5 Best Underground Dog Fences in 2023

Any dog owner is always concerned about the safety and security of their dog, especially within the home. Whether your dog is for fun or other reasons, it needs to be well contained mostly in the backyards. That means that you should invest in an excellent underground dog fencing system. The market has several options, but finding the ones that serves your need might be quite challenging because most of them tend to have a similarity. In this review, we will discuss five of the best underground dog fences, thus helping you make an informed decision.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Underground Dog Fences

1.SportDOG Brand SDF-100CSportDOG Brand
2.PetSafe ZIG00-16969 FencePetSafe
3.Educator PF-1000-BK E-FenceEducator
4.Dogtra E-Fence 3500Dogtra
5.PetSafe PIG00-11115 FencePetSafe

5 Best Underground Dog Fences Reviewed

1. SportDOG Brand SDF-100C

Having your dog secure and well contained is something you would desire. In order to achieve this, you will need a reliable fence. SportDog Fence is one of the best brands of electric fences that will help contain your dog. It is a popular brand, and here are its features and benefits.

SportDOG Brand SDF-100C
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Four Static Stimulation Levels: SportDog electric fence makes it possible to get your dog’s attention by tuning it whenever it crosses the set boundary for its containment. The tuning is done through appropriate stimulation required to attract your dog’s attention. It gives you control over the stimulation and allows you to withdraw after the dog’s response.

Enough Coverage: The fencing system has enough wires that can cover your desired area of boundary. The cables can extend to about 11/3 acres, which means you are not limited to coverage. Once you set the area of your dog’s containment, all you have to do is spread the wire along the boundary then bury it.

Tones and vibrations: Whenever your dog approaches the set boundary, the system sends a signal by either a tone or vibration. However, if you have trained your dog well, you will be able to use these alert modes to keep your dog well confined and safe.

  • Easy to install with enough wires to cover your area of containment
  • It is adjustable in case the dog doesn’t respond with the first stimulation
  • Not limited to one dog; thus, if you have several, it can contain them all
  • The kit comes with boundary flags, which helps in training your dog
  • You can leave your gate open without worry
  • The batteries require frequent charging
  • The transmitters are unreliable

Summary: If you are looking for a perfect fencing system, then SportDog electric fence should be the first in your list. This fencing system has an amazing response, and you can always expand if you increase the number of your dogs. Therefore, SportDog fence underground is worth purchasing and will leave you satisfied with an assurance of your dog’s safety.

2. PetSafe ZIG00-16969 Fence

PetSafe In-Ground Dog Fence is one of the best dog fences to purchase. The system offers a perfect containment for your dog and guarantees its safety. The kit comes as a bundle of receivers, collars, flags and transmitters. Also, it comes with several attachments that help fulfill its purposes accordingly.

PetSafe ZIG00-16969 Fence
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Adjustable Receiver and Collar: Petsafe In-Ground Dog Fence has an adjustable receiver with four levels through which static guidance is done. It also offers a signaling tone that alerts your dogs. Additionally, the system’s collars are accommodative and come in various neck sizes. That means any dog can get the right collar that fits it, leaving it with comfortability. The size range of the collars is 4-26 inches.

Coverage: PetSafe In-Ground fence covers an area of 1/3 acres and can expand to 25 acres depending on your preference. In case you want to expand your field of coverage, you can buy more wires and flags. The expansion is also advantageous because it leaves room for more and more dogs to be contained.

Rechargeable Batteries: PetSafe In-Ground fence comes with two major components: the collar and the receiver, which function on batteries. Fortunately, the batteries are rechargeable within 2-4 hours. The recharge can last for up to 2 months of maximum use. These batteries keep the system functional all through.

  • Easy installation that takes a few hours
  • They are easy to train a dog
  • Cheaper as compared to other brands
  • Dogs do not wonder in the neighborhoods
  • Can serve a big number of dogs
  • Does not accommodate all dogs especially the stubborn and temperamental ones
  • The plastic flags can be tiresome when fixing in a bigger area because they are short
  • The shocks can cause fear and trauma to the dog especially during the training

Summary: The PetSafe In-Ground fence is reliable, safe, and easy to use. Also, the system makes your dog training easy since it has no technical complication. If you are looking for a system that will satisfactorily serve you, then Petsafe In-Ground fence is the end of your search.

3. Educator PF-1000-BK E-Fence

Among the best dog fencing systems in the market is the Educator E-Fence Underground dog containment system. It comes with a package of collars, receivers, transmitters that are well programmed to fit in with dog size, yard size, and stimulation level. Below are some of the features that the system boasts.

Educator PF-1000-BK E-Fence
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Free readily available customer support: Being able to reach your service providers easily gives you a fantastic assurance. The agents of Educator E-Fence underground dog containment system are easy to reach. You can call them through their phones and get assistance either on installation, setup, dog training, or any other problem regarding the system.

