HP Omen 32 Review In 2023

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An excellent monitor can make all the difference between dull, lifeless visuals and animations, to vibrant and captivating displays. A superior monitor relays information from your computer to the display screen.

The Omen 32 inch by Hewlett Packard is an amazing bit of computer hardware, and we are sure that you will find our HP Omen 32 review not only informative, but highly useful in your quest for the perfect gaming monitor.

You May Choose This 32-Inch HP QHD Monitor For the Following Key Specifications:

  • 5 millisecond response time.
  • 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution.
  • Expansive 34 Inch display area.
  • 77 Percent more pixels than its competitors.
  • AMD FreeSync certified.

HP Omen 32 Review with Features & Benefits

Meet the Omen 32 Inch Display Monitor

The Omen 32 Display is a large, monster of a monitor that sits on an all metal stand which tilts -5 to +21 degrees. Not only is this monitor a monster in size and weight, but it is a high in both quality and overall performance. The Omen 32 Inch monitor comes with 77 percent more pixels than its standard HD competitors.

Indeed, when hitting the streets in Grand Theft Auto, smashing villains in Resident Evil, or doing high end animations in Blender, you will find that the image quality is superb, crisp and free from screen tear.

However, always remember, as monitors and video cards interact, there will always be slight differences in performance between users, based on their video card performance.

The Omen, Built for Gaming and Graphics Applications

Gone are the days of gamers hooking up multiple monitors to their computer in order to increase their visual display real estate.

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Indeed, if you are in the market for a high performance monitor, with the toughness and speed to handle your gaming or high end graphic needs, then take a look at the Omen 32 Display with LED back lighting.

Yes, you read right, this is a monitor with a display area of a whopping 32 inches at 21 pounds, with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, giving gamers 1.78 times more pixels than its major competitors.

Omen monitor actually belongs to a product series developed by Hewlett Packard, with the hardware developed and designed specifically for gaming.

No more will you have to hook up multiple monitors in order to increase your surface display area, simply hook up your Omen 32-inch and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Power and Performance Features

Whether you are into gaming, watching high quality video or involved with high end graphic software applications, we guarantee that this anti-glare monitor will enhance your experience.

For the tech minded, lets do a quick overview of the features. The Omen offers color support for up to 1.07 billion colors by way of FRC technology, with a color gamut of 100 percent sRGB, which will enhance the work of you graphic artists out there.

The pixel pitch is 0.27675 (H) mm x 0.27675 (V) mm, 91.8 ppi. The viewing angle for both the horizontal and vertical views is a sweet 178 degrees.

The aspect ratio is 16:9, static contrast ratio is 3000:1, and dynamic contrast ration is 10,000,000:1. The power supply is external with a 72 watt max power consumption. Remember, this model is designed to be fast, with little lag time in order to provide seamless gameplay and video viewing.

The Omen has a 2560 x 1440 resolution called Quad HD, with a 5 millisecond response time, and 75 Hz refresh rate, with 1.07 billion colors available. All this means simply that you will experience crisp imagery, little or no motion blur and top notch performance.

Elimination of Motion Blur and Screen Tearing

The Omen 32 also supports AMD FreeSync. AMD FreeSync is an adaptive sync technology that is designed to increase your performance during gaming, so you attain smooth gameplay.

HP Omen 32 Review
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It ensures that communication between the computer processor and monitor run smoothly, which eliminates screen tears and overall screen chop, so you not only get fantastic speed, no motion blur, but also vibrant colors.

Not only does the Omen 32 support the sRGB spectrum, but it has a 178 degree WVA, or Wide Viewing Angle. The Wide Viewing Angle is exceptionally important for gamers.

This refers to the the widest angle where you can view the images or video on your monitor, and still be able to play games, or enjoy your video.

This model also comes with a VESA mount, so you may place it on your wall or swivel arm. Energy Star certified, EPEAT qualified with a silver level. 1 year warranty for parts and labor.


Gamers, film fans and multi media artists rely heavily on the quality of the image displayed. However, that image only gets to the monitor via the proper cables.

Gamers, multi media artists both require not only superb graphics, but also a variety of input and output options if they are heavily involved in console gaming, high end graphic software or intense multi media users.

The Omen 32 Display gives you a DisplayPort 1.2 with HDCP support, VGA, 2 HDMI ports with HDCP support, and integrated 2.0 USB hub with both an upstream port and two downstream ports. Always make sure that the computer you own, has a port compatible with your monitor.

Summary (The Final Words)

From our HP Omen 32 review, its quite easy to see that this monitor is built for the power needed for high resolution graphics of gaming, having 77 percent more pixels than you standard full HD monitors.

There is no video lag here, as the Omen has a 5 millisecond response time, and a 75 Hz refresh rate, which means and end motion blur and screen tearing.

The AMD Free Sync certification means fluid game play and general video viewing, and connectivity is a breeze as the Omen comes with a DisplayPort, dual HDMI, integrated USB 2.0 ports.

All in all, if you are a serious gamer and are sick of hooking up several monitors in order to increase your surface display area, then the Omen 32 inch is the the absolutely perfect choice for you.