How to Clean a Mattress Like Pro

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No matter how soft and comfy your mattress is, over time it will not be as clean as it was the first time. You spend about a third of your life sleeping on your mattress so don’t expect it to stay clean forever. Not to mention if you have kids at home who are prone to wetting the bed. You can’t be sleeping on the same mattress every day after your kid had an accident on it. Of course, the same goes for their mattress. Guest beds or mattress should clean always for hygienic sleeping.

How to Clean a Mattress Like

Basically, mattress cleaning is as important as cleaning your sheets, pillowcases, and everything that gets in contact with your skin. It is not something that you have to do every day or every week but it is important. If not, a dirty mattress can lead to nasty health issues that can affect your skin, lungs, and more. If you don’t want the bed bugs, allergens, and molds ruining your sleep, here’s how you can clean a mattress:

6 Tips to clean a mattress like pro

1. Remove everything on the mattress

In other words, strip the mattress so you can clean it thoroughly. Start by removing all the pillows, blankets, comforters, sheets, and mattress covers then toss them into the washing machine. Don’t forget to use hot water to kill all dust mites and allergens that linger in them. Y Drying them on high heat will help you make sure that those pests won’t be coming back on your mattress. However, take note that not all pillows can be tossed in the wash so make it a habit of reading its manial. Understand each item’s cleaning instructions before soaking them with water and soap.

2. Vacuum the whole mattress

Once you have decluttered the mattress, grab the vacuum and do the entire surface of the mattress. Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to clean the mattress thoroughly. Pay attention to its seams and crevices since these are the places where dust, dirt, and dead skin always hide. If you check these spots, you might even find some nasty things that hidden in there. Thus, be sure to switch to your vacuum’s crevice attachment so you can reach deeper.

A normal vacuum works in cleaning a mattress but we still recommend investing in a vacuum that is specific for a mattress. Handheld mattress vacuums are designed to suck dead skin better than regular vacuums. For instance, a Dyson vacuum can suck up to 3g. of material compared with a regular vacuum with only 1g. capacity. This is something to take note if you want to make your life easier when cleaning a mattress.

3. Spot treat any stain you find

Sometimes, vacuuming is not enough to freshen up your mattress. The stain is just one of the most common problems that all mattress owners encounter over time. If you know how hard it is to remove stains on clothes, prepare yourself for a bigger job for mattresses. You can’t soak a mattress on soapy water to remove stains caused by sweat, blood, urine, and other bodily fluids. Instead, spot cleaning it based on the kind of mattress you have is the key. If you have a blood stain on the mattress, you can follow these tips to remove them.

Say goodbye to those stubborn stains by using a non-toxic and natural enzyme-based mattress cleaner that break down stains. At the same time, this can get rid of any odor on the mattress. If that didn’t work, you can also use a combination of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and some dish-washing liquid. Mix these ingredients in a spray bottle then treat the stained areas. You can rub or blot the areas with a piece of clean rag.

Another way to get rid of stains is by using a mixture of lemon juice and salt. Mix them together until you make a paste then apply it directly to the stain. Let it stand for 30 to 60 minutes then wipe off the remaining salt with a piece of clean towel.

4. Deodorize the mattress with baking soda

If you can’t put the mattress out in the sun and let fresh air work its magic, try baking soda. This is one of the cheapest and most effective solutions to deodorize a mattress. Just sprinkle a light layer of baking soda over its surface then let it sit for several hours. It will slowly absorb any excess liquid left after removing the stains on it. You can also do this before a long trip so your mattress will smell fresh again when you return. You have to vacuum the mattress again to remove the remaining baking soda on its surface.

5. Air the mattress outside

If you have a spacious back yard or front yard, maximize its use by airing your mattress outside. This is the simplest ways to get rid of moisture that accumulated inside it before and after removing its stains. The fresh air and natural UV sunlight can also help remove its odor if you don’t want to use any chemical solution. The longer you expose it to UV sunlight the better you can eliminate bacteria in the most natural way. That’s it; you don’t have to spend a single penny as long as you can carry your mattress outside.

6. Cover it up for protection

Now that you’ve done a fine job cleaning and drying the mattress, it’s time to cover it up. If you want to keep your mattress clean a little longer, choose it’s mattress protector wisely. This serves as the defense layer that prevents sweat, stain, dirt, bed bugs, and dust mites from penetrating inside. We suggest buying a waterproof mattress protector, especially for kids who are prone to bed-wetting. You can also wash it easier on the washing machine regularly.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

There you have it, all the quick and easy steps to clean a mattress without spending much. Cleaning your mattress regularly can remove dust, bacteria, allergens, and prevent molds from ruining it. It can also prevent your mattress from having a nasty smell which you have to ensure unless you clean it. So, follow the steps above and your mattress will be smelling fresh and good as new again.