How to Fix ‘Net::Err_Cert_Date_Invalid’ Error

In this time internet users are increasing day by day. Most of the internet users are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser and sometimes they face a common error that is Net::Err_Cert_Date_Invalid error and it is very annoying in browsing time. This is a simple error but we don’t know the reasons that creates this error that’s why we sufferers.  In this article at first we know the reasons of the err_cert_date_invalid error and then the solutions of this internet error. And finally we apply the best solution for fixing the error forever. Some specific reasons are given bellow.

  • Setting wrong or invalid date and time in the time zone is creating this error 201.
  • Antivirus HTTPS scanning block and shows this irritating internet error.
  • Browser History and also browser Cookies block HTTPS and shows this error 201.

Normally theseabove reasons create this err_cert_date_invalid error so at first you identify the specific reasons then implement the best method for fixing the error for ever in Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Best Fix Net::Err_Cert_Date_Invalid Error

=>> Fix 1: Clear Browser History and Cookies-

Maximum time this unknown error shows in Google Chrome browser so at first you clear your Chrome browser History and then Clear Cookies data. This solution works well for some forum members so you can try this method first.

Clear Chrome Browser History Data: It is very simple to clear browser History data just type the bellow code in your Chrome browser search bar and then hit Enter button from keyboard.


Now you click on the clear browsing data button from top and then check all the entire box and again click on the clear browsing data from bellow.

Clear History and Cache From Your Google Chrome Browser

Clear Chrome Browser Cookies Data: its also easy task just type the bellow code in the Chrome browser search box and hit Enter.


Now click on the Remove all button and then click on the Done button from the bellow.

Clear Browser Cookies

If you use any others browser like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer then you will clear all the History and Cookies and finally implement the bellow methods.

=>> Fix 2: Check and Fix Time and Date-

Maximum time this err_cert_date_invalid error occurs for invalid or wrong time and date settings so at first check your time and date if it was wrong then fix it.  It’s also very easy to change time and date if you don’t know the process then follow the bellow instruction and implement carefully.

At first click on the Windows Start menu and type ‘Date and Time’ in the search box and hit Enter button. Now click on the ‘Change date and time’ from the new window. Now reset the time and date and finally click on the OK button.

Check and Right Your Computer Time and Date

=>> Fix 3: Deselect HTTPS Scanning Box-

If you use any security software or antivirus software then find out the HTTPS scanning and then unchecked or deselect the scanning box because this scanning block the HTTPS and occurs this net::err_cert_date_invalid error.

=>> Some Tips to Avoid this Error-

  • Always update time and date, you can also select auto update time and date.
  • Regular clear browser History and Cookies after browsing.
  • And also uncheck all the HTTPS scanning from antivirus and others software.
  • Always true this configuration ‘ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes_128_sha’ from the ‘about:config’ page.

I hope you can fix the error by implementing the above solution. All above solution collect from the best tech forum and experts if you can’t fix the error then please comment in bellow and obviously type the best method that worked well for you and fix the error.