How to Choose a Computer Case

The heart of a computer is the CPU. The essential component of the CPU is the case. It is the case that houses the bulk of the hardware of any computer. There are some factors to consider when buying the case for your computer. If you end up choosing the wrong CPU case, it can be too small, or it might not be durable enough.

How to Choose a Computer Case

Hence; today we will share with you a buying guide which will help you choose the right computer case. We will now highlight a few factors which you should always consider while choosing one. Once you do so, it is easy to shortlist the right one and hope, you will get the best answer of  ‘how to choose a computer case’.

How to Choose a Computer Case for Best Performance

1. Size

The first factor which you have to consider is the size of the case. You can classify it into three options, which are:

  • Full tower
  • Mid tower
  • Mini ITX

The mid-tower is a good enough option as the size is 18 inches, and the thickness is around 8 inches. The mid-tower can also support graphics card as well as a closed-loop CPU cooler. If you’re looking for maximum space, the full tower with a height of 20 inches is a good option. The mini ITX provides you with minimal space and is suitable for only basic computers. Additionally, there is also a micro ATX case on offer if you are specifically looking for gaming cases on a budget. You have to look at the hardware to install and after that, take a call on the size of the case.

2. Value for money

We all like to get maximum bang for our buck. That is why, when looking for affordable cases, micro ATX gaming cases are the way to go. The advantage of these gaming cases is that they provide cooling features as well as plenty of space to mount the gaming hardware. It is not uncommon to find top micro ATX gaming cases which offer excellent value. If you were to go for a full tower one, you might have to shell out 2 to 3 times more. That is why; it is essential to take into account the budget which you have and choose accordingly.

3. Aesthetics

A case can last for years together. That is why; you have to take into account the aesthetics as well. The aesthetics can comprise of 3 different aspects like:

  • Color
  • Material
  • Design

You have to look at these three factors and then take a call. The material should be durable, and the color and design should be such that you can use it for years together. Only once you take into account these three factors, you can choose an aesthetically appealing one.

4. Hardware mounting points

Choose a Computer Case

The hardware mounting points play a vital role while choosing the case. You have to look at this is the mounting point in the drive bays on offer. When assembling a gaming computer, the hardware space you need will be immense; you have to look at the 2.5-inch bays as well as the 3.5-inch bays. Once you can ascertain that there are multiple such storage bays, you can go ahead with that case.

5. Cable management system

If you go for the most affordable cases, they have just a large hole for tunneling the cable through. However, when you’re choosing ATX cases, they have proper cable management systems. There is an appropriate panel at one end of the CPU on the backside which can help you connect to various cables. As a result, utilizing all the hardware becomes easy. You can use the interface on one end to connect every component of your case with the external peripherals. It helps to manage the cables seamlessly. While choosing the case, it is better to prefer one with a proper cable management system.

6. Ventilation

The gaming computer can heat up quite quickly. It is essential for you to have a proper cooling system. You have to look at the ventilation as well. If you ignore this aspect, your PC would heat up consistently and will shut down intermittently. It will deteriorate the entire gaming experience. So, it is essential to check the ventilation system which it has to offer.

how to choose a pc case

You have to first and foremost look at the fan mounting points available. Ideally, if it can accommodate a couple of fans, it will help you keep the entire case cool. You have to also look at the fact as to whether it can allow you to water cooler your computer or not. Liquid cooling is pretty common in gaming cases. If there are fixtures for the same, you can be sure that irrespective of the gaming activity, you can keep the case at a proper temperature. It will help you play games for longer hours without intermittent shutdowns in between or any lags. That is why; you have to always take into account the ventilation and cooling mechanism on offer.

7. Sound Insulation

A soundproof case is better when assembling a gaming PC. It will ensure that you can play at complete ease. There will be no disturbance during the game. For this, you have to choose a case which has a proper sound dampening. With the help of rubber blocks at the bottom, most of the cases offer you excellent sound dampening. These soundproof cases manage to stay completely silent even when optimizing the air flow using large fans within the case. That is why, when looking for a completely silent option, you should always look at the sound insulation on offer.

8. Panel Construction

Lastly, you have to always look at the panels from which the case is made. These can be metal panels, aluminum, or they can be glass panels. The glass panels are expensive. However, with the right lighting, glass panels can be aesthetically pleasing. That is why you have to take into account the material of the panels and then decide which one you should buy.

So, the article about how to choose a computer case may help you, when looking to buy the right computer case, these are the factors which will help you choose the right one. Once you consider these few factors, you can shortlist from numerous options available and assemble your gaming PC, which can provide you with the superior experience.

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