KEF LS50 (LS50W) Wireless Review In 2023

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For audiophiles, a transportable, high performance, durable hi fi system with amazingly crisp, clean true to life sound is a dream come true.

A portable loudspeaker system which can be placed on your desk, mounted on bookshelves, even the kitchen counter top while you are making dinner is an asset to the life of anyone who appreciates the beauty of rich, deep and full audio. The LS50W by KEF is just such a loudspeaker system.

Below in our KEF LS50 Wireless review, we welcome you to become acquainted with one of the most powerful and high quality portable speaker systems on the market today.

You May Choose This KEF LS50W Music System For The Following Specification:

  • Extreme Connectivity for multiple devices.
  • 5.25 inch Uni-Q driver.
  • Control via OLED touch pad, remote and smartphone app.
  • DSP timing crossover correction.
  • Luxurious, crystalline sound quality.

KEF LS50 Wireless Review

Meet the LS50 Wireless Speaker System by KEF

If you are looking for a top of the line, portable, outstanding and brilliant wireless sound system for your desk, work space or book shelf, then I encourage you to take a look at the standmount wireless speaker system, LS50W by KEF.

At a compact and powerful 12 x 7.9 x 11.8 inches, the LS50 Wireless was created to celebrate KEF’s 55th anniversary, and was designed to handle the discerning demands of todays educated and technically savvy audiophiles.

The KEF LS50W is built able to handle a vast variety of source signal inputs which include everything from turntables to Bluetooth devices with great ease and efficiency.

The LS50W is available in three different color combinations: Gloss white and copper; gloss black and blue; titanium gray and red.

Extremely Versatile and Easy to Set Up

For the absolute best in versatile, portable, wireless sound systems, the LS50W by KEF has you covered, as you will be able to stream music by way of a variety of inputs.

Source signals include: 2.4Ghz/5Ghz dual band Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX codec, USB type B, TOSLINK Optical, RCA analog line level input, 10/100 Mbps Rj45 Ethernet. In case you are not too familiar with source signals here are a few examples.

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RCA analog signal would go by way of the Aux input, and handle your turntable, disc player or television set. The optical input would be for disc players, television sets and gaming consoles.

The USB input would be used for your computer. Wi Fi and Bluetooth would handle signals from your smartphones, tablets as well as your computer.

The LS50W is not only a strong, versatile sound system, but initial set up is quite simple, taking just under 5 minutes to complete.

Simply place each speaker in its place such as on your desk or on it’s speaker stand, and grab the Ethernet cable that came with the purchase, and connect your speakers. Finally, hook the power cord and flip the power switch located on top of the right speaker.

This speaker system comes with everything you’ll need to get set up: A right master speaker and left slave speaker, power cord, Cat-6 inter-speaker cable, USB cable, LAN cable, remote control, quick start manual and warranty card.

Easy Access Controls and Connections

The right, or master speaker will be the one that handles all of your digital inputs, then using the Ethernet cable, moves them to the left channel.

KEF LS50 Wireless Review (Best Wireless Music System)
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The rear panel of your right speaker has the following inputs and controls: Inter-speaker connection, AC power, equalizer (EQ) settings, USB input, optical input, Aux input, Subwoofer out, network and reset.

The rear left, or slave speaker has an Inter-speaker connection, AC power and balance control.

Finally, if you look to the top of the right speaker, you’ll see the power switch, source selection, Bluetooth pairing and volume control.

Excellence in Overall Sound Quality

The point source 5.25 inch Uni-Q driver array is exclusive to KEF speakers and functions to create a unique and expansive dispersal of sound which pours into the room, so no matter where you sit, you are sure to bet the absolute best in audio pleasure.

KEF LS50 Wireless Review
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The excellent audio provided by the Uni-Q driver is further augmented by the DSP Crossover Timing correction ability of the LS50W. DSP stands for digital signal processing and allows you to tune your audio system.

If you take a look at the back of your right master speakers rear panel, you will see that KEF has made it possible for you to choose your DSP according to where you will place your speaker: Desk, stand, free space, or wall.

The LS50W has a dedicated DSP crossover for both channels. All of this simply means that you are free to experiment with creating the best sound for you by moving your speakers around and adjusting the DSP accordingly, allowing you to actually personalize the sound that is perfect for you.

Each LS50W speaker has two 230 watt amplifiers and two 192Khz/24bit DACs. DAC refers to digital to analog converter, which does as the name implies, and converts a digital signal to an analog one.

The LS50W has two DACs for each channel, four in total, which means that the decoding of any one of your chosen source signals will result in the most accurate audio possible.

The KEF LS50W Smartphone App

Not only can you control your speakers via the OLED touch control on the right master speaker and remote control, but you also have the option of configuring your speakers by way of a smartphone app available for both iOS and Android.

This app will allow you to control the speakers performance, network setup, and stream your favorite music.

The KEF LS50W smartphone app also allows you to choose between three levels of EQ, or equalizer settings which will allow you to tweak your speakers to enhance your music choices.

The Final Words (Summary)

The LS50W is a sweet, powerful, high performance wireless speaker system. It comes with a Uni-Q driver array, has a max peak of 106 dB, and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB, TOSLINK, RCA analog and Ethernet inputs. It has a Subwoofer output and Bluetooth range of 10m, Bluetooth memory for 8 devices, and up to 24 bit resolution.

As can be seen by our KEF LS50 Wireless review, if you are in the market for a high end, portable sound system that is easy to use and loaded with tweakable features, then we suggest you give the LS50 Wireless System by KEF a try.