7 Best Xbox One Headsets under 50 USD for Gaming Pro

Computer games are great indeed. However, they can interfere with the other room occupants. This is because plenty of sounds is produced during the game which may cause unnecessary noise. To mitigate this problem, a headset comes in handy. This is mainly due to the fact that the headset channels sound directly to the ears without letting any escape to the surrounding ambiance.

With so many headsets out there in the market, chances are that you probably do not know how to arrive at the best one. This is the problems that the following review of the best Xbox One Headsets under 50 aims to solve. We are going to review the top five such devices and also examine those factors you ought to consider while purchasing them. These we hope shall give you the guidance you require to make the right choice. So why you wait, Lets go for picking the best one.

What kind of headset do you need for Xbox one? – Buyers guide

Sound Quality: This refers to the quality of the sound that is generated by the headset device. Some of the parameters for gauging sound quality are noise-canceling, clear sounds, deep bass, and other enhancements. Be sure that your device of choice is able to produce as many of these sound varieties as possible.

Signal Transmission: Signal transmission refers to the manner in which the audio output is transmitted from the gaming device to the headset. There are two main ways through which this may be done. These are the physical wire connections and the wireless transmissions respectively. A headset that can accommodate the two options at a time is highly recommended.

Comfort: In case you plan to put on the headset for too long a duration of time, it has to be extremely comfortable. This is to spare you from injuries or strains that may arise due to long-term usage. The headset of choice has to be padded with soft material and be flexible enough to easily expand and contract.

Duration and Frequency of Use: For how long on average do you intend to use the headset? How often do you plan to use the headset at any given time? These two parameters will also have a strong impact on the kind of headset to settle for. Choose one that is strong and durable as it will most likely perform under these two conditions.

Brand: Some brands have stood out as being very reliable and durable. They include the ONIKUMA, Etekcity, BENGOO, VersionTech, and ECOOPRO. In your search for a suitable headset, consider giving them a topmost priority. You will most likely derive a greater degree of satisfaction and higher value for your money.

Cost vs. Financial Resource Endowment: Whether you will eventually purchase a headset or not depends on its cost as well as your financial resource endowment. Be sure to ascertain your own financial resource endowment. Proceed thereafter to look for that headset that falls within your budget. This is to shield you from unnecessary financial losses and pressure.

7 Best Xbox one headsets under $50 reviewed

1. Razer Kraken X RZ04

Could it be that you fancy deep bass sounds? If at all that is the case, we can never ask you to look up to any other headset but this one. It possesses the characteristic capability of generating deeper bass sounds.

(Best xbox one headsets under 50) Razer Kraken X RZ04
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Immersive 7.1 Surround Sound: On the whole, the item generate some surround sound output. This is given the seven channels or slots it has. You plug the speakers in there and use the same to distribute the sounds throughout the entire room.

All-day Comfort: In its entirety, the gadget does deliver all-day comfort for you. Not only is it light, but also packed with soft features. These act to maintain your ears in a state of utmost comfort all the while of use. They also enable prolonged engagements.

Bendable Noise-cancelling Microphone: A microphone that is bendable and able to cancel the noise also exists as a standard packaging of the gadget. You use this one to allow some inputs of the ambient sounds into the bar. The noise-canceling feature enables unparalleled voice clarity output.

In-Headset Audio Controls: For your maximum engagements, the item does come along with some in-headset audio controls. You use these to vary the volume of the audio outputs as well as other key metrics. They are also responsive enough to allow for quicker adjustments.


  • Pretty light (weighs a paltry 250g)
  • Yields high-quality audio output
  • Manages the gaming experiences
  • Lasts longer due to the durable construction
  • Its microphone bends for added convenience of use


  • The audio output is limited
  • Unsuitable for private listening
  • Has a shorter lifespan

Summary: Even though this gadget has some serious drawbacks, it nonetheless has some superior advantages. You want to overlook the drawbacks and focus on the potential benefits.

