5 Best Vacuums for Thick Carpet In 2021

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Renting apartments could make you but fluffy carpets, pillows, and pets to ensure that your space is warm and you are not stepping on the cold floor. With all this in your house, you will need constant cleaning especially if your pet is a messy one. With plush and fluffy carpets, debris gets into the fabric and is not easily noticed unless you do yourself a favor and clean deeply.

Having any of these 5 best vacuums for thick carpets assures you of better and more thorough cleaning time. They have powerful functions and different cleaning modes to ensure that not only do you clean carpets but also other hard surfaces as well. Add one other into your household is a sure way of creating a better environment for your family.

A Quick Look at Top Vacuums for Thick Carpet

1.(Best vacuum for thick carpet) Hoover WindTunnel UH72625Hoover
2.Eureka PowerSpeed BaglessEureka
3.Dyson Stick Vacuum CleanerDyson
4.(Top vacuum for thick carpet) BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind PetBISSELL
5.Shark Navigator Upright VacuumShark

5 Best Vacuums for Thick Carpet Reviewed

1. Hoover WindTunnel UH72625

As the world tries really hard to get rid of plastic, the vacuuming industry is also trying to set you apart by providing a paperless cleaning time. With this advanced vacuum, you don’t need a bag to empty the dirt into as it has a large dust cup that you empty directly into the waste bracket.

(Best vacuum for thick carpet) Hoover WindTunnel UH72625
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3 wind-tunnel: With a powerful 3 wind tunnel technology, it creates enough suction power with efficient airflow that helps the dirt go straight to the dust cup. This enables you to clean all surfaces without leaving any dirt behind.

Controls: With the control on your hands, you can easily turn the brush on/ off for hard and soft floors. This prevents the vacuum from breaking down when you clean the wrong surfaces with the brush.

Filters: The carbon HEPA filter helps you to not only clean pet hair but absorb odor as well. This way, your seats will not be smelling of the dog or cat and your house will be well balanced in smell. This vacuum really good for cleaning the dog beds

  • Is easy to operate as well as assemble
  • Deep cleans all floors and other surfaces as it has a powerful suction
  • Comes with a 1.42 liters dust cup to hold as much dirt as possible
  • Hair doesn’t get stuck on the brushes easily
  • Has an extra wide nozzle to clean large areas at a time
  • It is heavy thus not easy to carry around
  • Its not cordless therefore cleaning space is limited to the power cable

Summary: Therefore if you are looking to buy this vacuum, you will be doing your self a great favor as it cleans large surfaces, is able to reach under the bed and chairs without you moving them around and it can be easily controlled from the handle.

2. Eureka NEU182A Vacuum

One thing that keeps a vacuum being powerful and very useful in your home is the modes of cleaning. With this vacuum, you will not worry about your pet food getting stuck in the nozzle as it can easily lift large debris.

Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless
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Weight: Weighing about 10 pounds, you can comfortably as easily clean top surfaces without much hassle. This gives you the power to maximize your cleaning surfaces.

Multipurpose: Can easily be used to clean different surfaces not just carpets. This is enabled by a quick-release handle that helps you control the nozzle.

Dust cup: They provide you with an extra-large dust cup for holding large amounts of dirt. This saves you countless trips to the waste bracket when the floor is extremely dirty.

  • They are durable and strong for all types of vacuuming
  • Has a powerful suction for various surfaces
  • The height can be easily adjusted 5 times to ensure you find a comfort zone
  • Is easy to assemble
  • Has washable foam filters, therefore, saving the cost of buying every now and then
  • They are very noisy during operation
  • Handle finish tends to fade off easily

Summary: With the Eureka power speed vacuum, even when your carpet looks clean, it will still get the tiniest debris or dust that is hidden under. Its powerful suction helps you maneuver around a seemingly clean surface to make them sparkle.

3. Dyson Cyclone V10 Vacuum

For deep cleaning purposes, it’s good to ensure that you have the right vacuum in your hands. With the cordless versatility of this vacuum, you will not worry about how far your power cord can reach. To avoid mistakes of skipping some surfaces, this vacuum has a large surface area for brush ensuring it collects large and small debris.

Dyson Stick Vacuum Cleaner
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Cleaning modes: Designed with 3 cleaning modes, this vacuum is easy to use on any surface. It gives you the power to easily change one to the other according to the type of surface you are working on at that particular time.

Converts into handheld: Unlike other types of vacuums, this one can be converted into a small handheld vacuum. This ensures you can clean surfaces like the stairs, car seats, sofas, etc. without much strain.

Battery power: It operates on a powerful lithium battery which is easily rechargeable. While in use after a full charge, it can operate for 60 minutes with a non-motorized attachment.

  • Operates on batteries giving you the power to easily clean areas with no power sockets
  • It is handheld therefore easy to clean different surfaces
  • Has a powerful suction to deep cleaning surfaces
  • The dust cup is easy to empty
  • Can be easily operated by anyone
  • The battery weakens over time
  • Long hair easily gets tangled in the brushes

Summary: With a cordless vacuum cleaner like this one, the advantages are countless. Seeing that it can be reduced into a handheld vacuum, you can carry it in your car when taking the kids out so you can easily clean up the mess when you get home.

