5 Best TV to Use as a Monitor In 2023

With the improved technological advancements witnessed in the past decades, new TVs have emerged with different features and functionalities. The modern TVs for instance, can be used as PC monitors. They have high resolutions, ideal size, and provides multitasking experience when connected to computers.

At the same time, the 4K TVs are not only available at affordable prices but also come with different features that make them excellent for computing. This includes the moderation of extra image processing to guarantee the lowest input lag. So, if you are looking for the best TV to use as a monitor, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on and know some of the best products to consider buying.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated TVs to Use as a Monitor

1.Yamaha A-S801BLYamaha
2.Marantz PM6006Marantz
3.Dayton Audio MA1240A Review (12 Channel Amplifier)Dayton Audio
4.YAQIN MC-13S Review (Integrated Push-Pull Amplifier)YAQIN
5.Onkyo A-9070Onkyo

5 Best TV to Use as a Monitor Reviewed

1. TOSHIBA 50LF711U20

When it comes to the production of electronics and TVs alike, it’s always difficult to beat the Toshiba Company. It has been in existence for years and has mastered what it takes to meet the market demand. With their 50LF711U20 product, you should expect nothing but excellent performance.

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Dolby Vision HDR: First and foremost, the TV features Dolby Vision HDR that improves picture contrast as well as brightness. Besides, this feature enables the user to harness and bring out the TV’s potentiality to deliver colorful, dynamic, and calculated images on its display. Also, due to the fact that it’s HDR, the TV has more pixels, therefore, produces high-quality display necessary for computing and TV modes as well.

Alexa Voice Controls: This is another great feature that is incorporated in the TV. The Alexa voice control helps the user to operate the device just by the command of his or her voice. For instance, you can open apps, switch TV inputs, turn on Wi-Fi settings, and switch on/off the power system, among others. This also improves its convenience and efficiency of use.

True-to-life picture quality: If quality is your thing, then this TV shouldn’t miss on your shopping list. Its 4k ultra HD picture quality provides you with a breathtaking viewing experience. As if that’s not enough, the TV produces 8 million pixels. This adds to its stunning clarity as well as deep color contrast. Therefore, you can watch your movies with contentment and project your computing needs without any problems.

  • High picture quality
  • Features Dolby vision HDR
  • Feature Alexa voice controls
  • Highly reliable
  • Low input lag
  • Can’t get very bright

Summary: The TOSHIBA 50LF711U20 is amongst the top-selling products in amazon. This is bcause it produces a high-quality image hence good for monitor connection. Besides, it comes with Alexa voice controls for convenience and efficiency. Also, you’ll find it easy to use and connect to your CPU.

2. TCL 32S325

The TCL 32S325 is another ideal TV to be used as monitors. It comes at an affordable price but still delivers exceptionally. Also, the majority of users appreciate its beautiful design and appearance. Here are other detailed features and benefits.

TCL 32S325
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Screen size: The TV comes with a 32-inch screen display size. Its dimensions include 28.8” by 17.1” by 3.1” on its width, height, and depth, respectively. These dimensions aren’t big enough to affect your computing requirements. Therefore, you can always put it on your desk and connect with your CPU much easily. Plus, the depth is slim enough hence easy to mount.

High resolution: The TCL 32S325 features 720 HD resolution that helps produce a crisp picture. For computing purposes, this resolution works perfectly well. It’s therefore ideal for those looking for a TV monitor to carry out project work, presentations, and other word processing.

Compatibility: The TV is highly compatible with most devices and can be connected with a variety of video formats. For instance, it’s compatible with MKV (H.264) videos, mp4, MOV, TS, AAC Music, WMA, WAV, FLAC, AC3, JPG Photos, JPG, and lastly GIF. Other than this, the TV can be connected with both Alexa and google assistant for optimum voice control experience.