2. Logitech G432

Are you a gamer or an aspiring gaming enthusiast? Get hold of this headset and make good use of it to enhance your gaming. It contains all the trappings you may find handy for your usage and enjoyment. That is besides delivering huge sounds.

Logitech G432
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50-millimeter Audio Drivers: In the core of the headset are some audio drivers that measure 50 mm. They jointly generate great sounds that in turn yield forth truly immersive gaming experiences. Why would you have to look elsewhere for your gaming and sound needs?

Advanced DTS Headphone: For all practical purposes, this headphone is pretty advanced. When activated for operations, it generates some precise audio output. Then again, it discharges these audio outputs in the third dimension to fill up entire rooms. All these lead to awesome experiences.

Flip-to-mute Mic: Its microphone gives you the ability to flip and mute it. In this way, you gain some firm controls of the sound production and discharge processes. Moreover, it also places you in firm control of the volume discharge and other associated outputs.

Leatherette Ear Pads: Crowning them all up is the set of the leatherette ear pads. They are comfortable to the ears and the head region. This being the case, they hardly strain the ears or predispose the same to some discomforts. You will use them longer without fatigue.


  • Pairs with the game consoles, mobile gadgets, and the personal computer
  • Allows many kinds of inputs
  • Enhances the quality of the audio outputs
  • Immerses your head in the sounds conclusively
  • Maintains your positional awareness at all times


  • Demands tender care and maintenance
  • Prone to some damages too soon!
  • Delivers limited ends on the investments

Summary: Here you have a great gadget for all of your gaming needs. Why would you even want to set your eyes elsewhere for these kinds of needs?

3.Onikuma K5 Headset For Xbox

Are you searching for a headset which you can use across several gaming devices at a time? Well, you may place your bet on this one. It is indeed highly compatible for use in as many related gaming devices as possible. These include Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo, among others.

(5 Best Xbox One Headsets under $50) Onikuma K5-N Gaming Headset
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Super-thin Membrane: To let you position the speaker conveniently on your head, this headset comes along with a super-thin membrane technology. This also allows for an all-direction, accurate, and quick positioning of the speaker as well. You will enjoy the benefit of immersive game scene experience too!

Knitted Audio String: It draws in sound input from the gaming device by means of a knitted audio string. Unlike those of the ordinary headsets, this string is five times stronger. For this reason, you will find the string quite reliable to handle. It is resistant to pulls and won’t tear apart or break unnecessarily.

Exalted Driver IC: At the core of the headset is this exalted driver integrated circuit. This circuit features the Xhmmer-4D scene. This simulates the engine so as not to let you won’t miss the exquisite craftsmanship and the outstanding output of sound power.


  • Brings along the benefit of better sound performance
  • Possesses high build quality that confers greater comfort an sound
  • Greatly magnifies sound to let you hear explosions and gunshots separately and audibly
  • Fits nicely in your head due to its ability to stretch out and compress in
  • Customized to easily fit on your head


  • Quite bulky (measures 8.3 inches long by 4.4 inches wide by 7.3 inches deep)
  • Moderately clumsy to operate
  • Inflexible size

Summary: Well, you can clearly see from the foregoing mini-review that this headset is truly compatible. Go for it if you have several electronics in your possession. It will indeed save you a great deal of time and enhance your overall experience.

4.Bengoo Stereo Headset

Perhaps no other headset is as suited for gaming as this one. It does have the ability to distinguish the various sounds and amplify them altogether. This allows you listen to the individual sounds and enjoy your gaming experience to the maximum possible extent. It is also flexible to ‘grow’ with your head and skull.

BENGOO Stereo Headset For Gaming Controller
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Multi-platform Compatibility: On the whole, the headset is compatible with several likeminded gadgets and operating platforms. These include but are not limited to Nintendo 3DS, Playstation PS4, the new Xbox One, personal computer, and tablets, among others. You may need other accessories to create the necessary connections though.

