5 Best Under the Counter Water Filters in 2023

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Access to some clean drinking water can be limited at times, and most people prefer purchasing disposable bottles, but they can only get you so far. Purchasing a great water filter can turn tapped water into a limited supply of clean drinking water and boost your health conditions. Many countries across the globe do not have filtration plants that can turn tapped water drinkable. Getting suitable under the counter water filter for your family can save you the trouble of buying disposable drums.

A water filter is a good one-time investment. It helps you filter out all the impurities to give you water that helps boost body functions. Under the counter, water filters are currently more efficient than before. Unlike the reverse osmosis filter systems, under the counter filters do not produce any wastewater. In the following post, we are going to look at the best under the counter water filters you will currently find in the market. Read on to discover why using an under the counter filter is an effective way of generating fresh drinking water for your family.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Water Filters

1.(Best Under The Counter Water Filter) iSpring RCC7AKiSpring
2.Home Master TMAFC-ERPHome Master
3.Tap Master ISetTMA8Perfect Water Technologies
4.Aquasana 3-Stage Under Sink Water FilterAquasana
5.NU Aqua Platinum SeriesNU Aqua

5 Best Under the Counter Water Filters Reviewed

1. iSpring RCC7AK

This system uses a six-stage reverse-osmosis process to filter home water. It is highly preferred for its alkaline filters and cost-effectiveness. It has a production rate of about 75 gallons of clean water per day. The manufacturer provides lifetime customer support services from their certified professional team.

(Best Under The Counter Water Filter) iSpring RCC7AK
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Performance – This system produces more approximately 75 gallons of clean water every day, depending on the water chemistry, pressure, and temperature. It comes with 3.2-gallon storage, which automatically switches the system off once full. It also features the remineralization and multiple-stage filtration system developed through vigorous testing.

Efficient Purification – The six-stage RO filter system makes it remove about 98% of lead and 99% of the many other pollutants. The six-stages includes three pre-filters and the RO membrane.

The Filters – The three-stage pre-filtration process ensures the water is clean before even getting to the RO membrane, which increases the durability of the membrane. Most of this system’s parts can last for not less than a year. All that one needs to keep doing is having routine maintenance to remove the filtered waste.

Remineralization – This six-staged system reintroduces the Mg+ and Ca+ mineral in the added remineralization process. The process alkalizes the water, which makes it tastier than the natural water taste.

  • The company offers professional customer services
  • Gets lid of more than 98% of chlorine, lead and other contaminants
  • Lead-free brass Faucets included
  • Highly affordable
  • It is WQA certified
  • Its wastewater to pure water ratio is high
  • Requires skilled installation

Summary: The iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage RO System is one of the best filter processes in the market. Its efficient processing and filtration are high, which makes most buyers shadow its complex installation skills required and go for it.

2. Home Master TMAFC-ERP

This system is a perfect under-sink water filtration technique. It is highly efficient and has long-lasting effluent filters, which makes it a pacesetter within the industry. Its wastewater to pure water ratio stands at 1:1. Besides, Perfect Water Technologies, Inc. is listed manufacture under NSF.

Home Master TMAFC-ERP
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A Comprehensive, Well-rounded Design – The system comes with pre-filters, RO membrane, remineralizes, alkalinize, and a post-filter, as well as a storage tank for the purified water. The package also comprises an adapter, tubing, fittings, drain saddle, and a faucet to offer a different tap for purified waters.

High Flow Rates & Low Waste – Though the RO membrane filters may produce high wastage, the system is accompanied by a permeate pump, which enhances the system waste to purified water ratio. The wastewater reduction gets to about 80%, which may be the lowest in the reverse osmosis approaches. It uses the reject water as the energy source, and thus, doesn’t need electric power to work.

High Effectual Water Filtration – Using these three-set filters, about 99% of the contaminant is removed by the time the water is fetched from the faucet. These filters effectively remove the dissolved solids, metals, and chemicals.

Novel Filters Design – This system has a modular filter design that incorporates the housing of the filter and the filter into a single unit. These coupled filter housing and the filter have to get disposed of together, leaving no room for re-contamination. It’s recommended to change them every year.

