KEF Q300 (KEF Q300B) Reviewed In 2023

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KEF is an international company, founded in Great Britain, which has been responsible for some of the most innovative loudspeaker technology in over 50 years. Known the world over for its powerful design and basically flawless speaker performance, it is no surprise that KEF speakers have been the recipient of a multitude of awards. The ‘Q’ series by KEF was first introduced in 1991 and still delights and thrills audiophiles the world over with its superior performance and high sound quality, as we shall see in our KEF Q300 review.

You May Like This KEF Q300 Bookshelf Speaker For The Following Key Features:
  • 6.5 inch point-source Uni-Q driver array.
  • Rigid aluminum cone technology.
  • 2 inch voice coil.
  • Uni-Q Driver Array.
  • Acoustically engineered cabinet.

KEF Q300 Review with Features

Introduction to the High Performance KEF Q300

The KEF Q300 speaker is proudly among KEF’s eighth generation of Q loudspeaker series. The KEF speakers are designed and manufactured to not only sit comfortably on your desk or shelf, but also look good doing it.

At a compact and portable 11.9 x 8.3 x 14 inches, these speakers can be easily transported and positioned so you can get the best, most intense sound available.

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With its 1 x 6.5 inch aluminum bass driver, frequency response rate of 42Hz to 40kHz, Two-way bass reflex, crossover frequency of 2.5kHz, sensitivity of 87dB and nice, hefty maximum output of 110 dB, it is easy to see why audiophiles love this affordable, feature rich bookshelf speaker.

Now that you are a little familiar with the KEF Bookshelf Speaker, lets take some time out to take a look at some of the components that make the KEF Q300 such a sought after speaker for discerning audiophiles everywhere.

Superior KEF Driver Technology

Many people think that driver and speakers are the same thing, not true. The speaker itself is made of up basically three main parts: The box, crossover network and the drivers. It is the drivers which work to transform the electrical audio signals into the sound waves you hear. The Q300 Bookshelf Speaker by KEF fills your room with fantastic sound due to the 6.5 inch Uni-Q Driver Array, which is based on the Uni-Q Driver Array created for KEF’s successful Blade speaker.

The point source Uni-Q Driver Array is exclusive to KEF and was first developed in 1988. The ‘Q’ series is the 8th generation of the Uni-Q Array, where the midrange driver and tweeter and combined, instead of kept separate. The Q Series bass drivers have also been enhanced by an Auxiliary Bass Radiator, or ABR. The ABR provides a fresh, crisp and clean mid-range sound.

The base drivers also have large aluminum voice coils so they are capable of handling high power levels, and the cones are strengthened with aluminum for added sturdiness. Also, don’t forget that in case you have any other speakers from the Q series, you can pair the KEF up with them.

The KEF Q300 Tweeter and Woofer

The tweeter is the speaker component that produces the higher audio frequencies you hear, from about 2,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The Q300 tweeter has a coaxial driver, a dome material of aluminum and a Tangerine wave guide.

The Tangerine wave guide works to integrate the tweeter with the woofer, enhancing the overall efficiency and spread of sound throughout the room, even at the highest frequencies.

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For those of you not speaker savvy, you can think of the woofer as the opposite of the tweeter. Where the tweeter delivers up high frequency sound, the woofer delivery low frequency sounds, from about 40 Hz to 500 Hz.

The Q300’s woofer is 6.5 inches and like the tweeter, made from aluminum. To avoid sound dispersal conflicts with the tweeter, the engineers at KEF created a surround with a 90 degree angle, which works perfectly.

Audio Versatility with the KEF Q300

While the KEF Q300 is designed as the perfect desk top or book shelf speaker, it can also be used with other speakers in the Q family. For instance, if you have a selection of ‘Q’ series speakers in your home or office, such as floorstanding, center channels or subwoofers, you can now hook your KEF Q300 up with them to work in tandem.

However, whether you choose to use them alone, or with other speakers in the KEF Q series, know that you will always receive true to life sound for your listening pleasure.

Innovative Design of the KEF Q300 Speaker

While it is important that your speaker blend with your decor, it is also equally or more so important that the speaker cabinet is integrated in to the overall design in order to produce the best possible audio. The cabinets of the Q300 speaker are acoustically inert, which means you get a solid, well performing base and crisp mid range sound.

The cabinets have been designed carefully, with their braces placed in such a way as to enhance the sound instead of impede it. The oblong, rectangle shape has 30% more internal volume that its predecessors, and when you blend the new bass drivers with the increased internal volume, you get a rich, distortion free sound.

Perfect Positioning and Care of your KEF Q300 Bookshelf Speakers

Lets take some time to look at the importance of speaker positioning, as positioning your Q300 bookshelf speakers is an art form in and of itself.

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First, as these are bookshelf size speakers, try to avoid setting them up against walls, or anything solid for better mid-range and mid-bass sound. Also, if you decide to put the Q300 speakers on your work desk, put a layer of absorptive material beneath them, as this prevents the sound from causing vibrations on your desk, giving you extra noise you do not want.

Finally, when positioning your Q300 speakers, its best that they be as close to ‘ear level’ as possible for the absolute best in sound. Excellence in sound not only depends on how you position your KEF Q300 loudspeaker, but also how you care for it. Be sure to keep your speakers away from areas of high humidity, keep it out of direct sunlight and away from areas of increased temperature. When you clean your KEF Q300 make sure you only use a dry, lint free soft cloth.

The Final Words (Summary)

The Q300 Bookshelf Speaker by KEF is an affordable, outstanding speaker with a two way bass reflex design, a 1 inch aluminum dome tweeter, 6.5 inch aluminum mid range/woofer, 42 Hz – 40kHz frequency response, crossover frequency 2.5kHz, Amplifier requirements 15 – 120 watts, Sensitivity 87 dB, maximum output 110 dB. It’s Uni-Q driver array technology works to drive and disperse sound throughout your listening area perfectly.

Overall, as our KEF Q300 review has illustrated, the KEF Q300 Bookshelf Speakers are solid, dependable high performance producers of high quality sound, definitely a classic in the making.