Surrounding Stereo Sub-woofer: You will enjoy the benefits of clear sound and less ambient noise, courtesy of the high-precision 40 mm magnetic neodymium drivers. This indeed is the speaker of choice for those games that generate plenty of sounds. These include the Metal Gear Solid, Halo 5 Guardians, Star Wars Battlefront, and World of Warcraft Legion.

Noise Isolation Microphone: Closing its list of topnotch features is the integrated omnidirectional microphone. This microphone possesses a noise-cancellation feature which filters out ambient noise. This means you will deliver your messages clearly while gaming. You will not subject your teammates to ambiguities or distortions. What’s more? The microphone is also easy and convenient to adjust!


  • Exudes some comfortable feel courtesy of the high-grade wearable
  • Manufactured using environmentally-friendly materials
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Very compatible with several operating systems
  • Easily highlights the atmosphere of the game


  • Possesses limited features
  • Not so high-quality sound
  • Does not support the wireless connectivity

Summary: All factor considered, this pair of the headset is indeed the most suited for gaming. It has all the trappings of the ideal headset of its kind. Its ability to distinguish between the different sounds makes it all the more outstanding.

5.ECOOPRO G9600 Xbox Headset

In order for headsets to perform reliably in noisy areas, they have to possess a mechanism which can filter out the ambient noise. If your search for a headset is informed by the need to use it in crowded and noisy places, be advised to try your luck on this one.

ECOOPRO G9600 Xbox Gaming Headset
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Strong Braided Cord: The cord that connects the headset to the gaming device is braided. As such, it has a high tensile strength. It is therefore pretty resistant to frays, tears, and bruises alongside other elements of wear and tear. These guarantee you long-term reliability.

Soft Skin-friendly Leather Ear-pads: The outer portions of the ear-cups are made of the soft and skin-friendly leather material. This material is soft and warm. In light of this, you will enjoy great comfort. You will also be able to put them on for longer without necessarily feeling fatigued or bored.

Comfortable Feeling: All factors considered, you will enjoy a comfortable feel while using this headset. This is courtesy of the softness of the materials used which also furnish a stream of fresh air. For this reason, you will hardly sweat and suffer the consequences of hearing impairments.


  • Transmits high-quality signals through its Omni-directional microphone
  • Has a premium noise canceling feature which produces clear sounds
  • Its microphone’s angle is easier to adjust
  • Reduces the likelihood of hearing impairments and heat sweat
  • Comes along with human body engineering specifications


  • Quite complicated to the average user
  • Requires plenty of storage space
  • Cannot ‘grow’ with your head owing to its inflexibility

Summary: To be assured of optimal performance in noisy environment, you are better off with this headset. Its ability to filter out ambient noise is outstanding and very reliable. It is also able to shield you from hearing loss or impairments.

6.VersionTech Stereo Gaming Headset

For you to enjoy your gaming frequently and for longer, you require a handy headset. Such a headset must of necessity be flexible enough to ‘grow’ with your head. It also must be comfortable and possess excellent control mechanisms. By reason of embodying all these traits, this headset is indeed suited for that very role.

VersionTech Stereo Gaming Headset
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Comfortable Ear-cup Pads: The ear-cups are made of soft skin-friendly leather materials. They generally speaking make it possible for you to enjoy your gaming session for a very long time but in total comfort. They also have an outstanding and reliable noise isolation feature that keep off ambient noise and let you hear your sounds audibly.

Flexible Headband: Unlike the headband of most other headsets, the one for this is flexible. This simply means it can fit different head sizes. It does so by conforming as nearly as possible to the contours of your head. It can also ‘grow’ with you as your head expands.

On-cable Sound Controls: Throughout its connecting cable is the sound controls. These controls come in the form of easy-to-use volume dial and a mute switch. They are both easy to engage and as such bring along the benefit of precise adjustment of sounds. They are also strategically placed for you to easily engage.


