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(Fluid Film Review) Fluid Film Review
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Rust and corrosion damage so much of what we own and such damage can not only damage expensive machinery, but also our vehicles, lawn, and garden equipment, boats, and aircraft. In order to deal with this, it is necessary to make most certain that all things metal are treated with a good lubricant.

Fluid Film is an excellent lubricant to use for almost any application where metal needs protecting from time, the elements and metal moving parts. In this Fluid Film review, you’ll realize the benefits of this an inexpensive, lanolin based lubricant when it comes to protecting the metallic surfaces from rust and corrosion in your residential or business environment.

A quick look at the top rated fluid films

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2.Fluid Film NAS8 BC Lubricant1 Pounds
3.Fluid Film Rust and Corrosion Protection Control Spray Can11.75 Oz
5.12 Fluid Film Rust And Corrosion Protection26.5 Pounds
4.Fluid Film Rust and Corrosion Protection Control Spray Can2.25 Oz.

Best Fluid Film Reviewed


Your vehicle is always under constant threat of the elements. Rain, sun, ice, and snow all play havoc with your car or truck. In order to keep it in the best condition, you really need to pay attention to lubrication.

Fluid Film NAS8 BC Lubricant
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No matter how many checkups you have, if your car is not properly lubricated, the threat of corrosion will lurk around the corner. Cinders, road salt, gravel, and other road debris can actually find its way underneath your vehicle as well.

The fluid film works to protect your vehicles chrome and metal surfaces while leaving your cars to paint finish and any vinyl or plastic parts left unharmed. The fluid film also eliminates any noises produced by moving vehicle parts, so you have a quieter ride.

Due to its high flash point, Fluid Film can be used as a protectant for your batteries terminals as well as electrical connections. Fluid Film can even keep your hinges and locks well lubricated for up to 36 months, giving them all-season protection against the elements. So no more frozen locks.


Fluid Film is the perfect lubricant for household use, as it is easy to use and non-toxic. Believe it or not, this lubricant contains no harmful chemicals such as solvents and under 1 percent Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC. All this and you get industrial strength protection against all forms of rust and corrosion due to its lanolin base. When applied properly, Fluid Film will last up to 36 months on your household products.

Those who own cycles, whether powered by pedal power or motor, know the importance of keeping a well-lubricated cycle. Fluid Film handles chains, seat posts, gears, chrome, plus nuts and bolts. Another household use is garage door hinges, locks, and runners. It can be very frustrating indeed if your garage door does not rise smoothly, so use a bit of Fluid Film on the runners, and your garage door will raise up quickly and easily for up to 36 months. Finally, don’t forget to keep Fluid Film handy in your workshop. Nothing keeps your expensive tools lubricated as Film Fluid can. For this, just use the aerosol can, spray and wipe off the excess.


Your rig means a lot to you. You’ve invested much time in its maintenance and upkeep, so isn’t it common sense you’d be looking for the absolute best, cost effective lubricant on the market? Fluid Film helps to keep your rig up and running no matter the seasonal weather.

Fluid Film Rust and Corrosion Protection Control Spray Can
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To keep it running smoothly, you need to ensure that the rig, wiring, and connections are well protected from corrosion. By applying non-water soluble Fluid Film to your rigs underbody, metals, and wiring, you’ll be added much-needed protection against the dirt, filth, road salt, and cinder/gravel kick up.

Fluid Film is a valuable asset for your trucks internal components. This non-toxic lubricant works well on your trucks battery, protecting its terminals to give them added protection. As for your electrical connections, this non-conductive lubricant can be applied as you would dielectric grease, protecting your connections from corrosion.

Finally, your rig’s underbody. The underbody is out of sight, but should not be out of mind, as gravel, road salt, stones, cinders, and other road debris can kick up and damage your trucks sensitive underbody components. An application of Fluid Film to your rig’s underbody will deeply penetrate the metal surfaces, giving you the tough, durable barrier you want for up to one year.

Outdoor Use

We invest much in our landscaping, and part of that investment are garden tools. Our tools are always exposed to wet earth, chemicals, water, pesticides, fertilizers, plus snow and sun, so it only makes sense to purchase Fluid Film to maintain them. Hedge trimmers, grass clippers, shovels, rakes, and various gardening hand tools will last for years without replacing, simply by using a little bit of Fluid Film.

The same goes for your lawn mowers. Whether push or riding, without proper lubrication they’re days are numbered. Applying Fluid Film to your mowers creates protection against chemicals and corrosion due to damp and wet environments, especially for those who use their riding mower as a small snow plow in winter.


Fluid Film is your go-to lubricant for manufacturing and industrial use, and companies that use Fluid Film include John Deere and Caterpillar. Made to handle the toughest applications, you can find Fluid Film in industries such as battery plants, salt, and mills.

12 Fluid Film Rust And Corrosion Protection
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Machinery in these plants is expensive, so Fluid Film works to lubricate all metal surfaces, including metal on metal moving parts, ensuring they work properly. This non-toxic lubricant won’t harm workers, either by coming in contact with skin or breathing. You can also use Fluid Film when it comes to protecting parts which will be stored or shipped from corrosion. Use this lubricant on industrial chains to increase the life expectancy of the chain by reducing wear and tear.

Electrical corrosion can be a huge problem in the industrial environment, and Fluid Film is a top notch, non-conductive protectant for your electrical connections as well as for your batteries terminals. Warehouses, fencing and parking areas require locks, and Fluid Film is guaranteed to help keep those locks free from rust and from freezing up in the winter, so you’ll always have access to important areas.

Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Eco Friendly
  • Non Toxic
  • Long lasting
  • Versatile
  • Easy to apply
  • May cause rubber to swell

Fluid Film FAQs

  • Can I use a spray gun when I use Fluid Film as an undercoating?

Yes, you most certainly can. Do no use pump sprayers, use an airless paint sprayer instead.

  • How long can I let Fluid Film sit?

Not too long. Fluid Film is thixotropic. This means that the longer it sits, the thicker it gets.

  • Is this a rust remover?

No. Fluid film is a lubricant and prevents rust from starting, but will not remove it.

  • Is Fluid Film environmentally friendly?

Most certainly is! This product is non-toxic and does its job without using harmful chemicals. However, it’s not biodegradable. Many lubricants actually contain high amounts of solvents, up to 70 to 90 percent, actually. Having no solvents also means that it will not dry out, and continue to penetrate the pores of your metal, giving you long-lasting protection.

The Final Words (Summary)

As you can see from our Fluid Film review, since 1943 the versatile, lubricating power of Fluid Film is legendary, protecting all metals, and metal on metal moving parts from wear and can be found in any industry from the oil rigs out in the sea, to vehicles, home, and garden use. Environmentally friendly, so you can apply and use it not only for industrial and automotive applications, but for household use as well, and while it does not remove existing rust, it stops it from forming.

Fluid Film is readily available in aerosol, one gallon cans and 55 gallon drums, and is an eco-friendly, household product that is so versatile, you’ll be able to take it from the garden shed, to the garage to use on your vehicles. Cost effective, time-saving and altogether smart purchase to make.