Easy Steps to Fix Err_Connection_Closed Error

In this article I’ll explain how to solve the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED bug in the Google Chrome browser, this problem occurs in many users today and can be produced by many causes, so in this article we will discuss the possible solutions to this problem, take a close look each of them to see which one solves your problem.

This problem can occur sometimes or when visiting some pages that do not necessarily forbid you but also navigate completely, that information is important and will help solve the problem. Well, below we see the different reasons for the error Err Connection Closed and solutions.

Err_Connection_Closed Error

Solutions of Err_Connection_Closed Error

Here are some solutions that collected from expert and others tech blogs. I hope these will fix this Google Chrome error easily. So let’s go to the solutions area.

=>> Time and Date on the Computer Misconfigured-

If you have the time and / or date misconfigured on your computer Google Chrome may not allow you to navigate, so check the current date and time setting of your PC properly, then restart the computer and test to confirm if it works or not .If not then check the next one .

=>> Using Command Prompt-

This err_connection_closed error may occur because of an IP address conflict. So we will run some command lines to fix the issue. Click Start and type RUN in the search box and hit Enter. Now type in cmd in the Run box and then hit Enter again.

Commanding by Command Prompt-2 by toppctech.com

Now copy the bellow commands and paste in the black CMD window one after one. After applying the command, you must restart your PC and hopefully the error may be fixed.

netsh winsock reset

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /registerdns

=>> Misconfigured browser-

Sometimes the browser does not have the proper configuration, can be many things, so the best thing for that is to restore the browser to its default settings, that you do up going to settings, by clicking the button on the upper right side and then click settings.

There dale click where it says “Show advanced settings“, then click the button that is way down that says” Reset settings “and then restart your browser and try if longer works properly.

reset your chrome browser

=>> Browser installed from third party source-

This sometimes error occurs because you downloaded the browser from a site that is not Google, there are other pages from which you can download Google Chrome that is unreliable and the browser in a certain part is modified and may present these errors, fix I recommend uninstalling the browser and then download it again from the official Google website by clicking here. And with that, you can have the browser installed and updated.

=>> Computer viruses that cause Err Connection Closed-

In many cases the error is caused ERR CONNECTION CLOSED virus on your computer, fully tested and scanned the PC before making this update antivirus scanning, after doing this restart your computer and test to see if the error is still missing.

=>> Tips to avoid this error-

This is not a major deal for your PC or laptop browser, but when it happened  it kills the time as well as work ,so we need to stay alerted .In my experience most of the PC (windows) errors happened for registry problems  ,so need to regularly check up your registry .Update your browser with default setting ,clean your PC from virus ,uninstall apps , the program correctly .Install program from reliable source doesn’t use  too many extensions ,update your windows regularly .

The Final Words (Conclusion)

Hope you enjoy this read ,if you have any question then feel free to ask me just put a comment below beside this if you have any solution that’s work then that is very much appreciated .