  • Ideal screen size
  • Excellent motion handling
  • Faster refresh rate
  • Highly compatible
  • Picture quality deteriorates at an angle

Summary: The TCL 32S325 offers an ideal screen size for monitor use. The size allows you to put it on top of your working desk for convenience purposes. Besides, it produces high image resolution, a high response rate, and doesn’t lag. Lastly, the TV is highly compatible with other devices.

3. VIZIO D24f-G1

If lag time is your worst fears, then VIZIO D-Series Smart TV should be your strongest ally. It’s one of the best-selling TVs on amazon due to its high performance when connected as a monitor. Let’s take more glance at its features and functionalities.

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Good aspect ration: The VIZIO D-Series comes with a good aspect ratio making it a great option for monitor use. An aspect ratio simple means the ratio of the width of the screen with regard to its height. In most cases, for a monitor to have a good aspect ratio, it should have a measurement of 16:9. The good thing with this is that it helps in providing professional and ideal viewing.

Resolution: The TV also comes with a high-resolution capacity to improve its picture clarity and display. Its 1024 by 768 resolutions provides you with great assurance of the quality of the information displayed.

Power consumption: Another great feature of the VIZIO D-Series is its efficient power consumption. According to the manufacturers, the TV consumes about 20.7 W with is energy efficient as compared to other TV sets. Lastly, it comes with Chromecast built-in. This enables you to stream apps and channels either from your phone or google chrome browser.

VIZIO Smart Cast mobile: This is a smartphone application that enables the user to control the operations of the TV. You can, therefore, turn it on and off or adjust the volume at your own convenience.

  • Good aspect ratio
  • High resolution
  • Energy efficient
  • High pixel density
  • Limited HDR capabilities
  • No voice interactions

Summary: The VIZIO D-Series Smart TV is made with a high processor, which makes it convenient for computing services. Plus, it is energy efficient hence saves you on the electric bills.

4. LG 24LJ4540-WU

For many electronic lovers, life can never be good without an LG product. The company has been in existence for years hence enjoys a great sense of reputation. One of their best products is the LG 24LJ4540- WU LED TV.

LG 24LJ4540-WU
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Dimensions: The LG 24LJ4540- WU LED TV Presents you with a high-quality experience when connected as a monitor. It features a dimension of 21.9” by 2.1” by 13.6” on its width, height, and depth, respectively. This size is good for those users who would want to connect the TV as monitors and place them on their tables.

Resolution: The LG 24LJ4540- WU LED TV comes with a resolution of 1366 by 768. This is not only clear but provides detailed display quality. Plus, its 180 cd/m2 ensures that you attain a crisp picture while projecting your computing work.

Refresh rate: The refresh rate is one of the most important factors in TV technology. It helps prevent blur when displaying your stuff on the monitor. The LG 24LJ4540- WU LED TV, however, comes with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This helps it portray pictures with great clarity hence good for monitor use.

  • High image resolution
  • Faster refresh rate
  • Good for table/desk works
  • High native contrast
  • Doesn’t feature smart technology

Summary: The LG Company is one of the giants when it comes to electronics production. Therefore, their LG 24LJ4540- WU LED TV is not only reliable but also performs perfectly when used as a computer monitor. Therefore, buy this product and you will never regret your decision.

5. Continu.us CT-2860

This is midrange smart TV comes with a beautiful looking set and a clean design. Due to this wonderful performance as a monitor, this TV can easily become a showpiece for any room presentation.

Continu.us CT-2860
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Multiple connectivity: This TV comes with a variety of ports for optimum connectivity. These ports include HDMI 3, USB port, VGA, and an RF cable, antenna input. Therefore, you can use the HDMI port to connect easily to your computer processing unit (CPU). Also, USB connectivity enables you to share files or charge your other devices, such as phones.

Vesa Wall mounting: If perhaps you are wondering how to mount your newly bought TV, it’s that time to get away with your fears. The TV comes with a ready to mount Vesa wall mount. This is majorly facilitated by its lightweight design. Plus, the VESA mounting feature makes your TV look good and easy to use as a monitor.

