How to Make Games Download Faster on Xbox One?

How to Make Games Download Faster on Xbox One

Downloading things on the internet can sometimes be delayed when you have many things running on the background. Most game lovers would want a faster process that leads them to the exciting gaming experience, and here are steps that can help you download your games faster on Xbox one.

Steps to Make Xbox Games Download Faster

Step 1: Closing out games and app

Though the Xbox One allows you to play games or make use of other apps while downloading games, the download can take a longer time. This action can be due to many games loading on the background. However, to avoid this hiccup, you can close any other games or apps that are not urgent. The closing is done by pressing the button that has the Xbox Logo in the center of the controller. This process automatically suspends any games that could be running. After that, highlight the game you want closed in the left sidebar. Finally, you press the menu button and press quit. Once the other games are closed, the download will be a bit fast.

Step 2: Reduce your internet engagements

Reduction of your internet engagements can be a greater way to boost your Xbox one system. That’s because whenever your internet connection is serving many devices, downloading tends to be slow. The remedy for this is disconnecting other devices like phones and computers from your internet connection. The disconnection will lessen the burden for your internet and enable your Xbox One to be responsive, thus translating to a quicker game download.

Reduce your internet engagements

Step 3: Reboot your internet server

Sometimes slow game download could not be due to the Xbox One, but the internet server you are using. Internet servers at times fail to perform as expected. However, if you notice some slowness, you can reboot your server. Rebooting is done by disconnecting your server from the socket and wait for some minutes then connect it back. Rebooting helps your internet to work fast.

Step 4: Download one game at a time

Most gamers have a habit of downloading many games simultaneously, which normally tends to overwork your Xbox One. Though Xbox One permits you to download several games concurrently, the devices’ speed might be derailed. Downloading one game at a time will yield faster results than the multiple downloads. In case you had already started several downloads, you can highlight them in the queue under ” My Apps and games” and then pause. After pausing all games, you can now select one game at a time and download it until its finished. Downloading one game at a time significantly shortens the time taken.

Download one game at a time

Step 5: Restart the Xbox one

At times your inbox could be slow due to technical reasons, and restarting them serves a better purpose. Restarting your Xbox One is done by pressing the Logo button of your Xbox on your controller to activate the guide. Then press right on your D-pad three times to direct the system pane. Finally, highlight the restart option and press A. Any game that was downloading will be paused automatically and resume after you have restarted the system. Your Xbox One will restart, thus speeding up your download.

Step 6: Move your Xbox closer to the internet server

If your Xbox One happens to be far from the internet connection, at times, it may have a lower signal, thus stalling your game downloads. You might be forced to consider lessening the range between the connection and your Xbox One. You can move the Xbox to where your server is connected, and by so doing, the download speed will significantly increase as well, and the internet speed will be stabilized. A shorter range will give you an amazing gaming experience with a flow.

Move your Xbox closer to the internet server

Step 7: Buy an Ethernet Cable to speed up downloads

In most cases, this action is considered as the last option after trying all the above. You can buy an Ethernet cable and then plug it at the back of your Xbox one while the other end is connected to the router. A wired connection is more dependable and works faster since there is no interference of any other connection cables. This cable gives you the privilege of using your Xbox one without any devices interfering.

The Final Words (Summary)

Every gamer’s desire is to have a flowing gaming adventure with the utmost internet speed. The Xbox one is an amazing system that gives gamers a social experience on the internet by playing an uncountable number of their favorite games. However, the game downloads can be slow, depending on the file size, contents, and other factors. The above-discussed methods are the best in accessing a fast game download and presenting you with the game playing experience your world desire quickly.

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