Easy Dog Training Features: The system is favorable for you, especially during training. The static movement can be gradually increased based on the dog’s response. Also, in the case of a highly sensitive dog, the tone is moderate; thus, it can’t trigger any dog’s temperaments. These features make the dog comfortable during the training.

Easy Operation: Most of the components of the system are easy to operate. The receiver sends signals quickly, alerting the dog to restrain itself from the boundary. The collar is designed to fit in any dog regardless of its size. They are also not limited by the size of the yard.

Maintains an outdoor look: Installing the Educator E-Fence underground dog containment system does tamper with your outdoor look. Unlike the physical fence, this fence allows homeowners to maintain clear scenery of their surroundings.

  • They are easily affordable
  • They are expandable and thus can cover a more significant area
  • Easy to install
  • In case you want to have more dogs the system accommodates that
  • It’s stimuli ability is adjustable
  • Gives homeowners flexibility, saving them the worry of the dog’s whereabouts
  • Consumes power fast

Summary: Educative E-Force underground dog containment system is the best option to purchase. This fencing system is the best for any homeowner in search of an excellent and affordable fencing system. It will give you flexibility around your home, knowing your dog is well restricted.

4. Dogtra E-Fence 3500

Dogtra E-fence underground electric system is unique from the other methods because it covers the most significant area of 40 Acres. It’s an easy-to-use containment system for your dog, keeping it safe and secure and comes with a transmitter that adjusts the stimulation field. Most of its features are favorably adjustable and easy to monitor.

Dogtra E-Fence 3500
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Expandability: Dogtra E-fence system is expandable, and that means that it can accommodate more dogs. In case you decide to increase your dogs, you can always add an equal number of dogtra collars.

Waterproof collars: The system is reliable even in rainy seasons or when you decide to shower your dog. That’s because the system’s collars are waterproof, and they can still respond when it gets into contact with water.

Rapidly charging batteries: In case the batteries of the system go flat, they can be charged quickly within 2-hours. The cells are made of lithium polymer, which quickens the charging process. Quick charging batteries give an assurance of the system being operational thorough out.

Limited stimulation time: Unlike most underground fencing systems, Dogtra E-Fence has a set time for stimulating your dog. The time is 8 seconds, thus ensuring your dog’s safety.

Boundary Flags: The Dogtra electric fence comes with boundary flags that are very helpful during the dog training session. However, the flags should be removed when the training is complete, and your dog is set.

  • You can efficiently train your dog with this system
  • Comes with boundary training flags
  • The systems collar receiver accommodates even tiny dogs
  • Has a high coverage of up to 40 acres
  • Easily accessible customer cares services in case of a hiccup
  • Difficult to install
  • Short warranty period
  • Does not have a tone-only training mode

Summary: Dogtra E-fence system is a reliable brand that you should not hesitate to purchase. Consider this fencing brand that comes with a low price and is readily available in the market. Also, the system is of good quality, and therefore there is no need to worry about the maintenance cost.

5. PetSafe PIG00-11115 Fence

Petsafe YardMax fence is an ideal fencing system that comes with several benefits. The system is readily available in the market at a low cost. Also, it allows your dog to roam comfortably within the compound, unlike other fencing systems that limit the dog’s movement.

PetSafe PIG00-11115 Fence
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Five levels of static correction: The Petsafe YardMax In-Ground dog fence boasts of five levels of static correction. That means your dog does not need force to respond and can do so through the static correction that triggers their response.

Maximize your yard space: Yardmax fence allows your dog to have more room to move around. Through this system, your dog receives correction whenever it touches the boundary location, unlike other brands that correct it prior to reaching the set boundary.

Unlimited number of dogs: With PetSafe fence, you are not limited in the number of dogs in your yard. If you feel you need more dogs, what you do is purchase more collars receivers to be used by the additional dogs. The system can comfortably serve as many dogs as possible.

Battery warning: The PetSafe fence battery is designed to give you a warning in case it goes low. This alert helps you act first and have the battery recharged. The battery warning serves well by ensuring that the system doesn’t go down because of flat cells.

Personalized collar settings: YardMax fence system has personalized collar settings that train your dog to stay in a safe area. The settings come with a sound-only mode that communicates to your dog whenever it nears the set boundary.

  • Can serve tiny dogs without harm
  • Covers up to 10acres
  • All-round customer service to assist you anytime
  • Rechargeable collar receiver
  • Comes with an operating and user guide collar
  • More installation work and time
  • No long-term warranty

Summary: PetSafe YardMax is a top pick for the underground dog fencing that you should consider without any doubt. The systems come with anything that the homeowner needs to train his dog. Also, it comes with inbuilt features, making it work effectively.