Installation – It is likely to be the easiest to install the RO system in the market. Most of its parts comes readily assembled, which takes less than an hour to drill, screw and install.

  • Low water to clean water ration
  • Removes contaminants effectively
  • The manufacturer is NSF listed
  • Faucet integrated
  • Fast flow
  • Basic water
  • It is relatively expensive for most people

Summary: If you have been looking for a perfect home water filter system, you only need to have the Home Master TMAFC-ERP Artesian system fitted. The long run of use and maintenance is efficient. The system leaves no room for any chances of re-contamination

3. Tap Master ISetTMA8

Research continues to teem in regarding Hormones, Toxins, Cancer-linked Carcinogens, Micro plastics, and many other contaminants discovered in filtered water, tapped water, and even bottled water. Lead, chromium, Arsenic, and many drug residues are the most common contaminants in municipal drinking water. Tap Master ISetTMA8 water filter system is designed to remove all these contaminants to give you safe drinking water.

Tap Master ISetTMA8
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Quick change seal and twist filters – These filters come with your Tap Master ISetTMA8 system and last for around six months to two years. It comes with a sleek, compact design that purifies one gallon of water into bottle-quality in approximately 12 to 15 minutes

Installation – The unit is easy to install and does not require any plumbing skills because it only takes less than three minutes to set up. Tap Master ISetTMA8 units cost considerably less when compared to many under-the-counter systems while delivering regular cleaner, better tasting, and purer water at the same time.

Performance – Many popular under the counter water filters claim to turn unclean water ‘pure,’ but they leave a lot of dangerous contaminants and chemicals behind. With the Tap Master ISetTMA8 model, you can feel confident that you’re getting pure water from a filter system that has gone through extensive tests, analysis, and certifications.

NFS certified – The Tap Master ISetTMA8 model is certified by IAMPO to NSF Standards to remove 15 times more contaminants than most of the leading filters. It is designed to remove a lot of pollutants that might be lurking in your tapped water.

  • It is NFS certified
  • It offers satisfying performance
  • It’s effective in eliminating chemicals and contaminants
  • The wastewater ratio is incredibly low
  • It’s easy to install
  • It does not come with a UV filter
  • It has no booster pump

Summary: If you’re looking for a good under the counter filter system and a cost-efficient unit out there, then Tap Master ISetTMA8 is a suitable selection for you.

4.Aquasana Under Sink (AQ-5300.55)

This model is one of the best-performing units manufactured by Aquasana and has currently been enhanced to deliver a flow rate of water that’s more than 44% faster than the previous performance. Again this model can remove a total of 99% of the 77 popularly known water contaminants, including mercury, lead, asbestos, chlorine, pesticides, chloramines, and pharmaceutical residuals.

Aquasana 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter
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High Flow Rate – The Aquasana 3-Stage unit powers through half a gallon of water each minute. That means there’s no need to wait for some clean water when compared to conventional drip filters. This unit is certified to the National Safety Federation standards and offers your household instant access to better-tasting and healthier water throughout the day.

Clary filtration technology – The Aquasana 3-Stage system is the only water filtration unit currently available in the market that comes with Claryum filtration technology. The technology allows the unit to remove harmful contaminants while enabling the water to maintain its useful natural minerals, which results in water that tastes good and retains most of the health benefits.

High-quality components and ease of installation – The Aquasana 3-Stage filter system comes with the first complete set of filters, together with everything you require for fast and seamless installation. Moreover, the brushed nickel faucet which comes with the system can add a clean, sleek, and modern look to the décor of your kitchen.

  • It’s easy to install and maintain
  • It is lightweight and small in size
  • It provides satisfying performance
  • It has no wastewater
  • It is long-lasting and cost-efficient
  • It has poor O-rings
  • The Bluetooth feature is not effective

Summary: If you are keener about the contents and quality of water, but you don’t want to buy a reverse osmosis system, then this filter system can easily satisfy your needs. It’s NSF certified and efficient against a wide range of water contaminants, including common heavy metals.