  • Compatible with all 3.5 mm gaming devices
  • Able to discharge several roles at a time
  • Produces crystal-clear sound thanks to the built-in high precision 50 mm magnetic neodymium driver
  • Exudes a stunning appearance
  • Accompanied by a multi-language user manual


  • Lower sensitivity (108 dB +/- 3 dB)
  • Operates on a limited frequency range (20 – 20 KHz)
  • Accommodates less working current (below 100 mA)

Summary: There you have it! If comfort is your primary concern, look to no other headset than this one. It has all the features, parts, and specifications necessary for this benefit to be accrued. What are you waiting for?

7.Etekcity H7PX+ Xbox One Headset

Are you mainly preoccupied with sound quality? If so, you need a headset that is easier to control and accommodates varying sound options. No other headset comes even close to this one as far as this particular trait is concerned. As you shall see, it has all the necessary features to allow this.

Etekcity H7PX+ Xbox One Headset
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Noise Isolation: This headset can isolate noises that originate from the external environment. This is due to its possession of the Passive Noise Reduction feature. This allows you to enjoy better gaming experience as you will not endure unnecessary disturbances. This feature also prevents you from developing ear complications.

Over-Ear Design and Comfortable Fit: In all, the headset comes with an ergonomic design. It is also lighter in weight and durable. These features jointly keep you comfortable all along the entire duration of use. The earpiece also fits nicely on your head and conforms to the contours of your head.

Multi-Function Control Button: With the multi-function button, you can adjust the volume, control the vibrations, alter the angle of the microphone, and customize the microphone and speaker settings to your unique preferences. These go a long way in enhancing your overall gaming experience.


  • Produces sounds that are deep, powerful and balanced at all times
  • The audio quality is quite clear and of high quality
  • Allows you to create personalized profiles courtesy of the enclosed downloadable CD drive
  • Compatible with several operating systems such as MAC OS and Windows XP
  • Possesses enhanced bass vibration speakers


  • Incompatible with any gaming consoles
  • Lower impedance (32 Ohms)
  • Accommodates only one input plug (USB)

Summary: Perhaps no other headset under consideration guarantees sounds of higher quality like this pair of headset. As you can clearly see, it has all the features that jointly produce the high-quality sounds. Place your bet on them in case you cherish high sound quality.

How do I connect my headset to my Xbox one?

Step I: Turn off your Xbox One

Start by turning off your Xbox One gaming device. This is to prevent shocks, malfunctions, and other related problems. It is also to grant you the confidence you require to do a good job. Unplug the gaming device from the socket too.

Step II: Check the kind of cable connection your headset possesses

There are two main kinds of connections. These are the classic 3.5mm jack and the full headset adapter, respectively. The first option has a small port between the handle for plugging the connecting wire. The second option allows you to plug your wire onto the entire bottom of the controller.

Step III: Plug your headset into the controller

Proceed now to plug your headset into the controller. Do this depending on the kind of cable connection that your headset possesses. Test to see whether the connection works.

Step IV: Turn on your Xbox One Gamer and its controller

Turn on your gamer and attempt to play a game. Experiment with your volume, mute, and other buttons to check whether they are working properly.

Step V: Start a game and see how it goes

Now play an entire game from scratch. In case the headphones do not work at all, you may need to start the connection process all over again. If the problem persists, you may have to go to the ‘settings’, ‘devices and accessories’, and finally ‘controllers.’ Alter the settings appropriately.

Step VI: Test the Chat Function

Finish off by testing the cat function too. Do this by trying out a multiplayer game. You can do this in a number of ways. Record your voice in a message and playback to check whether the microphone is indeed picking your voice. You may also do this by playing a game with online pals in case they are around.

The Final Words (Summary)

It is our hope that you have found our review of the best Xbox One Headset under $50 above insightful. We now urge you to proceed and place an order of at least one of the gadgets. In case you delay taking this crucial step, you may end up paying more later or even having none to buy at all. Even though all the products we have listed above are equally competent, the BENGOO Stereo Gaming Headset stands out due to its flexible size. You will find it handy and relevant to your needs for longer owing to the fact that it can ‘grow’ with you. Try it out in case you have no particular headset in mind.

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