4. BISSELL 2254 Vacuum Cleaner

When you are so used to having a clean floor and you get a pet, life can change drastically. To keep up with this kind of change, you will need this powerful vacuum that protects and cleans your floors without you using so much energy.

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet
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Easy to empty tank: The dust cup has an easy to press button where you just hold it on top of the waste bucket and press it. This prevents you from spreading the dirt on the floor or touching it to empty.

Swivel steering: This enables you to turn and clean corners as well as under surfaces with ease. It enables you to have total control over your cleaning surfaces.

Durable brushes: The soft brushes on this vacuum are durable and easy to operate on any kind of floor. They are made to ensure that whether you are clean the carpet or a hardwood floor, you will not need to change them as they can be used on multi-surfaces.

  • Has 5 adjustable height setting for easy cleaning time
  • The cord has an automatic wrap button that you push when you need to clean or when you are done
  • Has an extension wand for top surfaces
  • Is made with a scatter free technology especially for large debris
  • Deep cleans the surface to leave a sparkling area
  • Doesn’t work well on plush carpets
  • Easily gets stuck with hair

Summary: For a person who doesn’t like to keep adjusting the brushes or changing them according to the surfaces, this vacuum would be a great addition. It is easy to maintain at comes with a multi-surface brush that doesn’t require adjustment.

5. Shark Navigator NV352 Vacuum

The easiest way to clean a floor filled with all kinds of dirt is to ensure that you have a vacuum with powerful suction. This makes it easier to even get the ones hidden under the floors or in corners. This will help you find even secret hiding spots that you didn’t know exist in your house where your pets hide food or other kinds of data clothes.

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum
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Easy lift-away: This vacuum has an n easy lift-off canister that allows you to easily clean the top surface like the stairs. 

Complete clean up: With the power to collect dirt and anti-allergens, this vacuum leaves your home sparkling clean. It completely eliminates germs and dirt that can cause allergies. 

Filters: The HEPA filters on this vacuum are easily accessible and removable. This means that you can clean them instead of buying new ones every now and then.

Operating modes: with different operational modes, this vacuum is perfect to operate on different surfaces. Its power is unmatched for all the modes to leave your house sparkling with no chance of either small or large debris.

  • Can be used for a long time
  • Is lightweight and convenient to operate
  • Has an excellent suction power
  • Has great suction power for different surfaces
  • Can be easily moved around
  • Has a small intake head
  • The power cord is too short

Summary: Despite a few cons, this particular vacuum is perfect for your home. Unlike others, it powerful, convertible, and easy to operate even first time users. With a swivel steering, you will easily maneuver through chairs, and under the other surface to get the best cleaning.

Things to Consider when Buying a Vacuum for Thick Carpet

Price: Vacuums are highly-priced. This is because they are built with the best technologies to ensure a clean home and multiple functionalities. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a vacuum, ensure that you set a budget that will guide you into purchasing right. A good vacuum may cost you a few extra bucks but it will be a worthy buy. 

Warranty: A Product with a guaranteed warranty assures the customer of the availability of quality customer service as well as returns and refunds if need be. When buying a vacuum, which a long-term use product, ensure that the warranty covers you for at least one year so that you don’t end up with a broken vacuum due to manufacturing errors after a month or so. This will provide give peace of mind as you buy and operate your vacuum.

Availability of spares: Just like any other piece of technology, vacuums are prone to breaking down parts every once in a while. Therefore, you need to get yourself a vacuum that has a readily available technical support or service station in case of such mishaps. This guarantees you of longer operation time as well as less hectic service time when the need arises. 

Function power: Vacuums have different operational power. For battery-operated vacuums, they operate on minimum power and when motorized, their functionality changes. To ensure that you get the right vacuum, check the suction power as well as the type of motor it operates on. This will ensure that it matches your cleaning needs.

Quality: For deep cleaning purposes, you will need a vacuum that operates without breaking down. The quality of the vacuum should be high with a very small chance of maintenance. This will give you the guarantee that the vacuum you are about to buy is durable. Quality does not only affect the durability but also the operation and the service the vacuum provides. If things like the filters, brushes as well as the motor are made from low-quality materials, they will not offer the best services around your home.

Weight: A vacuum is a handheld object that in any case should be lightweight and easy to carry around. This is because you are operating it around your house and if it’s heavy it can be hard to move it upstairs for cleaning upper rooms. When you are buying ensure that your vacuum can be handheld for top surfaces and is easy to carry around so that it doesn’t give you shoulder pains and doesn’t cause you to ask for help from other people.

Lightweight vacuums are most preferred because they can be used not only in the house but also outside in your car. They can also be used to vacuum your beds, sofa sets as well as counter tops.

The Final Words (Summary)

The power of vacuuming your house brings about a lot of non-toxic environments especially if you have toddlers. The above best vacuums for thick carpet are modified to fit into your home as a piece of making it better and more friendly. They are the best when it comes to functionality.

With one of them, you can be sure that you will not get your hands dirty trying to remove dirt from the dust cup and they will not crash amid a cleaning session. This will be a cost advantage, as it spares your maintenance cost and large electricity bills.