Things to Consider when Buying an Underground Dog Fence

Different underground fences are designed with various features and modes of operation. At times they can be complicated to understand, and you will need a guide to help you understand these features and factors to consider before making a purchase. Here are things to consider when buying an underground dog fence.

The weight of your dog: On the contrary, weight here is about how small your dog is, not how big it is. That’s because a smaller dog can be damaged by the shocks released from the fence. Also, another possible problem is that the receiver could hurt the dog’s neck. Therefore, it is of the essence to check on the fence type’s minimum age and weight requirements. Knowledge of weight will help you ensure your dog’s safety.

Battery life: Most underground fences work by just plugging into the transmitter. However, the receiver on the dog’s collar requires a battery for it to operate. At times the cost of cells can be high, and it is advisable to buy a fence that works with rechargeable batteries and avoid extra charges.

Number of dogs that you have: Some underground fences are limited to serving a certain number of dogs. Therefore, if you have many dogs, you need to look for a wall that will comfortably handle all the dogs. Luckily, the market has fences that can manage both the big and the small number of dogs. Also, before buying the fence, consider the number of receivers and collars it provides. Ensure that you don’t need to purchase extra receivers and collars.

Range or area of coverage: The range of the fence is an essential thing to consider when weighing your options for a fence. Specific barriers are designed to cover a small area, which means that your dog will be equally limited. In reality, anyone would like to have a fence system that covers a larger area. Apart from extremely limiting your dog, a small space will also not allow you to flexibly play with the settings.

Installation process: Unlike wireless fencing systems, underground dog fences take more time and require more skills to install. Also, the installation usually depends on the size of the area you intend the system to cover. The installation process might require you to engage a skilled person to do the installation on your behalf. Therefore, before buying a dog fence, it is of the essence you consider what the installation requirements are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Halo better than Invisible Fence?

Answer: This is a subjective question, and there is no definitive answer. Both Halo and Invisible Fence have their own advantages and disadvantages, which make them better or worse depending on the individual’s needs. For instance, if you’re looking for an effective way to keep your pets safe from predators, then Invisible Fence may be the better option because it provides a physical barrier that keeps animals in or out. Halo, on the other hand, focuses more on providing pet owners with GPS tracking and notifications so they can monitor their pet’s location at all times. Ultimately, the decision will boil down to personal preference and which features are most important for your particular situation.

Question: Do underground dog fences have to be a loop?

Answer: No, the loop is optional. An underground dog fence can be set up as a continuous loop or it can be installed in a straight line so that it forms a barrier around the perimeter of your property. The choice is yours and will depend on the size and shape of your yard as well as how many dogs you own. Whether you opt for a loop or a straight line, it’s important to remember that you need to install the underground fence according to the manufacturer’s instructions in order for it to work properly.

Question: Why do you twist dog fence wire?

Answer: Twisting dog fence wire helps to create a stronger connection between the two sections of the boundary. This ensures that there will be no loss of power or signal strength when the system is in operation, which helps to keep your pet safe and secure within the designated area. Additionally, twisting the wire allows for more flexibility when it comes to creating different shapes and sizes of dog fences. The end result is an effective and durable boundary that will provide your pet with the protection they need.

Question: How can I keep my dog in the yard without a electric fence?

Answer: You can keep your dog in the yard without a electric fence by utilizing other methods such as physical barriers, visual cues, and positive reinforcement. Physical barriers involve putting up fences or walls around the perimeter of your property to make it difficult for your pet to escape. Visual cues such as flags or visible markers can also be used to help your pet understand where the boundaries are. Finally, positive reinforcement involves rewarding your pet when they stay within the designated area and disciplining them when they try to leave. These methods can all be used in conjunction with one another to create an effective barrier that will keep your dog safe and secure.

Question: How do I close the gap under my dog fence?

Answer: Closing the gap under your dog fence is an important step in ensuring that your pet stays safe and secure within the designated area. To do this, you can use a variety of materials such as gravel or poultry netting to fill in any gaps along the bottom of the fence. Additionally, you can also install rolls of burlap or other material to create a barrier that will prevent your pet from digging or pushing their way out. By taking these steps, you can create a secure boundary for your pet and keep them safe from potential predators.

The Final Words (Summary)

You can see that all the above best underground dog fence are great. Some of them are incredibly effective underground fences that will enhance your dog’s containment and additionally keep it safe. They will also make sure that you don’t have to worry about your dog’s movements. Furthermore, they are all excellent and can serve their purpose maximally. All of them are readily available in the market and at accommodative costs. If you are looking for an underground dog fence that will give you worth for your money, then consider the above highlighted fencing systems.