How to Make your Computer Faster and Speed up PC Now

How to Make your Computer Faster is a common question of Top PC Tech readers and they want to speed up PC, this article may help them to speed up their slow computer.  Remember when you first took out your brand new computer from the box and turned it on? It was as fast as lightning running multiple applications without any performance problems. Other than the annoying software that came installed on the computer it had no problems whatsoever. However, as time went on it took slower and slower to turn on and launching a web browser started taking forever! It felt like the internet began running slower and even simple tasks took way too long to do.

Why is my computer so slow? 5 Ways to Make it faster

Problems like these happen to almost every single computer out there plainly because most users don’t know simple tips to keep their computer running like new. Over time, many programs get installed and start-up applications use much of the processing power. Also, the Windows registry builds up and hard disks drive fragments making the computer perform really slowly.

Luckily for you, there are many easy and some more advanced solutions to these problems. Visit the Troubleshoot page for simple tutorials about tweaking your computer to its maximum potential.

How to Make your Computer Faster – Tips for Speed up Computer Now

Here we present some tips that assist you to speed up the computer now. Follow the instruction and Speed up PC easily.

Viruses & Spyware

The most effective method for increasing computer performance relies on anti-virus and anti-spyware software. If you do not have any protection software installed please consider installing, at least, a basic version of an anti-virus program! Not having any protection puts your computer’s protection at great risk. There is completely no workaround for this! Even the most careful user can get their machine infected with spyware, adware, or viruses. Not only does performance suffer when a computer is infected with malware, but your identity, passwords, and files are at serious risk.

Computer virus image Viruses and spyware have the most impact on your machine performance-wise. They can significantly slow it down and most of the time are the primary causes of decreased computer performance. Before trying other methods of speeding up a computer first make sure you have an anti-virus program installed and it is updated to the latest version. You can read some of my personal reviews of the best anti-virus programs and adware removal tool at the Windows page if you do not have one installed. If you do have one installed run a Full System Scan to ensure every single nook and cranny is checked for viruses.

Best 5 Free Adware Removal Tool List

If your computer was pretty fast and all of the sudden became very slow then most likely you have a virus on your machine. I urge you to visit the troubleshooting page and get help removing the virus. This is not a hardware issue as most hardware problems result in complete system failures rather than just slowing down the computer.

Background & Start-Up Applications

Your computer may be running slow, because of active applications running in the background and using the limited processing power. These applications load when you start-up your computer and not only slow down the start-up process but also decrease your computer’s speed while you are using it. A guide for removing background applications can be found in the Windows section. The tutorial is easy to follow and comes in a normal or an advanced version.

Registry, Fragmentation & Full HDDs

Another way computer performance decreases is by the ever-growing Windows registry, hard disk drive fragmentation, and full hard disk drives. The registry slows computer speeds by increasing the processing overhead; as it grows over time it requires greater processing power slowing down the performance and can lead to other related problems.

Disk defragmentation is puffed up as a system to rapidity up a slow PC, but severe fragmentation can really decrease your machine’s speed. Also, a completely full hard drive can impact your computer’s speed because Windows needs at least 10% free space for “paging operations.” Guides for these methods of increasing computer performance can also be found in the Windows section.

More computer performance tips can be found in the Tips & Tricks section and you also read this article about “WHY IS MY COMPUTER SO SLOW? 5 WAYS TO MAKE IT FASTER”, which includes guides helping you step-by-step and other useful information dealing with performance. I hope this article may give the answer to How to make your computer faster? And you can easily speed up PC. After that, if you have any queries about speeding up the computer then you will write in the comment section.

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