How to Turn on Find my iPhone from Computer

An iPhone, just like every other mobile gadget, is designed to be carried around. Owing to their slim and extremely lightweight nature, the likelihood that you might displace your device just about anywhere is usually high.

Find my Iphone from Computer

These devices are generally pricey. This combined with their valuable nature makes an appropriate recovery regime by all means highly welcome. The ‘Find My iPhone app’ is designed to help you out in this. Other than your iPhone, this app may also help you to track and locate all your Apple gadgets. These include the AirPods, Apple Watch, Mac, iPod touch, and iPad.

We are going to examine How to turn on find my iPhone from the computer in the proceeding discussions. We are also going to explore all the various possible case scenarios your phone might find itself in. These we do hope shall aid you in preparing adequately for any imminent loss or theft of your gadget.

Details About ‘Find My iPhone’ Apps

‘Find My iPhone app’ is basically a smartphone-based computer application software program. It is designed to let you track and easily identify your lost or missing iPhone gadget. It performs this chore mainly by reason of being able to track the precise location of your gadget at any given time. It uses GPRS technology to do so.

How to Turn on Find my Iphone from Computer

With this app, it is possible for you to easily identify the whereabouts of your device. You may thereafter take appropriate steps in furtherance of the said knowledge. This is not to mention that it also helps you to recover the gadget and keep the information you saved in it safe and inaccessible to third parties.

This app may be accessed from a variety of locales and devices. These include the personal computer, Mac book, other iPhones, and Apple devices. Perhaps no other point of access beats the personal computer. This is due to the large icons, highly interactive nature, and the clear legibility of the various prompts and instructions.

Methods for Turn on Find my iPhone from Computer

The exact method you utilize depends on the specific scenario you find yourself in. There are three main scenarios. The first is a situation in which the app is enabled in your missing device. The second is a scenario is a situation in which the app is not enabled in your missing device. Finally, it is a situation in which your device is either offline or off.

SCENARIO I: The case in which the ‘Find My iPhone app’ is activated on your missing device

Step I: Sign in to – Go to your computer and sign in to the site. Alternatively, you may use your friend’s iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone to do so.

Step II: Find your device – Once logged in, open the ‘Find My iPhone.’ Select the device in question in order to perceive its precise location. In case the device is in the same room as you, you might want it to play a sound. This way, it will help you or any other person nearby to locate it.

Step III: Turn on Lost Mode – In case the device is in a faraway location, you may consider invoking the ‘lost mode.’ The iPhone tracking app tool basically allows you to lock your device remotely by use of the passcode. You may also, using the tool, display a customized message on the screen of your missing device.

This tool also allows you to track your device’s location. By invoking this tool, all the financial payment details are also disabled. These include the prepaid, credit, and debit cards. The same ban applies to the ability to make payments via the Apple Pay.

Step IV: Report your lost or stolen device – You should thereafter proceed to report your stolen or lost device to the local law enforcement agencies. They might request you to furnish them with the serial number of your device. This information is readily available in your account.

Step V: Erase your device – If there are no prospects of finding your device sooner, you may consider erasing the data on your lost or missing device. To do so, click the ‘erase device’ icon in your ‘my’ account.

Please note that if you erase the device, you will lose all the data that is stored in the device. At the same time, all the information that is contained in the device will be restored to the factory settings.

Doing this will prevent others from accessing the stored data. You will, however, be unable to track and locate the device using the ‘Find My iPhone app.’ In case you find it through other means, you will still be able to populate the data you deleted from it. This is because a back-up of that data is usually stored in the remote servers of Apple.

Step VI: Notify your Wireless carrier – You will definitely have to notify your wireless carrier of the loss of your iPhone. This is to let them disable your line and telephone contacts. Disabling this will prevent the person who stole your phone from sending texts, using data or making calls using your line and identity. Moreover, it may be possible to track and obtain your device via the wireless carrier.

Step VII: Leverage the Assistance of a Family Member – If you enabled the ‘Family Sharing’ feature, you may consider leveraging the assistance of any member of your family to locate the missing device. To utilize this option, have a member of your family sign in to the account using their Apple ID. They should thereafter follow the above procedures to locate your missing device.

SCENARIO II: The case in which the ‘Find My iPhone’ is not enabled on your missing device

In case you had not yet turned on the ‘Find My iPhone app’ at the time your device got lost or stolen, you have to follow these alternative steps to track and identify it:

Step I: Change your Apple ID password – Start off by changing the password of your Apple ID. This prevents any unauthorized persons from gaining access to your iCloud data or utilizing the various services like iTunes or iMessage via your missing device.

Step II: Change other Passwords – You may also go ahead to change other passwords as well. These include those of your e-mail address, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. This will similarly prevent others from irregularly accessing your data and account as a whole.

Step III: Notify the Local Law Enforcement Agencies – Go ahead to notify your local law enforcement agencies on the loss of your device. They might usually ask for your device’s serial number for the sake of further investigation. This piece of information is readily available in your iCloud account or the manual that accompanied your device at the time of purchase.

Step IV: Report the Incident to your Wireless Carrier – Lastly, you have to inform your carrier of the loss of your device. This will enable them to disable your account. In so doing, they will prevent the person in custody of your device from sending texts, making calls, and using data via your line.

SCENARIO III: What if your device is off or offline?

Chances are that you enabled the ‘Find My iPhone app’ yet at the point of its loss, it was either offline or switched off. If you happen to find yourself in this situation, put the device in the ‘lost mode’, lock it, and erase it remotely. As soon as the device is powered on or connected to the internet, these actions will immediately take effect. In the meantime, any actions that are pending will usually be canceled.

Tips on using ‘Find my iPhone Apps’

The following tips shall aid you in making the most of your ‘Find My iPhone app’:

  • Activate the app to enable it to perform its functions
  • Turn your device online especially while traveling to a remote location
  • Update your details on a regular basis for the sake of easier identification later
  • Power your device at all times more so when you are detached from your normal residence
  • Download and install the latest version of the app
  • Make the appropriate system upgrades to your iPhone device

NB: Adhere to them strictly to be able to obtain the best possible outcomes and degrees of satisfaction.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

As you may well have noted already, the ‘Find my iPhone from computer’ procedure is a bit detailed and complicated. For this reason, you are better advised to consider playing mock games. Place your phone in a remote location and try accessing it via the option.

Also, alter the circumstances of your phone accordingly. These include a situation in which the phone is switched off, is offline, or does not have the app installed. Try and see how well you respond to these circumstances. This way, you will receive the experience and expertise you need for the ‘rainy day.’ You may also consider invoking the assistance of an expert to guide you out.

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