, but made for passenger vehicles which are basically used for day to day commute. Exceptional performance is yours, as you experience the superb grip, braking and controlled cornering you get from this economically priced tire.

Lexani LXTR-103 Traction Radial Tire
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The tread is composed of four, straight wide circumferential grooves to give solid traction in wet conditions, a solid center rib which functions to enhance stability and responsive handling, with the large outside tread blocks giving you a good grip on the road when taking corners. The symmetrically, the variable pitch tread pattern is what gives you the nice, quiet and comfortable ride you’d expect from a leader like Lexani.

Features for this tire size include a load index of 94, speed rating of V, maximum single load at 1477 pounds, maximum single air pressure is 44 psi, tread depth is 10.0, measured rim width is 6.0, section width 8.2 and the overall diameter 25.5 inches.

  • Made for passenger cars
  • Traction for both wet and dry road conditions
  • Affordable and economical
  • Excellent, responsive handling
  • Tread evacuates water quickly
  • Road noise may increase when the treads wear down

Summary: The Lexani LXTR-103 Traction Radial Tire is a tire we strongly suggest you look at if you are looking for an all-season, high-performance tire made for passenger vehicles. This is an affordable model that takes corners and wet conditions very well. Handling is superb, noise is low and the comfort level is high. Excellent value for the money from Lexani, a manufacturer you can trust.

Things to Consider when Buying a Lexani Tire

Congratulations on your decision to purchase a set of Lexani tires. Lexani has been able to do the impossible: Create sought after, top of the line tires that are a blend of the luxurious and high-end with cost efficiency. Lexani tires are used by everyone from day to day commuters to professional athletes, celebrities and corporate heads. To find out which Lexani tire is for you, we’ve listed 5 factors to assist you in making the choice.

1. Design- The first thing you’ll notice about a Lexani tire is its design. The company offers a variety of different designs to choose from, all of which are meant to improve the look of your vehicle. If you’re looking for a more aggressive look, then you might want to choose a tire with a larger tread pattern. If you’re just looking for a tire that will improve the look of your car, then you can choose a sleek and stylish design.

2. High Performance – Lexani makes a series of tires specifically geared to drivers of high-end luxury vehicles seeking the ultimate in style and performance. These include the LX-Thirty tires, LX-Twenty, LX-Nine, and LX-Seven. Each of these ultra-high-performance tires will offer you the absolute best in tire handling, stability, comfort and noise reduction at a competitive price.

3. Economy Tires – If you are in the market for a solid, superior yet economically priced tire, then Lexani may have what you need with the series of 7 low cost, good quality passenger tires such as LXTR-103. These Passenger tires are designed for your standard ‘workhorse’ vehicles such as sedans, provide excellent traction, road handling, and braking at an attractive price.

4. UTQG Code – In each review below you will see the specifications which pertain to that particular size tire. One of those specs is the UTQG code (Uniform Tire Quality Grading), which is the result of being tested for treadwear, traction, and temperature, where AA the highest grade. Checking the UTQG code of any tire will give you a good idea of how durable and reliable it really it.

5. Buying the Correct Size – You can locate the size of your tire by looking at your owners manual, the tire information sticker inside the driver’s side door and on the sidewall of your tire. For example, say you look on your sidewall and see the numeral sequence 305/30ZR26. This means that if you decide on a Lexani LX-Thirty Traction Radial Tire, you then need to search for the right size, in this case, 305/30ZR26.

6. Vehicles Need – When you decide on a set of Lenaxi’s that you really like, it’s time to see if they will work with your vehicle. In each of the reviews below, you will see a set of specs that work with that particular size tire: Load index and speed rating. The load index means how much weight each tire can support, and the speed index tells you to look for a tire that can match the speed which you normally drive, so make sure the tires you choose will fit your cars needs.

7. The quality of rubbers- While rubber in general from Lexani wears down at a reasonable rate, keep in mind that the brand’s rubber is quite hard. Thus, it may be difficult to put your new tires on the rims by yourself–you might want to consult (or pay) a professional. That being said, don’t expect these tires to last as long as some other brands. Some people value quality more than price and some vice versa–it simply depends on what you consider most important for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lexani tires good?

The main selling point of Lexani tires is their low price. However, they are not the best performing tires and have poor tread life. Furthermore, they are not suitable for wet or winter conditions.

How long do Lexani tires last?

Although this tire has an amazing 40,000 miles’ tread life warranty for a low price, it does not perform well on wet surfaces and is therefore not suitable for the rainy season. Furthermore, its performance in winter is also poor.

How long does the Lexani tire warranty last?

LEXANI WHEEL CORPORATION (LWC) promises that, under reasonable and normal use by the first consumer purchaser, its wheels will be free from material and workmanship defects FOR ONE YEAR FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE.

The Final Words (Summary)

The Lexani world of tires is one of luxury, style, quality and high performance. As we hope our Lexani Tires Review showed, though relatively new on the market, these tires have proved themselves worthy to the most elite of drivers, and earned their place among the most sought after tire brands in the world today.

Lexani has been able to successfully combine sophisticated technology and state of the art materials with a brand that has a tire nearly every budget can afford. As always, thank you for reading our review, and hope to see you next time for more exciting automotive products to enhance your lifestyle and vehicle.