How to House Train Puppy (Infographic)

Many people want to have their puppy trained especially when they are suffering from bad habits like biting and pooping inside the house. The owner can always train their puppy just right inside their house. But where do you start in how to house train a puppy? Find it out with the following instructions.

How to House Train Puppy (5 Ways)

1. Learn to understand the personality of your puppy

If you want to get your puppy trained personally then you might want to consider things inside your house and the tricks you might want to use. But before that, be cautious about the personality of your puppy. It would be easier to teach a puppy in younger age and of course, when you know his or her personality.

2. Train your puppy in his or her right age

There are certain age that your puppy will fast with your training and spotting it in their right age will get them trained without taking too much effort. If you are going to fail to train them on their right age, you will then experience hard time training them and may get used to their bad habits.

How to House Train Puppy

It would be best to house train your puppy between the age of 8 up to 16 weeks old and you need to be consistent about it. This age will let them learn all the training fast and will adapt it until your puppy grows old. But as the puppy grows, their personality changes too so be careful and don’t just stop training them. You may use dog bark collar or dog training collars for train up your puppy.

3. Be cautious with the breeding of your puppy

It would be helpful if you know the breeding of your puppy because this will affect his or her training. There are puppy who can learn fast and some don’t so be cautious with their breeding.

4. Make a spot for your puppy to play inside and outside your house

Your pet needs a place to play and rest which may be messy at the end, so try to make a place to relax and another place to play for your puppy to be train.

5. Make a schedule for their poop, pee, exercise, playing and feeding time

You can always train your puppy at home as long as you are patient and determine enough to do that. If you want to know how to house train your puppy, you will need a schedule for almost everything. It is required to have a schedule in their pooping time, exercise, playing and any other activities that you want to do with your puppy because this will become their habit too.

You will know when they are trained because they will react uneasy when they are inside your house and want to get out. It means they are going to do something outside that you already trained him or her to do.

Here is an info-graphic about How to House Train Puppy, you may like it-

How to House Train Puppy Info-graphic

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The Final words (Summary)

You can let your puppy learn not just their schedule of pooping or any good manners but also tricks. As long as you are consistent of training your puppy to do the things you want them to do, then you can assure yourself that they are going to achieve your goal (How to House Train Puppy) for them.