5 Best Windows 10 Themes & Setup Guide

Some month ago Microsoft released their new operating system windows 10 with many new and exclusive features and themes. Microsoft releases some exclusive windows 10 dark theme with visual style but user wants more that’s why I collect the exclusive and best Windows 10 themes that make your computer colorful. Already millions of user update and download Windows 10 for their uncommon interface and visual style windows 10 dark theme Every user of this OS wants to change and set new visual style themes.

These themes are really awesome that change your background wallpaper, start menu and others internal interface. And all the themes help you to access the operating system and computer easier. You can easily download the themes from the themes downloading page and it’s absolutely free of cost. And here this article I write the full setup guide of Windows 10 theme that assist you to setup the theme easily. So don’t be let, download the theme as your choice and setup the theme and enjoy the new windows 10 design.

Best Way to Setup Windows 10 Theme

It is very easy to change the Windows 10 theme.  But Windows OS only accept and install Microsoft signed theme if you want to install unsigned or third party theme then you must tweak some settings and disable the sign check from the uxtheme.dll file.

If you change the windows 10 theme easily then you need UX style software that helps you to disable the Microsoft sign check. This software helps you to change Windows 7, 8 and 10 themes easily. So let’s follow the all procedure from bellow.

  • At first download this UX style from their page that’s totally free and install the software.
  • Now you also download and install this UltraUXThemePatcher that modify the uxtheme.dll file.
  • Now this time you download any windows 10 themes from the bellow and then go to the bellow theme file root.


  •  In this time you copy the downloaded theme and paste in this theme folder.
  • Then you right click on the blank place in monitor and click the ‘personalization’ control panel from the drop down menu.
  • Finally you select your desire theme and setup step by step.

You can also read this article for changing or installing third party windows theme easily.

5 Best Windows 10 Themes With Visual Styles

1. Ubuntu Theme

ubuntu_them_for_windows_10 by toppctech.com

This is a perfect and exclusive theme for ubuntu lovers that you can install in your OS Windows 10.  You get this theme for both 32 bit and 64 bit from this page and this is free of cost. This exclusive theme you can use and save for next time. You obviously love this them if you access its internal interface.

2. lne Theme

lne_theme_for_windows_10 by toppctech.com

Ine theme is a popular theme in this time for its exclusive title bar modification and wooden style status bar. It’s also looking good for borderless windows and tidy and clean interface. You can download this exclusive software from this page with the easy installation guide. If you install this mind blowing theme then you must love its style and simple accessible windows.

3. Vanilla Theme

vanilla_theme_for_windows_10 by toppctech.com

This is a simple design and visual styles theme for Windows 10. It is most popular for its borderless design so you can download this vanilla theme from this webpage. Many Windows 10 users use this theme and also use windows 7 and 8 user for its awesome visual styles title bar, color and specially background.

4. Numix Light Theme

numix_theme_with_visual_styles by toppctech.com

Numix light theme also a best visual styles theme. This theme popular for it’s color combination. Its title and internal options are making by red, light grey and black color that gives the theme a beautiful looking. You can download this theme directly from cleodesktop so don’t be late just download this theme and install now.

5. Letein Theme 

letein_theme_by_cleodesktop and toppctech.com

This is a colorful and simple interface theme that gives you a great user experience. You can download these them from this page with simple installation guide. This visual styles theme fresh your mind in your computer accessing time so you can download this windows 10 theme free.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

So friends these are very useful theme in Windows OS. I hope you use any of one from them. If you want to more visual styles and colorful Windows 10 theme then you can go cleodesktop and download as your choice. Now it’s your time to comment bellow with experience of using above theme.

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