How to Fix Err_Proxy_Connection_Failed Error

Hello Friends, Today we present another article about err_proxy_connection_failed error solutions step by step. This is a simple internet and browser error. It occurs for various proxy address problem. Generally, this err proxy connection failed error shows in the Google Chrome browser and sometimes in other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. But the most reasons of this error are given bellow.

  • Browser cookies may block the proxy address.
  • The computer may be infected by malware.
  • Adware or malware virus may change your browser settings.
  • If you use Wi-Fi network then it may the possible reason.
How to fix Err_Proxy_Connection_Failed Error

This ‘impossible de se connecter au serveur proxy’ error also occurs on your Android mobile and other devices for the proxy reasons. You may face this error in all types of operating systems like Windows, Mac, and others. If you face this internet error then you implement the bellow given solutions one by one.

Best Fix Err_Proxy_Connection_Failed Error

We list the best solutions of this error from the forums and experts so you can apply the solutions without any hesitation. So let’s go to the solutions area.

=>> Solution 1 – Check the Browser Proxy Settings-

This is the well-worked solution. Sometimes malware and adware virus infect your browser and show this error. After removing the virus by antivirus software, your browser proxy setting may be changed and you face this proxy error. In this moment, you check your browser proxy setting and right the setting like bellow method.

At first open your Chrome browser and click the ‘Customize and control Google Chrome’ in the top right corner like the bellow image. After that, you scroll down in the bellow and click on the ‘Settings’ tab.

Check the Browser Proxy Settings

Now you see the Chrome setting interface then you scroll down bellow and click on the ‘Show Advanced Settings’ button like bellow.

Show Advanced Settings by

Now you find out the Network section and then click on the ‘Change proxy Settings’ option.

Change proxy Settings by

After clicking the option, you see the new window which is Internet Properties. Now you click on the ‘Connection’ tab from the above menu of the window. After that, you see Connection interface and you click on the ‘LAN settings’ button from bellow.

LAN settings by

After clicking the LAN setting, you again see a new window, which name is ‘Local Area Network (LAN) Setting’ then you do the final work in there.

At first, you check mark in ‘Automatically detect settings’ box and then remove the check mark in ‘Use a proxy server for your LAN (These settings will not apply to dial-up or VPN connections)’ box under the same page.

Local Area Network (LAN) Setting by

Finally, click on the ‘OK’ button. Almost the works is done, now you close all the tabs and browser then disconnect the internet connection for 2 minutes.

After completing the full process, you check the error page; I hope this solution worked for you and the err_proxy_connection_failed error may be fixed. If the error shows again in your browser then you will follow the bellow other solutions

=>> Solution 2 – Other Solutions-

You can also follow the bellow way out for fixing this proxy error. You can also apply the bellow solutions for preventing this proxy error.

Use Antivirus– Sometimes malware and adware virus may change the proxy settings to your browser. So at first install an antivirus and then remove all the viruses after that apply the above solution number 1. There are many free antivirus software in the market but free software does not work well all time. If it possible then you can purchase a new antivirus software from Amazon. You can also check the bellow given top rated antivirus software’s in Amazon, just click on the bellow given the link.

Clear Browser Cookies– Sometimes browser cookies may change or block the browser proxy setting for the reason you face this error. You just open your Chrome browser then copy the bellow code and then paste in the browser address bar.


Now click on the ‘Remove all’ button from the top and then click ‘Done’ from bellow. After completing the method check the proxy setting following the above solution 1.

Clear Browser Cookies by

Router Troubleshoot– If you use the Wi-Fi network then follow this solution. Sometimes your router may chunk the network proxy if you active the router for a long time. In this situation, you just unplug the router power cable for five minutes after that connect the cable. This solution worked well for many Windows forum members so why not for you.

Unplug your internet connection cable

I will try best to present all the best solutions to this err_proxy_connection_failed error. You can also see a similar error solution from the unable to connect to the proxy server article. After applying the solutions if you can’t fix the error then inform me by the comment and if you have any better solution then you will also write in the bellow.