Dogtra 1900S Review For Buyer’s

We all want our dogs to stand out in terms of behavior and listening to our commands. Unfortunately getting Tommy or Stella to sit or keep calm when you want him to, is not always an easy task. Luckily for you with Dogtra 1900S dog training collar it is much easier to achieve that. The Dogtra 1900S is one of the most popular dog training collars on the market. It is known for its durability and effectiveness in helping dogs learn obedience commands.

The collar has a variety of features that make it a great choice for dog owners who want to train their dogs effectively, including a rechargeable battery, waterproof casing, and adjustable levels of stimulation. The manufacturer has put together the latest technology and the features of their previous products to bring out one state of art training collar. He had both the dog and the trainer in mind because it has features which are beneficial to both parties. In this  Dogtra 1900S Review, I have presented my honest & analysed overview of this excellent product.

You may choose this Dogtra 1900S for the following Key Features  and Specification:

  • Triple training modes
  • Water proof
  • LCD screen
  • Slim collar
  • Compact transmitter
  • Rechargeable batteries for both receiver and transmitter
  • Training over a vast distance

Dogtra 1900S E Collar Details

1. LCD screen and expandable to two dogs

The LCD allows you to see the stimulation level on which you’ve set the transmitter. Thus it prevents you from hurting your dog in any way. Since if it’s a high power level, you will not wait to see the dog’s reaction but change it with immediate effect.

Another added advantage is the fact that all you need to train two dogs is buy an extra collar and use one transmitter. That increases their progress as they will try to compete among themselves. Hence you eliminate bad traits and be an owner of much-behaved dogs.

2. Three training modes

Dogtra aims to give the market its best, and this dog training collar is no exception. It provides the trainee with over a hundred static stimuli. These are thanks to the rheostat dial. There are three training modes over which you adjust the stimulation’s from high to low powered. These are; constant, Nick and high-performance pager vibrations.

Three training modes and a diverse array of stimulations of Dogtra 1900s
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The last method offers the user an alternative to the other two. You can use it when you have to use the other two options excessively. Thanks to that it can be utilized both on small dogs which weigh as little as ten pounds to heavy ones. Thus when you purchase worrying about it not working with your Chihuahua or a heavy weight Tibetan mastiff should be the last thing on your mind.

3. Wide range of training

If you are a dog owner, who lives in an apartment, finding the space to train your dog might be a difficult task. Reason being it is usually crowded, and you are forced to teach Spiky outside. This dog collar from Dogtra offers you an opportunity to train it over a long distance. That way you can take it somewhere with much better and open space. Hence enhancing its capabilities and at the same time giving it the freedom it requires during training.

4. Superb remote design

There are those instances when it is just too hot that holding on a transmitter during training becomes a challenging and uncomfortable task. Also during winter, it is usually too cold that wearing gloves and heavy clothing is no longer an option but a necessity. The Dogtra 1900S dog training collar transmitter was made for such reasons.

Superb remote design of Dogtra 1900S Collar
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It has a checkered grip which allows you much more comfort and also allows you to hold it well. Thus it cannot slip. Also, it is quite a lightweight such that you can never feel the impact of holding it for too long. It is waterproof; if it falls in water unintentionally; do not panic as it will still work as good as new. The batteries are rechargeable and are quite long-lasting.

5. Discreet but effective receiver collar design

Available in different colors you have the opportunity to select according to your dog’s character. As a user, you sometimes want to keep your training discrete. That may be due to security purposes. For instance, your neighborhood is not that secure, and you would like your furry animal to be able to protect itself when you are not around.

Through the Dogtra 1900S dog training collar, you can achieve that. Reason being it has a subtle collar which improves the contact points between it and the dog’s neck. Hence you can train it while at the same time being secretive. The collar is rechargeable and has lithium polymer batteries and gives room to low and high power stimulation levels.

Pros & Cons of this 1900S Training Collar

    Pros of the Product

  • Diverse array of stimulations
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Increased contact points by a discrete receiver collar are a sure way of progress
  • Easy to hold remote
  • Two years warranty
  • Both the collar and transmitter are waterproof
  • Durable rheostat dial
  • Position of the vibrating sensor allows easy adjustment

     Cons of the Product

  • No tone
  • The collar’s battery life is short and runs out fast
  • Collar paint chips off fast

FAQS about the Dogtra Product

1. How do you operate the Dogtra 1900?

To use the Dogtra COMBO, simply attach the transmitter to your belt and hold the receiver in your hand. Press the button on the transmitter to activate the stimulation. You can use the constant button for up to 12 seconds of continuous stimulation. If you need more than 12 seconds of stimulation, you can release the button and press it again. The unit will automatically shut off after 60 seconds to prevent over-stimulation, or you can press and hold the button for continuous stimulation.

2. Does stimulation from Dogtra 1900S dog training collar hurt my dog and how do they work?

Usually, stimulations deliver unpleasant electrical sensations which do not hurt it. For instance, a low-level one will only distract it from something wrong that it was doing. So every time it does that, and you select particular stimulation it stops. That way it will avoid doing that action because it knows what to expect. That’s how you train it and eliminate the bad traits.

3. How do I measure the battery level?

The LED indicator blinks in three different colors to show the remaining life. Green means that it is fully charged, amber tells you that it is medium and red shows you that it may shut down anytime so you ought to recharge as soon as possible

4. Does the Dogtra 1900s have a tone feature?

Yes, the Dogtra COMBO unit has an audible tone function available also. This is a great feature to have when you want to train your dog without having to use a physical collar. The tone can be set to either low or high, depending on your preference. You can also use the tone as a warning before administering a shock, if desired.

5. What is the range of the Dogtra 1900 COMBO?

The Dogtra COMBO unit has a range of up to 1 Mile. This is plenty of range for most training needs. If you need more range, consider the Dogtra 2-Mile or 3-Mile units.

The Final Words (Summary)

According to this Dogtra 1900S Review, The dog training collar is a good option for anyone seeking to train two dogs. It has three modes which offer you more than enough stimulations to work with. The LED display screen ensures that even in low light conditions training continues without any hindrance.

One of the best features of the Dogtra 1900S is its adjustable shock level. This feature allows you to find the perfect shock level for your dog, so that he or she can learn the desired behavior without being hurt. The collar also has a beep function that can be used as a warning before the shock is delivered, so that your dog knows when to expect it. The checkered grips and unique collar design are an excellent example of contemporary meets vintage giving us one of the best dog training collars creations.