How to Choose a Circular Saw

A circular saw is a powerful tool which comes with a round blade with and metal teeth to cut various types of materials. It can cut wood, lumber, concrete board, paneling, etc. Whether you are a cabinetmakers or carpenters, a0020circular saw is one of the most common tools that you need every day.

They come with a lot of features to make the works easier for you. On the other hand, they are portable and run on electricity. There are many varieties of circular saws which come with different features. You may feel confused at the time of selecting a circular saw as there are thousands of choices available on the market. However, every circular saw must have some common features for an efficient and smooth workflow.

Circular Saw Buying Guide

There are a lot of varieties of saw including the hacksaw, coping saw, rotorazer saw, hand saw, table saw, tile cutter for porcelain, and much more. But when it comes to professional cutting, the circular saw comes first in the mind.

I have listed some of the most important features that are needed for an efficient workflow of circular. Considering these products will help you choose a better circular saw for your work.

1. Safety Features 

The circular saw is a very powerful tool and it can be a breath-taker if doesn’t use properly. It must have some safety features to protect the user. The circular saw must have a safety switch which will need to be turned on to start the saw.

Circular Saw

The circular saw should also include a blade guard which will push the saw in the time of cutting wood and comes back into the right place after the work is done. Some of the saw also includes an electric blade which instantly stops the brake when it is released.

2. Type of Power Supply

There is two type of circular saw based on the power supply. One is AC powered and another is DC or Battery powered. If you are going to use the circular saw mostly for small cutting operations such as paneling, then I will recommend you to use the battery powered saw.

D.C powered circular saw is lightweight and it is an ideal component when you are going to cut things from distance. However, if you need to cut much and bigger things then you should go for the A.C. powered circular saw.

3. Depth Adjustment Settings

One thing you will definitely notice at the time of buying circular saw is that the circular saw comes in cutting range comes in different sizes. However, most of the circular saws are in 4 inches to 7.5-inch range.

The saw should have an adjustable cutting blade which can be adjusted to 2 inches to 7 inches. It will help you to change the position to different levels to cut different sized materials easily.

4. Blade Type

The cutting efficiency and speed will depend on the quality of the blade of the circular saw. The better the blade is the enhanced the result will.

The numbers of teeth on a blade also have a great impact on cutting speed and quality. Most of the blades have around 10 to 48 teeth. I will suggest you go for a circular saw which has many blades.

5. Bevel Adjustment

If you are going to use the circular saw for framing work then smooth bevel functioning very important. The bevel meter should be easy to read and it should be incremented from one degree so that you can adjust it to your required angle easily. Though most of the circular saw operates in 22.5 degrees to 45 degrees, the bevel should be easily adjustable to any angles.

6. Connection between base plate and blade

Most of the circular saw’s handle and motor connect at a pivot point in the base plate. As a result, you can easily adjust the bevel angle or cutting depth at the time of working.

It also helps to keep the machine stable at the time of working. Choose a circular saw which connects in line with the rear handle in pivot point for more stability.

7. Ase of Use

Most of the circular saws are easy to use. However, there are some features which will make your work easier. The saw should have an easy blade changing system so that you can quickly change the blade when it is needed. It will save your valuable time. The cordless saw is the best option if ase of use is your criteria. You will not need to worry about the cord and it will also give you more flexibility to move around. The saw should also have a comfortable handle so that you can grip it easily and work for a long time without getting tired.

8. Warranty and Price

Check the warranty before buying a.g. When you are going to buy a circular saw, check the warranty and price both. If the product has a good warranty period and it is affordable then go for it.

End Note (Summary)

When it comes to cutting materials, the circular saw can be the best companion for you.  It has a lot of features to make your cutting business easy, efficient, and smooth. Following the above guide at the time of buying a circular saw will give you the best value for your money.