How to Fix DNS Server is Not Responding Error

Do you face DNS Server not Responding error? This DNS server is not responding is a simple domain name server (DNS) error. While you browsing a specific website and you face this DNS server not responding error warning massage and it is very annoying. Some specific reasons create the error so you should identify the error and then implement the best solution for that. Before identify the error reasons you access the website in another browser because corrupted browser shows this type of error and you can also access the error website in another device like tablet, laptop.

After browsing the error website in another browser and device, if you see there are not showing this DNS server error then you apply the bellow solution. And if you see the same error in another browser and device then you need not do anything because it may be website DNS problem. Some specific reasons are given bellow that create this DNS server is not responding error.

DNS Server Not Responding Error
  • Automatic obtained DNS address may block and create the error.
  • Long time connected internet plug or Wi-Fi connection create this type of error.
  • Old DNS in your computer also generate this type of trouble.
  • Many of internet connection in a computer may also show this error.

This DNS server not responding is a temporary error, so don’t worry just you implement the bellow solution that must fix this DNS server error forever. All the solutions are collecting from top tech forums and experts in this field so you apply the solutions carefully.

Best Fixing DNS Server Is Not Responding Error

=>> Fix 1: Change Automatic Obtain DNS Address to Open DNS-

This method is most effective and worked well for many famous tech forum members so you can implement this method first. It is very easy to change automatic obtained DNS to open DNS just following simple ways from bellow.

At first right click on the Network icon from bellow menu bar and then click on the Open Network and Sharing Center.
Change DNS Address to Open DNS

After opening new page you click on the Local Area Connection and then click on the Properties from new window like bellow image.
Change Auto DNS to Open DNS

Now you see a new window and you click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then click on the Properties from bellow.
Change DNS Settings

Afterwards you select the ratio button from new window that says Use the following DNS server Addresses.

Now you type in Preferred DNS Server field and also type in Alternate DNS Server field. You can also use another open DNS address collecting from internet if you know well about open DNS. After setting DNS address you check Validate Settings Upon Exit box and finally click OK like bellow image.

Change DNS Address to Open DNS 2

After implement the method you obviously restart your computer and check the error page, it may be fixed. If this method does not work then apply the bellow method.

=>> Fix 2: Flush Old DNS in Your Computer-

After using open DNS address if the error does not fix then you flush your computer DNS address that clear your computer old accessing DNS data and cache. This method also worked well for fixing this DNS server not responding error. So you can apply this method just following some simple steps.

At first click your Windows Start menu and type CMD in the Search box then hit Enter button from your keyboard.

Release or Renew new IP and Flush DNS address 2

After appearing black Command Prompt window you type ipconfig/flushdns in there and hit Enter button again. This command clears your old browsing DNS data and hopefully fixes the error.

=>> Fix 3: Check Power Cycle in Your Router and PC-

Sometimes PC and router power cycle may connect for long time, this situation may block or disable DNS and you face this error. If you use your computer to long time and face this error then you unplug your computer power cable for five minutes and then plug it.

Unplug your internet connection cable

You also unplug your internet router power cable for five minutes and then plug it if you have connected your WI-FI router from long time.

=>> Fix 4: Disable another Internet Connection and Adapter-

If you use many internet connections then you keep a connection and disconnect others because many internet connections may block your DNS address. Just navigate to Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings and then find out extra connection and disconnect them.

Disable another Internet Connection and Adapter

You can also disable and delete extra adapter from there before keeping one that you are using. This method is worked well for some Microsoft forum members.

=>> Fix 5: Try Browsing in Safe Mode-

After implementing all the above method if you can’t fix the error then you browse the error page by safe mode. Safe mode helps you to find out the corrupted third party software that may create this error. You can easily access your computer in safe mode by following bellow procedure.

At first you reboot your computer and hold down F8 from your keyboard and then select the Safe mood with networking from the list of options.

Enable Safe mode by toppctech

Now you browse the error page, if the error doesn’t show then probably it occurs for third party software like antivirus or firewall registry. So this time you disable or uninstall the third party software or registry.

I hope you can fix the error by applying the above methods that are most using and known for fixing this DNS server is not responding error. If you can’t fix the DNS server not responding error then please comment bellow by mentioning which solutions you tried and which you didn’t and I will attempt my most excellent to assist you.