7 Tips in Choosing your Next Chromebook

You can find Chromebooks in all sizes and shapes. Whenever you’re considering purchasing any tech it’s vital you ensure to buy something that suits you, or the user it’s intended for, needs best. Not only is returning tech products often times a hassle but they also almost instantly lose their value once they’ve been “used” so trying to resell them is not always such a good idea either.

How To Choose A Chromebook

Since the Chromebook comes in a wide variety of different models, which all happen to be priced differently, means that if you don’t know exactly what you want or are in search for ahead of time, making a decision can prove very difficult.

In this article, we’re going to highlight for you the few things you need to consider that’ll make choosing a Chromebook that fits your needs a little bit easier. Herein below are 7 important aspects you need to consider when buying your next Chromebook device, be it for yourself or the kids.

1. The Price

Arguably one of the most important things on this list is how much you’re willing to spend on the Chromebook you’re looking to buy. In fact, come to think of it, the price is often times the most important criteria when it comes to most, if not all, buying decisions. Concerning Chromebook laptops, you’ll eventually come across a wide range of price tags for devices that look and seem very similar.

This is in large part due to the fact that even the most affordable product works quite well for the casual user. However, a few dollars here and there can make a huge difference in user experience as well as quality. So, if pricing happens to be the most important aspect of your purchasing decision, then your best bet would be the affordable Acer 11.

2. The Screen

One of the most important features many people look at first when they’re considering buying a laptop is its display screen. Generally, the higher its resolution the better the laptop. Typically, Chromebook laptop devices are commonly known for the relatively compact display screens they possess.

Many of them max out at around fourteen inches with full HD or HD resolutions. If you’re searching for one that has a bigger size alongside resolution measurements that beat the pack than the Chromebook 2 from Toshiba would be a good buy. All in all, the screen size you’re looking for will help you when making a decision about which product will best suit your needs.

3. The Storage

Thanks to the smartphone, most people are aware of what GB or Gigabyte size is. Entry-level iPhones have internal storage of 16GB, so you can use this as a point of reference when you’re determining how much space you’ll need in the product you want. The Acer C720 option offers a vast amount of storage with a hard drive of 320GB alongside cloud storage of 100GB.

Low memory specs will generally slow down some processes, especially if you’re one that runs several web applications and tabs at one go. With that said, with cloud storage technology you can now store data without having to take up hard drive space. This means that if you don’t intend on storing too many files on the laptop, then you can get one of the lighter storage versions.

4. Form Factor

These particular devices are usually specifically designed and manufactured to be ultra-thin, as well as fold up to an astonishing one hundred and eighty degrees. Some versions come with a detachable keyboard option which exists mainly for those of you that might want the tablet-style form factor accompanied by a desktop experience option.

7 Tips in Choosing your Next Chromebook

The Chrome Operating System runs Android applications from Google Play Store. For things such as games the tablet experience it provides makes everything so much better. Form factor is also a good way of determining the best chromebook for kids. The keyboard option is available to you if you intend to do a lot of typing with it. If you intend on using the new Chromebook via tablet form factor time and again, then the HP X2 might be the most ideal for you. It happens to be the best mix of price, qualities and features.

5. Who’ll Be Using It

Like most, if not all, tech products and devices, some Chromebook versions are built slightly tougher than their counterparts. If you’re a student or someone that might have it rattling about in overhead compartments numerous times in the month then durability can prove very important.

When it concerns rugged versions that have the ability to survive a beating now and then and can manage themselves when treated a bit rough at times then you may want to consider getting the Lenovo 500e. It’s sturdy, durable, and comes at a rather affordable price. Perfect product for little children and teens as well.

6. What It’s Intended For

What the new Chromebook is intended for can be a huge reason why you’d choose one version over another. Any Chromebook product will perform fine for the casual user. However, if you want to use it for some demanding work such as web programming and the like, then you’ll definitely want to consider one that can offer you a little more power. Google Pixelbook not only has loads of memory and storage, but it also has a very fast CPU, which is excellent for performing considerably heavy duties.

7. Check The Support Status

Unlike PCs, Chromebook devices do not get indefinite updates. While the latest Windows 10 build can be run on computers built almost ten years ago, each Chromebook laptop has its own fixed support life. When new hardware platforms are developed by Google, it’ll support that particular platform for around six years or so on average. Some legacy devices only have five-year lifespans.

You’ll generally be so much happier with your purchase when you take a few moments to consider and think about exactly why you want to buy that new Chromebook. This is especially so if you haven’t bought one before and this happens to be the first time you’re going at it. In scenarios such as these, you’ll most likely need a little help to get what you need. Hopefully, this article has provided a bit of that much-needed help.

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