5. NU Aqua Platinum Series

This product is developed and tested through a thorough process to ensure consistent, clean, healthy, and great tasting water. The tasteful NSF one hundred percent exclusive lead-free faucet, which features the professional high-quality, quick associate fittings, keeps the top looking appealing. The double o-ring closed filter housings provide a leak-free experience guarantee. Besides, the vast experience and leading experience of the NU Aqua Platinum manufactures is a guarantee to consumer satisfaction.

NU Aqua Platinum Series
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Great flow rates – This system output doubles at the optimum 100GPD of the average under sink water filtration structures. It has a high contaminant rejection rate and provides superior tastes to bottled water. The systems’ five stages process ensures most top qualities of drinking water, which is incomparable to the countertop filters or even the pitcher filters.

Comes with Bonus PPM Meter and Installation DVS – The installation process is easy to do and can take you less than an hour. The installation manual is complemented with a procedural installation DVD. The addition of PPM meters offers you a secure mechanism to test the processed water quality. More so, the simple structure and design, makes it easy to fit the system under the typical kitchen sinks.

High-Quality HydraCoil Technology – The HydraCoil specialty technology used makes the manufacturing process efficient, resulting in more than 50% cleaner water as compared to other systems. These carbon filters offer high absorption rates due to their permeability, which filters out even the smallest particles in the water to about a 99% rejection rate.

  • High-quality design
  • High rated model
  • Easy installation process required
  • Perfect value for your money
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Doesn’t come with default alkaline and remineralization filters
  • Requires one to install a pump for the low water pressures
  • Doesn’t have default UV filters

Summary: NU Aqua Platinum is a leading water filtration approach for persons in need of filtered water in their homes. The rigorous testing process of the system during development warrants great tasting, clean and healthy water, complimented by the filter housing leak-free experience.

Things to Consider when Buying an Under the Counter Water Filter

Water Pressure – When buying water filter systems, the pressure of water is significant. You don’t have to wait for a long time to fill a glass of water. Looking for a water filter system that is capable of giving you great water pressure is incredibly important if your tapped water does not have good pressure to start with.

Filtering Capacity – Based on the components of your filter cartridge, some of the filters can be more efficient than others at removing some types of contaminants. Some models can offer pretty good filtering capacity, but can still lack the components needed to eliminate a particular type of contaminant or chemicals. Having mentioned that, you should look for a filter system that is pretty efficient at eliminating the specific compounds that normally contaminate your water.

Cartridge Longevity – If you have been looking for under the counter water filters, you might have already realized that most of them require new filters every six months or so. Nevertheless, some filter systems require a filter change at least once in every three or even five years. The long-lasting cartridges are typically made using high-quality components, which means they’ll also be incredibly effective when filtering your water.

Ease of Installation – The other important factor you should keep in mind when purchasing a filter system is the ease of installation. In general, if a model is hard to install, you may damage it in the long run. That can lead to a tiresome and long discussion with the customer support team to send you some spare parts, or another system altogether.

This is how We Tested Our Product

We relied heavily on ANSI/NSF certification standards to determine the performance of the under-the-counter water filters. We tested the filters in our lab and also compared them to other systems that were not ANSI/NSF certified, such as the popular Big Berkey water-filter system.

Through this comparison, we found that ANSI/NSF certification is a reliable measure of a filter’s performance. We used this standard to select our top under the counter water filters. We considered factors such as quality, durability, effectiveness, and cost when making our selections. Our final list of recommended products includes those that met or exceeded all of these criteria.

We are confident that these filters will provide clean and safe drinking water for your home and family. We are proud to recommend these products and invite you to read our reviews in order to make an informed decision about which filter is best for your needs. Thank you for considering us for your best under the counter water filters!

The Final Words (Summary)

Choosing a suitable filter can assist in prolonging your life and that of your family. The water you consume every day helps keep the body healthy as well as strengthening your immune system. The right filter system can also assist in reducing your daily efforts. You no longer have to worry about leakages or any filters or cartridges replacements. Selecting the best will mean getting the most out of the filter system with the least price on it. That’s, of course, possible as the best under the counter water filter outlined above. These models are tested for their functions and innovative designs, as well. The units are also easy to use, which is a significant part of the many features of an under the counter water filter.