9 Best Websites for College Students

The Internet is a vast resource for staying informed and gaining knowledge. But there are so many websites available and hence it is important to sort out which ones are useful. Here is the list of best websites for college students.

8 Best Websites for College Students

9 Best Websites for College Students In This Year

1. RateMyProfessor

It is the primary source for determining what instructors students should choose for their classes. This website is a perfect tool to discover the opinions of peers about the course or professor. Above all, students prefer that professor genuinely cares about their career and success. The students should take precaution while considering the reviews and trust the reviews of the people they actually know.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a great website that students will love to use. There is an extension which can be easily downloaded. It will help to correct spelling and grammar anywhere on the web browser. This site is far better than the typical word spell check. The best thing is it will suggest better words to replace with the thesaurus available on hand. This is a useful site for correcting the essays, as well. Even if you pay for essay assignment, you can still check them with Grammarly to make sure everything is right. You may also use it for plagiarism checking.

3. Mint.com

Mint.com is the website that can manage students’ financial situation. You can check and manage your budget and expenses with no effort. It lets students know how mindful they should be while spending money. They will also develop a habit of saving money and invest in the right sources. When students register on Mint, they will have to link their bank account and it will pull out the information about the banking such as statements and will let them know exactly where the money is going. This is a pretty cool site to manage all the financial needs.

4. Quizlet

It is the website for creating digital flashcards. The site is also helpful in generating tests for a topic you enter. It has a text-to-speech transforming capability and so it helps students to improve the pronunciations by reading out loud. Quizlet provides targeted spelling corrections. The site has the adaptive learning facility to showstudentswhich chapters to take first. Students can also improve their memory by studying the customizable tests provided by the site.

5. WikiHow

In college, students have to perform a lot of work on their own whether it is a class assignment or fixing up some issues at home.WikiHow is a good resource for that. The tutorials are easy to digest and it is comfortable to learn from the images.

6. Glassdoor

It is a useful website if students are looking for an internship or first job. The reviews will help them to decide which companies they shouldn’t and should be working for. Glassdoor will help them to research the feedback written by the past and current employees. In fact, they can check the interview process and salaries offered if they are looking to do a part-time job.

7. Wolfram Alpha

This site is just like a search engine that allows performing the calculations of all kinds including math, engineering, science and much more. It generates the answers to questions in real time by performing the computations using its vast internal knowledge. The main goal of this site is to provide systematic knowledge accessible and solved for everyone.  It has a wide variety of data, facts, and information to help students in the class assignments to submit them on time.

8. Wikipedia

This is one of the most resourceful sites for college students to check the basic concepts about any topic related to their study. The best thing is the resources mentioned at the bottom of the website can be handy in writing different papers. Wikipedia is also helpful for improving the critical thinking of the students through its neutral policy.

9. Plagiarismdetector.net

Students are always worried about plagiarism in their assignments, thesis, and research papers. They look for a different way to get rid of duplicated content. If your work is always filled up with plagiarized content then you can exclude it by using plagiarism checker. It will identify the phrases and sentences that you might have duplicated from another source. It is not only beneficial for students but even professors can use this online utility to identify any plagiarized content in the work of students.

So, these are some of the best websites for college students to learn and improve their personal to career-related skills. If you are thinking some websites or apps really helpful for the college students then you can add it by commenting bellow. Hope this will help to the new students for their study and project works.