GDDR5 vs. GDDR6- What is the difference?


You need to get a clear difference between GDDR5 vs. GDDR6. There are several differences between the RAMS. GDDR5 is a high-end low latency RAM that can offer up to 8 GB per sec. High bandwidth memory performance and low power consumption make people prefer it.

On the other hand, GDDR6 is a combination of GDDR5, GDDR5X, and HBM2 features. The combination of several features in the GDDR6 makes it have high capacity and bandwidth to accommodate dual-channel features. GDDR6 comes in a design that accommodates new chips. GDDR5 works well for older technology chips, but GDDR6 incorporates the latest features that make it work well for the latest technology chips. Here are some of the differences between GDDR5 vs. GDDR6:

Differences Between GDDR5 vs. GDDR6

Power consumption

Power consumption: GDDR5 is associated with high power consumption than GDDR6. If you would like to save on power, then you need to go for the latest version.

Transfer speeds: GDDR5 can reach transfer speeds of up to 8 GBPS, while GDDR6 can reach up to 16 GBPS. If you would like to have fast speeds, then you will have to opt for GDDR6. People who would like to reach fast speeds tend to go for the latest technology. It assures them the fastest operation possible.

I/O Configuration: When it comes to configuration, GDDR5 has X16/x32, while GDDR6 has X8/x16. You need to check on the configuration before you can decide on a given set to buy. The use of the latest technology makes the GDDR6 preferable.

Channel Count

Channel Count: GDDR5 has 1 channel output, while GDDR6 has two channels. If you would like to get two channels output, you will have to go for the latest technology.

Power Drawn: It is another difference where GDDR5 has 1.5V, and GDDR6 has 1.3V. You need to check on the power drawn feature, and it will be easy to differentiate the two rams.

Sizes available: The GDDR5 is available in sizes such as 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, and 8 GB and GDDR6 is available in sizes such as 8 GB and 16 GB.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

Check on the features of the two types of ram before choosing the best. For fast speeds, you need to go from GDDR5. It is a RAM that is built to meet the latest technology. The latest computers have the latest design because they need to run fast. It is also a stable RAM due to the use of the latest technology.

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