JBL LSR305 Review In 2023

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Anyone with a good ear for music can tell the difference between home speakers and studio monitors. The latter tends to accentuate while the studio ones tend to give you the accurate sound.

However, there are so many of them out there and when you look at it from a positive perspective; it is beneficial for the buyer as they get to select from a variety. Unfortunately, that makes it quite difficult as each has its share of goodness to offer.

That’s is why my team and I set out for a market hunt and came up with a review of one of the best and most popular ones in the market.

This article contains A to Z information on JBL lsr305 hence making it easier for you to know whether it suits your needs. Let’s read the JBL LSR305 Review.

You May Choose this JBL LSR305 Studio Monitor For The Following Specification:

  • Better HF details
  • Three series speakers
  • Frequency response is between twenty-four and forty-three kHz
  • XLR/ TRS inputs
  • 6-ohm impendence
  • Magnet shield structure
  • Image control waveguide

JBL LSR305 Review with Features

3 in One Set Design

The JBL lsr305 comes in a striking shiny black color which makes it appealing to anyone. It has quite a compact size with a weight of 10.12, and the overall dimensions are 9.88×7.28×11.75 making it suitable to place anywhere you deem appropriate due to the cube shape.

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Since they are a three in one series, they are more powerful in comparison to when you are using two monitor speakers.

Also, that allows them to be utilized in any room regardless of the size. So whether you are in a big or medium room, JBL lsr305 will perform its functions as it is supposed to.

Since they are three, you might tend to think that they cannot balance. Well, you are in for a rude surprise. Due to the XLR and TRS inputs, you can connect to any source while at the same time maintaining stability in all the three speakers.

Accurate Recordings

Thanks to the incorporation of the image control waveguide technology, you get the most accurate records. The JBL Company has patent rights over this design, so it stands out from the rest available in the market.

The waveguide which is made from plastic ensures control over the sound that comes from the speakers in both vertical and horizontal planes so that your recordings come out accurately.

The secret to achieving this control is on its ridge shaped center. Hence you can be sure that you are listening to your original and not exaggerated sound.

Soft Dome Tweeters

Unlike other models from JBL whose tweeters are of metal, the JBL lsr305 stands out. Reason being it is made from perfectly woven and damp compound materials which make it quite a performer.

This works to ensure that there is a smooth transition of sound from the cone to the baffle by reduction of resonance. Hence you get much deeper bass while at the same time precise and accurate response.

Also due to the soft dome tweeters, there is no distortion of sound no matter your volume level. Even if you set the bass to be more dominant, you still get to listen to smooth sound.

Better Durability

Before it was released in the market, it was left on for more than three days to test its performance. All through the days, JBL lsr305 never went off.

That is sufficient proof that it can withstand up to 100 watts of power without being damaged. Hence you can be assured it will serve you for years to come without having to buy another one unless you want to upgrade your system.

It works perfectly with 100 to 240 voltage sockets which mean it is compatible with any power source around as most of them are between this range.


The JBL lsr305 prides itself on low and high-frequency switches which place you in total control over the performance.

You can use the switches to increase the bass to the level you want or increase treble if you are an acoustic person. The power is now in your hands.

Customizable Sensitivity and Magnetic Shield Enclosure

It has a sensitivity of between four to ten decibels, and the best part of that is that you can customize the aspect to your liking.

JBL LSR305 Review
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Thus it’s compatible with many sources without causing any overloads. You also do not have to worry about any interruptions during recording sessions.

This is due to the neodymium magnetic shield enclosure which prevents it from reacting with any sources of signals such as phones.

You now have the power to make clearer and peaceful recordings in your hands.

In addition to these two aspects, JBL lsr305 has 3D amplifiers which ensure that even if you are a listener, you get high-quality content.

They offer you more than enough power which is suitable for tough productions.


The JBL lsr305 boasts an LED power indicator underneath the flare which comes in handy during less visible situations.

That means you do not need to postpone your recording simply because it is dark as the lights from the indicator are bright and do not beam hence you can easily position your ears for perfect imaging without causing any strain to your eyes.

Pros & Cons of this Studio Monitor

    Pros of the Product

  • Accurate
  • Brightly lit LED power indicators to make recording poorly lit conditions quite easy
  • Balanced inputs give you the ability to fine tune the sound to how you want
  • Can support high levels of voltage
  • Works perfectly irrelevant of the room size hence eliminating the need to be in front of it to adjust.

     Cons of the Product

  • Lacks RCA input

Wrap up (Summary)

According to this JBL LSR305 Review, The studio monitor is winning. It has combined some regular features such as neodymium magnetic shield enclosure with its patented wave guard technology to give you the smoothest sound.

Also if you are a dance hall, hip hop or the kind of music that requires deep bass person, you encounter no limitations. Reason being, the soft dome tweeters ensure no sound distortion no matter how high your volume is.

You can now keep that nosy and stubborn neighbor at bay by turning up your JBL lsr305 to the highest volume level without experiencing any rattling.