Google Chrome is the most using web browser in the world and this browser popular for their exclusive features, browsing spread and best internal interface.  But sometime Google Chrome user faces some unknown error that is very irritating. This err_spdy_protocol_error is a common error in this time to occur in Chrome browser. Google forum gives some tips to fix this error 337 but that is not enough to solve the problem that’s why Top PC Tech collects all the solution of this error that is given by Troubleshooting forum and experts in this field.

Err_spdy_protocol_error occur for many reasons in your Chrome browser so at first know the specific reason that’s why you face the error then implement the best solution from bellow. Some specific reasons are given in the bellow.

  • Your Chrome browser old cache and cookies may be occurred this error 337.
  • DNS IP may be blocked that’s why you face the error.
  • SPDY sockets also create this net::ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR.
  • This error also creates for your browser troubles or errors.

Don’t worry friends; in this article you get all the best solution that obviously fixes this unknown Error.

Best Fix: Err_Spdy_Protocol_Error in Chrome

=>> Fix 1: Clear Cookies or Reset Browser-

Sometimes browser settings error and old cookies may create this unknown error so at first you clear browser cookies and then you reset your Google chrome browser just following the bellow simple steps.

# Clear Google Chrome cookies: At first open your Google Chrome browser and then copy the bellow code and paste in the Chrome search box and hit Enter button.


Now you click on the Remove all button from top right site and finally click Done from bellow.

# Reset Google Chrome Browser: Just copy the bellow code and paste in your Chrome browser search box and hit Enter.


Now click on the Reset button and then refresh your browser and check the error, it may be fixed.

reset your chrome browser

You can also uninstall the old Chrome browser and download new version of Google Chrome and then install it.

=>> Fix 2: Flushing DNS Server and Renewing IP Address-

DNS server may block your IP address and you face the error. So in this method at first you flush DNS and then renew new IP address. Just implement the bellow easy steps.

# Flush DNS: At first you flush the DNS server by following the bellow methods.

  • Go to Start menu and type Command Prompt in the search box and then click on the Command Prompt from top.
  • Now you copy the bellow code and past in the black screen Command Prompt box and hit Enter.

ipconfig /flushdns

Release or Renew new IP and Flush DNS address 2

# Renew IP Address: Now you renew new IP address by following the system. Just open Command Prompt and copy the bellow code and paste in the Command Prompt box and finally hit Enter.

 ipconfig /renew

=>> Fix 3: Flushing SPDY Sockets in Chrome Browser-

Sometimes Chrome browser SPDY socket creates this error so you can flush the SPDY socket. This method worked well for Google forum member so you implement the method by following bellow steps.

  • At first open your Google Chrome browser and then copy the bellow code.


  • Now you paste the code in Chrome web search box and hit the Enter button.
  • Then click on the right top site drop down menu and select Flush Sockets like bellow image.

I hope this method worked well for you and this net::ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR may be gone forever. So implement the solution carefully.

=>> Some Tips to Avoid the Chrome SPDY Error-

  • Always clean your browser history, cache and cookies.
  • Disable or delete unnecessary extension of your Chrome browser.
  • Uninstall needless software and drivers from control panel.
  • Off your Windows firewall and auto update.
  • Use utility software to clean temp, prefetch and recycle bin old file.

If you implement the above methods carefully then the error must be fixed. So now your times to comment in the bellow that method worked well for you and obviously write the method if I miss any.