Full function remote control: Another significant feature of this TV is its remote control system. Unlike the usual remotes, this TV features a simple but powerful and sensitive remote control system that can be used distance away. The remote is also easy to program to any universal remote that you might have.

  • Multiple connectivity
  • Easy to mount
  • Sensitive remote control
  • Beautiful design
  • High image quality
  • Image quality degrades when viewed at an angle

Summary: If you are looking for a TV larger with multiple connectivity, high compatibility, and higher pixel density, then you should go for this particular product. The infusion of modern technology, as well as high creativity deployed in this product, makes it provide a high-quality display that is ideal both for TV viewing and monitor use.

The TV comes with a one year warranty to provide full customer satisfaction. Also, the manufacturing company provides an excellent customer support system. You can easily request for help and technical assistance either through email or phone.

Things to consider when buying a TV to use as a monitor

If at all you are planning to buy a TV for multitasking purposes i.e., for the normal TV viewing and for use as a monitor, there are things you need to consider. These includes:

Pixel density: First and foremost, always consider the pixel density. In its simple definition, pixel density is the number of pixels found within one inch of a screen. It is usually measured in pixels per inch (PPI). In most cases, laptop screens come with an average pixel density of about 141ppi. Therefore, for your TV to function as desired, always go for models with a more or less similar PPI. Remember, the lesser the pixel density, the less clear your images will be displayed.

Input lag: The majority of 4k UHD TV models have their picture resolutions adjustable so as to reduce the picture delay. This, therefore, makes them good for use as computer monitors. Input lag is the delay that occurs from the time you make your input device to the time it gets displayed on the screen. A TV with an input lag of more than 30 milliseconds isn’t good for monitor connectively, as it will delay response. Therefore, you should always aim to purchase TVs with an input lag of less than 30 milliseconds.

Response time: Response time is also a vital thing to consider. More frequently, people tend to confuse response time with input lag. Response time, however, describes how long it takes for a TV to switch from one color to the other. On the other hand, the refresh rate is the number of times a monitor displays a new picture per second. Different TVs comes with the different response time. The response time is measured in milliseconds. The good thing is that modern TVs do come with a faster response time that won’t affect your basic computing unless you are gaming. It takes less than a millisecond for a gamer to lose. Therefore, you need a higher TV with a faster response rate of between 1- 5 milliseconds in case you want to connect your TV to a gaming monitor.

Refresh rate: Refresh rate refers to the frequency at which a display refreshes per second. For instance, if your monitor has a refresh rate of 50 Hz, it means that it displays image updates 50 times per second. For optimum computing experience, it’s always recommended that you go for TVs with a refresh rate of 60 Hz and above. A higher refresh rate usually reduces visual flickering and shakiness.

HDMI Connectivity: HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It provides the standard connection between your TV and the central processing unit of your computer. Therefore, in order to connect your TV as a monitor, it’s important that you check whether or not the TV has an HDMI port. Usually, you will require at least HDMI 1.4 cable to connect to a 4k TV signal. However, the modern HDMI does come with 2.0 cables hence improving connectivity. Therefore, if you get a TV offering HDMI 2.0 connectivity, you are good to go.

Size: Computers are usually built specifically for desk use. Therefore, for you to get the best TV that fits your desk, the size will be an important factor to consider. On most occasions, you will be sitting much closer to your TV monitor while doing your computing needs. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you consider a smaller TV, let’s say about 43 inches and below. However, if you go for larger screen size TV, you are likely to feel uncomfortable when using it on your desk. But sometimes it is no matter about monitor size if you have a strong and best quality tv tray.   Also, the smaller sized TVs are also cheap hence ideal for those running under a tight budget.

The Final Words (Summary)

As far as computer connectivity goes, swapping in a TV as a new monitor shouldn’t be that difficult. Just with settings on both sides, you are always good to go. However, this can only happen depending on the type of TV that you buy. Not every TV can work effectively as a monitor. Therefore, if you want to make such a swap, the Best TVs to Use as a Monitor mentioned above will be ideal for your move.