6 Tips to boost your internet speed

Nothing frustrates us more than a slow internet connection. Undoubtedly, we have come a long way from dial-up connections to the lightning fast speeds today.

Boost your Internet speed

This is the reason slow loading web pages are irksome. If you are also plagued by slow speeds, lousy reception, and other connection problems, it is the right time for you to investigate and find out what might be the cause. To begin with, here are a few tips about boosting your internet speed that could help you out:

6 Super tips to boost your internet speed

1. Reset your Router

Yes, you can boost internet speed by resetting your router. This is not rocket science, but it works. Once you reset your router, it’s settings will revert to the original ones and this, at times, can help you get rid of some network issues. Moreover, resetting your router is pretty simple, and there is no harm in trying!

However, it is important to mention here that resetting your router is not similar to restarting it. A router reset will restore the device to its factory settings. This means that you will lose the name of your WiFi network, password and other essential details. Thus, it is highly recommended to save the current settings before resetting. To reset the router, make sure that it is turned on. Next, press the reset on the back of the router and hold it for about 10 seconds.

2. Close Unnecessary Programs

This is a no-brainer! There is an array of programs running in the background on your computer that might consume a lot of bandwidth, which could cause slow connection speeds. Thus, whenever you experience slow connectivity, start your Task Manager by taping Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard simultaneously, or an Activity Monitor if you’re using a Mac computer, and check which processes are running in the background and consuming your bandwidth.

3. Secure your WiFi

Securing your WiFi is another way that you can increase your internet speed. By protecting your WiFi connection, you will prevent anyone from intercepting and using your network for their personal use without your knowledge. One of the best ways to do that is to create a robust password. You can also hide the SSID (your WiFi Network name) to make it more secure. By securing your network, you will lower the chances of someone stealing your data and stealing your bandwidth without your consent.

4. Use a VPN

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, not only helps you maintain your privacy while using the internet but could also improve your connection speed. While most people use VPN service as a security and privacy measure, there are many other uses for this technology.

In some instances, it could improve your connection speed quite significantly. That’s because ISPs are known to throttle internet speeds for a variety of reasons. Using a VPN prevents ISPs from throttling since all your online activities remain anonymous.

5. Use LAN Cable

Yes, a LAN cable can actually help you increase the internet speed. This is because an Ethernet provides a direct connection to your modem or router or both. It is also more stable and lets you experience fewer drops, faster speeds with better ping time and reduced latency. Thus, next time if you get bothered by slow internet speed, try switching to a LAN cable and see if that makes a difference.

6. Scan for Malware

It is highly advised to keep your system in check with the help of professional anti-virus software. Keep in mind that malware and viruses in addition to executing invasive tasks on your computer could also hog your internet bandwidth by communicating with its C&C (Command & Control) server without your knowledge.

Over to You

This brings us to the end of this article, and we have covered a few basic things that can help you boost your internet speed without tweaking your TCP registry settings or messing up with your system as a whole.  Life moves fast, and don’t let your internet connection slow it up anyway! So, how do you take care of your slow internet speed? Do let us know in the comments below!